The Age of Exploration

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					The Age of Exploration

  SS6H6 The student will analyze the
  impact of European exploration and
  colonization on various world
        a. Identify the causes of
        European exploration and
        colonization; include religion,
        natural resources, a market for
        goods, and the contributions of
        Prince Henry the Navigator.
      The Age of Exploration
 This was a time when European leaders
  saw the need to explore new areas in order
  to gain access to the spice trade in Asia,
  spread the religion of Christianity (at the
  Catholicism), a need for more resources,
  and more wealth.
 The Age of Exploration cont…
 The Crusades led to the creation of trade
  lines between Europe and Asia, but the
  price was high.
 The Asian traders had to mark up items
  each time they changed hands.
 Items changed hands many times across
  the vast distance between Europe and Asia.
The Age of Exploration cont…
 The Age of Exploration cont…
 European rulers soon realized that if their
  country were the first to find a direct sea
  route to Asia (specifically the Spice
  Islands), then they could make a large
 This began a great race for power in Asia
  (also known as the East or East Indies).
Prince Henry the Navigator
    Prince Henry the Navigator
 Ruler of Portugal
 He was among the first to realize the power that
  would come with control of the spice trade.
 He founded the first school for navigation in
 Under his rule, exploration of Africa was
  expanded in an attempt to find a sea route to
 He never went on any expedition himself.
Exploration Under Prince Henry
         the Navigator
Exploration Under Prince Henry
         the Navigator
 Portugal would eventually round the
  southern tip of Africa and reach India.
 Portugal would eventually begin
  establishing colonies and trade with Africa.
 This trade would later lead to the creation
  of the slave trade in which African slaves
  were bought and sold by Europeans.
Christopher Columbus 1451-1506
        Christopher Columbus
 Wanted to find a route to the East Indies by
  sailing West until he reached the other side of the
 Had trouble finding someone to pay for the
  voyage until King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  of Spain agreed.
 He knew that the world was round, but had no
  clue that two continents lay between Europe and
 He accidentally discovered the “New World”
  (North and South America)
 He died thinking that he had found a new part of
Model of the Santa Maria
The First Voyage of Columbus
The Second Voyage of
The Third Voyage of Columbus
The Fourth Voyage of
 Spain now had claim to lands before unknown to
  people in Europe.
 Spain continued voyages into the New World.
 They sought gold and a passage to the East.
 Would result in battles between the native people
  of the Americas and later colonies in the New
Henry Hudson 1570’s-1611
              Henry Hudson
 Hired by England to find the Northwest Passage
  to Asia.
 He made several failed attempts to find a passage
  to Asia through the Northwest.
 Hired by the Dutch East India Company to find
  an Easterly passage to Asia.
 On these voyages, Hudson mapped out what is
  now the Hudson River and Hudson Bay area
  between The U.S.A. and Canada.
Voyages of Henry Hudson
 England and France would eventually lay
  claim to parts of Canada, now that it had
  been further explored.
 Hudson’s explorations led to an opening of
  the fur trade in North America.
 Hudson’s expeditions led to a better
  understanding of the shape of North

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