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business development resume example


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									Job Candidate Jobseeker
40 Newport Parkway, Apt. 1609 • Jersey City, NJ 07310 • (555) 555-5555 • jobseeker@get-rhythm.com A talented and accomplished business and management professional with skills and experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Business Operations • • • •
Over eight years of business development experience. Familiar with account management and support. Able to manage all aspects of business operations. Hard working, organized, able to multi-task. • • • • Proven ability to manage effective programs. Adept at product development and marketing. Proficient at pricing, purchasing, and sales. Excellent presentation / communication skills.

Get Rhythm, Jersey City, NJ 1999 – Present Owner / Managing Director / President  Founded and operate business that specializes in marketing and sales of conductive cream design for use with personal hear rate monitors, primarily targeting personal fitness community.  Conducted extensive research to determine level of product need, and identified target business sectors for initial marketing and promotions.  Negotiated purchase agreement with product manufacturer, and purchased containers, labels, and other packaging necessities.  Developed and carried out marketing and promotions strategies. Initiated contact with potential clients, prepared and delivered presentations, created and distributed promotional materials and samples.  Acquired clients among sporting goods, specialty fitness, and other companies, such as Paragon Sporting Goods, RoadRunner Sports, Bike Nashbar, Sierra Challenge Running and Sports, and various bike and running shops.  Built alliance with distribution company, and in less than three years achieved national status, making product available in all 50 stat
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