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bindery resume example


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									Job Candidate Jobseeker
3813 Crater Lake Ct. • Irving, TX 75062 • (555) 555-5555 • jobseeker@aol.com

Bindery Supervisor ~ Shift Supervisor ~ Bindery Manager ~ Team Lead ~ Shift Manager
SUMMARY Over 20 years of experience managing bindery and printing operations. Proven history of increasing productivity and reducing costs. Ability to hire, train, and supervise effective teams. Strong project management skills. Adept at analyzing procedures and developing improvements. Able to manage multiple shifts and crews. Familiar with wide variety of bindery and printing equipment. Previous experience producing magazines, paperback, hardcover, and commercial publications. Expertise in quality control and preventive maintenance. Excellent budget management and communications skills. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Motheral Printing, Fort Worth, TX 1998 – 2007 Bindery Supervisor  Initially recruited to direct third shift operations, rapidly promoted to manage second and third shifts simultaneously. Supervised staff of 35 per shift. Hired and trained personnel.  Carried out major review of bindery and shipping operations. Identified areas for improvement and developed effective solutions.  Increased productivity per shift. Introduced cross training of staff and rotation of personnel between machines to improve coverage.  Revised operating procedures to increase efficiency. Developed and constructed chute for double digest books attached to RS Counter Stacker, increasing productivity 25%. Reduced number of persons per shift without any loss of productivity.  Recognized for dramatically reducing downtime and increasing productivity by developing air li
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