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business development director resume example


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More than five years of management and executive management experience. Proven ability to direct operations and sales departments and programs. Able to create, build, and grow successful business development departments. Recognized for producing dramatic increases in sales and revenue. Strong background in e-commerce, telecommunications, and technology services. Skilled in identifying requirements and preparing custom solutions. Highly familiar with all aspects of team and department management, including recruitment, P&L, budgeting, financial management, and training. Outstanding presentation and communication skills.

Verio / NTT, Columbia, MD 1995 – 2007 Vice President, Custom Web Development (1999 – 2001). Created and built $5 million new custom technology solution area for world’s largest telecommunications company. Developed all departmental operation strategies, performed all financial management, and directed all business development.  Supervised team of 45 developers, project managers, sales representatives, and support personnel.  Carried out all recruiting, training, and staff management. Oversaw client development and sales activities, as well as reviewing and approving all projects prior to inception.  Performed P&L management, financial forecasting, and reported directly to CEO. Prepared and managed $2 million annual budget.  Assisted sales teams with client acquisition, and conducted major presentations personally. Worked closely with clients to determine requirements, and provide information on 
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