Mousetrap Car Competition by pptfiles


									Mousetrap Car Competition
By the best team in the world that always fails 

Design Approach
• • • For our first car we attempted to make a reliable car that worked 100% of the time. We realised we needed lots of grip on the back wheel in order to prevent wheel spin. Further to this we made the front wheels small and rear wheels large in order to obtain stability and to make the car as aerodynamic as possible. For our second car we tried something more risky. We reduced the amount of wheels at the back form two to one and we increased the size of it. We also increased the length of it and decreased the weight of the tyres. This decreased the friction and allows for greater speed and distance. (but could end catastrophically )

• •
• •

• We had trouble converting the kinetic energy of the mousetrap to the kinetic energy of the car. • Further to this we had some trouble controlling the wheel spin of the car. • Lastly, the stability of the second car was non-existent.

• To correct the wheel spin, we had to glue sandpaper to the outsides of the wheels, this allowed greater grip but reduces overall speed and distance. • To improve the stability we had to add more CD’s, use a metal bolt to keep them together and sandpaper to decrease wheel spin, this has vastly increased stability but at a price of speed and distance again, but this should still go further than our other car.

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