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					Mouse Trap car
Group 5
Emma Copham Robin Fry Beth Newton Matt Robinson

Design approach
• We wanted a car that would be able to travel (preferably forwards). Winning would also be good (but not particularly likely). • On a serious note we decided the best way to make our car would be to mount the mouse trap on the car itself, and use a string attached to the axel to turn the wheels.

Theory behind design and testing
• We wanted the car to be light so could travel further with the given acceleration, but heavy enough to make it stable. • We also designed a gearing system the try and maximise the power transferred from the mouse trap to the car. • We used big wheels at the back as well as cover the rear wheels with sandpaper to get a suitable amount of friction • To test our design we did a few practise runs to see if the car would work well and if not, what improvements we should make.

Problems encountered
• Wrapping the string around the rear axel gear was difficult so we cut notches in it to make it easier. • Also the cardboard base for our car bends too much so we attached pieces of dowel on the under-side of the car.

Improvements for the future
• Try to think of different mechanisms to transfer the power from the mousetrap to the wheels. • Pay more attention to build quality. • Spend more time building.

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