Motorised Wheels of a Janus Concept Car by pptfiles


									Mobility Platform

Project 2008d
Jason Jarvinen Thomas Hong Adam Carson

Project Members
Level 1 (Sponsors): Barbara Rozkowski

Level 2 (Supervisors):

AsPr Ozdemir Gol, Prof Andrew Nafalski
Level 3 (Team Members): Jason Jarvinen, Adam Carson, Thomas Hong

• The Janus Evo is a concept car proposed by Engineering for Humanity, a not for profit organisation run in Adelaide. • Concept of the car based on a micro-car built in 1958 by Zundapp, a German company. • The car was required to be driven electrically.

Problem Definition
• The car would be designed and built for the purpose of allowing the elderly and people with disabilities a means to commute. • Environmental impact would also need to be factored in • Main focus of the group to design and build the electrical drive system of the car.

Scope Amendment
• The initial plan for the project required the build of the motorised wheels of the Janus. • This did not provide a clear set of deliverables for the group. • An amendment to the scope needed to be made that was relevant to both the group and the goal of the project.

Mobility Platform
• A compromise was made where we would design and build a scale model of the car’s drive system • The system was to be called a mobility platform incorporating drive and steering system for possible implementation in a larger scale.

Design Overview

Drive System
• The main part of the project is to develop the drive system for the mobility platform • Drive system required to be drive-by-wire • The project team has decided on a single microcontroller controlled brushed DC motor setup with feedback

• Single brushed DC motor drive system with PWM controlled H-bridge

Drive System - Design

• Hall effect sensor used for feedback

Drive System - Concept

Steering System
• In addition to the drive system is the steering system for the mobility platform. • A stated requirement of the car was to develop a steer-by-wire setup for the system. • The team has decided on a stepper motor controlled rack and pinion steering setup.

Steering System - Design
• Steering wheel and steering components to be connected electronically reducing manual intensive movements of the arms • Steering wheel movement signals sent through A/D conversion to microcontroller • Hybrid bi-polar stepper motor chosen as drive motor for its sensitive control and high torque-to-size ratio

Steering System - Concept

Platform Chassis
• In order to incorporate both the steering and drive systems a chassis needed to be built. • As electrical engineers, the skill set required was lacking. • Obtained help from a local car restoration workshop Resto Rod Race to build chassis and steering components.

Platform Chassis - Concept

Current Progress
• Small scale testing stage of both drive and steering systems. • Awaiting shipment of motors from Chinese companies with testing and assembly to follow. • Draft sketches and plans of Mobility Platform chassis submitted to Resto Rod Race for approval.

• Engineering for Humanity • ShenZhen Unite Industries
– DC Motor Suppliers

• HeZhong Electric
– Large CNC Stepper Motor Suppliers

• Resto Rod Race – Elizabeth South
– Chassis and Steering


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