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					Towson University
Alumni Admissions
Nomination Program

Q: What is the Alumni Admissions Nomination Program?             6. Have the student forward all necessary credentials,      Q: When will the student know if he or she has
A: The Alumni Admissions Nomination Program enables                 in official form, to the Office of Admissions.              been admitted?
   alumni to support, annually, one undergraduate                7. If the student you are supporting plans to participate   A: The typical application requires six weeks of
   student’s application for admission by waiving the               in intercollegiate athletics at Towson University,          processing time. Although six weeks sounds like a
   application fee. If you know of someone who is                   NCAA regulations are very specific regarding who            long time to an anxious student, please explain to your
   interested in pursuing an education at Towson                    may “support” this student in this program. The             candidate that Towson University receives more than
   University and would like to know how to assist this             only individuals who may support a prospective              15,000 applications annually. Early applications are
   student in achieving his or her goal, please read this           student-athlete are a family member or an established       encouraged. Students can receive complete informa-
   brochure carefully.                                              family friend or neighbor. Failure to abide by this         tion about the credentials requirement by reading the
   Although your nomination will not guarantee the                  regulation may result in the student-athlete’s being        application thoroughly.
   student’s acceptance, it will provide his or her applica-        declared ineligible for collegiate competition.
   tion individual attention in the admissions process.          8. Make sure your candidate is aware of the deadlines       Q: What about visiting the campus?
                                                                    for receipt of the application and all credentials.
                                                                                                                             A: Seeing a school firsthand is critical to the college
Q: How do I participate?                                                                                                        selection decision-making process.
A: Follow these simple steps:                                  Q: What are Towson University’s admissions requirements?
                                                                                                                                Group walking tours are available weekdays and
   1. Have the student (either freshman or transfer)           A: Admission is competitive, based on the applicant pool         Saturday mornings throughout the academic year. The
      obtain an application from his or her school or the         and available space in the freshman class. High school        Office of Admissions sponsors a series of open houses
      TU Office of Admissions (1-888-4TOWSON).                    performance in grades 9-11, as demonstrated by a              for prospective students and parents. For more infor-
   2. Review the admissions requirements with the                 student’s grade point average, is evaluated. Strength         mation, call toll free, 1-888-4TOWSON, or visit the
      student (both this brochure and the application             and rigor of the curricula are considered. Performance        Web site at
      contain this information).                                  on the SAT I or ACT is also evaluated. The fall 2005
                                                                                                                                If it has been some time since you last visited campus,
                                                                  freshman class had an average GPA of 3.5 and SAT I
   3. Complete the nomination form in this brochure.                                                                            why not consider accompanying your candidate?
                                                                  score of 1092 (please note that all applicants must
   4. Have the student attach the completed nomination            now take the writing portion of the SAT).
      form to his or her application for admission.
                                                                  Candidates for freshman admission are expected to
   5. Students applying online should request a Fee               complete a college preparatory curriculum in high
      Waiver online and note their participation in the           school, including four units of English, three units of
      Alumni Admissions Nomination Program. They                  social sciences, three units of science (two must have
      should complete and mail the nomination form to             lab component), three units of mathematics (including
      Office of Admissions, Towson University, 8000 York          algebra I, algebra II and geometry), two units of a
      Road, Towson, MD 21252-0001. Their applications             foreign language, and six elective units.
      will be processed upon receipt of the form.
                                                                  To be considered for transfer admission, a student
                                                                  must have completed a minimum of 30 credits of
                                                                  transferable college-level work and be in good academic
            Application Deadline:                                 standing.

                  Fall admission:
                   February 15
               Spring admission:
                 November 15
Towson University                                                          TU at a Glance
Alumni Admissions
                                                                           2005 Freshman Class Profile
Nomination Program                                                         Applications: 11,681
                                                                           Accepted: 7,561
                                                                           Enrolled: 2,293
Student Nominee Information                                                76% in-state
                                                                           24% out-of-state                                                          Admissions
Name __________________________________________                            19% minority
           FIRST                 MIDDLE              LAST
                                                                           Average GPA: 3.5                                                          Nomination
Address ________________________________________                           Average SAT I: 1092

                                                                           64 undergraduate majors
           CITY                   STATE              ZIP

High school/college currently attending __________________                 Class Size
                                                                           More than 77 percent of classes enroll 29 or fewer
Anticipated date of TU enrollment                                          students.
          K Spring 20____                 K Fall 20___
                                                                           Student Body
I will be entering as a                                                    17,867 total
K freshman       K sophomore          K junior       K senior              14,311 undergraduates
Signature ____________________________________________                     3,556 graduates
                                                                           525 full-time (85% hold Ph.D. or highest terminal degree)
Alumni Information                                                         18:1 student-to-faculty ratio
Name __________________________________________                            Campus
           FIRST                 MIDDLE              LAST
                                                                           328 acres
Address ________________________________________                           17 academic buildings
           STREET                                                          12 university residence halls
                                                                           12 dining locations
           CITY                   STATE              ZIP
Phone number ________________________________________                      Wireless campus
                                                                           Ethernet hookup in every building
Graduation year ______________________________________
                                                                           Estimated Annual Tuition and Fees 2005-2006
E-mail address ________________________________________
                                                                           $7,096 in-state
*Social Security number (mandatory) ____________________                   $16,030 out-of-state
                                                                           $7,112 standard room and board
Signature ____________________________________________

*The Office of Alumni Relations will verify alumni status.

For more information call 410-704-2234 or e-mail                                                         Towson University’s policies, programs and activities comply with
                                                                           federal and state laws and University System of Maryland regulations
Students submitting a printed application must                             prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age,
                                                                           national origin, sex, disability and sexual orientation.
attach this nomination form to the application.
                                                                           Towson University commits to ensuring that persons witb disabilities
Students applying online should mail this completed                        effectively participate in and benefit from the university’s programs
form to Office of Admissions, Towson University,                           and services. Persons with disabilities who might need reasonable
                                                                           accommodation should contact the Office of Admissions,
8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252-0001.                                     1-888-4TOWSON.

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