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Theatre and Film Analysis Essay - Marking Guideline

Context Statement: This marking guide expresses the curriculum statement assessment criteria in a holistic manner. This description provides an indication of the way in which the criteria would be evident in the context of a written essay.
Outstanding achievement Grade - A Mark – 10

 Understood the question and was able to refer to and answer it throughout the essay.  A complete answer, analysing all the theatrical elements which helped to create theatrical impact.  Engaged intelligently with the ideas of the playwright and communicated a clear staging concept.  Successfully
referred to theatre genres, styles or influences on the text or material. Very high achievement Grade – A Mark – 9

 Understood the question and was able to refer to and answer it but not quite as successfully as above.  Very similar to the above with perhaps one element not discussed or not quite the same
command of language or some detail or observation is missing. High achievement Grade – B Mark – 7 - 8

 Very well written, some inconsistency, moments of excellence but not sustained.  Covers the
theatrical elements thoroughly but perhaps separately rather than discussing the combined effect of their integration.  Doesn't discuss in detail the meaning or ideas of the writer, director, production or film.  May lack a key reference to genre or theatre influence.  Is likely to be missing one obvious reference or scene that should have been referred to.  Refers to theorists but not entirely successfully. Competent achievement Grade – C Mark – 6

 Discusses the elements of the text but in a check-list fashion.  Theatrical elements are discussed separately.  Opinions are given without substantiation.  Writing style is clear but lacks flair and imagination.  May only address one aspect of the question.
Marginal achievement Grade – D Mark – 4 - 5

 Theatre elements are discussed in a very basic way.  Reveals knowledge of the text in terms of story but may not discuss in detail theatricality of the text.  It is not easy for the reader to visualise the production concept.  There may be errors in essential information.  Very little personal response.  The textual analysis or proposed production lacks enthusiasm or is not well thought out.  Evidence of rote learning or regurgitating a planned essay and does not attempt to answer the
question. Low achievement Grade – E Mark – 0 - 3

 Poorly written.  Vague, unclear statements.  Minimal discussion of theatre elements.  Reflects lack of understanding of the text  Contradictory.  Brief.  No reference to the question.

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