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Nereids Yachts - Motor Yacht - Pherousa NY 67 I - The 67 meters


									The name of each Nereid tak en from the long list also usually shows her
qualities. Some of them express the qualities of the sea, some concern the
caves and the sandy beaches and others express their generosity towards
fishermen. Pherousa means “The one who carries” and she revealed her
support and loyalty towards all travelers of the sea by shepherding countless
seafarers across the waves to eagerly awaited harbours. She is associated with
the power of the rolling ocean, so that Pherousa has also come to mean "The
one who has power".

Pherousa learnt the art of metamorphosis from Poseidon, whom the Nereids
sometimes accompanied and who was k nown to have the power to transform
himself or anyone into creatures of the sea. What Pherousa enjoyed most, was
to tak e on the appearance of a dolphin, leaping over the waves defying the great
ocean swells. That way she would travel along with gods, heroes and mortal
men, on their quests for freedom.

Let Pherousa guide you over the seas you wish to travel, your mind at peace
k nowing that she is carrying you on your journey, and if you catch a glimpse of
a dolphin, be sure that she is look ing out for you.

                                                                        Safety & Security Equipment
       Twin Screw Diesel Yacht                                          SAFETY
                                                                        Extensive safety equipment to exceed
       DIMENSIONS                                                       class requirements
       Length O.A.                220 ft        (67.37 m)
                                                                        FIRE FIGHTING
       Length W.L.                189 ft        (57.73 m)
                                                                        Sprinkler system throughout by X-
       Beam                         39 ft           (12 m)              Flow
       Draft (half load)          12.3 ft         (3.75 m)              Low pressure fog system
                                                                        Extensive portable equipment
       TONNAGE                                                          Fire main system with hoses and
       Displacement (full) 1350 tons                                    nozzles throughout to the class
       Under Construction                                               FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM
                                                                        Consilium CS 4000
       Nereids Yachts                                                   COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT
                                                                        GMDSS EQUIPPED & CERTIFIED
       NAVAL ARCHITECT                                                  1x Sailor TT-3000EB MINI-C GMDSS
       Soyaslan Design Office                                           System With GPS
                                                                        1x Sailor MF-HF System 5000
                                                    1x Sailor MF-HF System 5000
STYLING                                             2x Sailor RT5022 VHF Radio with
Design Investment Sàrl                              DSC Class-A
                                                    3x Simrad AXIS50 GMDSS VHF
CLASSIFICATION                                      Handheld Radio with Lithium Battery,
Bureau Veritas Hull and Machinery Ice Class ID      Nicad Battery Pack & Trickle Charger
MCA Large Yacht Code 2                              1x Simrad EG50 GPS EPIRB
                                                    2x SIMRAD SA50 SART
CONSTRUCTION                                        1 x Sailor 500 Fleet Broadband
Steel Hull and Steel and Composite Superstructure   5 x AC Marine CX4VHF Antenna
Teak Laid Decks                                     2 x AC Marine KUM803 SSB Antenna
                                                    1 x Zenitel ETB-5 Talk Back System
INTERIOR CABINETERY AND JOINERY                     PABX system, consists of a PABX
by Berline                                          main unit, GSM interface for PABX,
                                                    DECT handset and telephone handset
                                                    Intercom 32 stations
Machinery                                           2 x Seatel 4006 VSAT

MAIN ENGINES                                        NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT
2 X 3512C Intermittent Duty Caterpillar,            2x Raytheon X-Band ARPA Radar
2540 Hp at 1800 rpm                                 NSC BB25/9XU
                                                    1x Raytheon ECDIS
GEAR BOXES                                          4x Hatteland 23” JH23T12 TFT
2 X ZF 7561 reverse reduction                       Display
Ratio: 5.533:1                                      1x Anschütz NautoPilot 2015
                                                    1x Anschütz Dual FU Wheel & Dual
ESTIMATED SPEEDS                                    NFU Tiller System
Cruising Speed 13 knot approx.                      1x Anschütz Standard 22
Economical Speed 10 knot approx.                    Gyro/Satellite Compass System
Max. Speed 16 knot approx.                          1x Anschütz 133-811 NG011 Digital
ESTIMATED RANGE (2 ENGINE, 1 GENSET)                1x Anschütz 133-407 NG001 Bearing
10.5 knots           12300 nm                       Repeater
13 knots              8300 nm                       1x Anschütz 133-560 NG001
13.5 knots            7400 nm                       Repeater Compass
14 knots              7000 nm                       1x Cassens & Plath Type 21
                                                    Overhead Compass with Mirror,B+C,
                                                    D Correctors
Auxiliary Machinery & Electrical System             1x Simrad AI80 Automatic
                                                    Identification System
GENERATORS                                          2x Simrad MX500 D-GPS Navigator
3 X 200 kW Caterpillar C9                           1 x Airmar PB200 Weather Station
1 X 150 kW Caterpillar C9 (to be confirmed)         1x Skipper GDS 101 Echo Sounder
                                                    1x Skipper EML224 Double Axis
ELECTRICITY                                         Speed Log
380v AC 3 phase 50 Hz                               1x ICS Nav-7 Navtex Receiver
220v AC single-phase 50 Hz
24v                                                 GROUND TACKLE
100 kW Shore Power Converter                        Anchors – 2 X 855 kg Galvanized
                                                    Chains – 357.5 mt and 30 mm
Tank Capacities (approximate)                       GRADE U3 chains with stud

FUEL                                                BOAT CRANE & DAVITS
224000 Litres         (58118 US gallons)            2 X 2500 kg OPACMARE cranes on
                                                    fore deck
53000 Liters          (14000 US gallons)            PASSERELLE
                                                    OPACMARE electrohydraulic rotating
BLACK WATER                                         gangway with max. 8 mt reach
9700 Liters           ( 2500 US gallons)            including the trolley

GREY WATER                                          SIDE ACCOMODATION LADDERS
19000 Liters          ( 5000 US gallons)            OPACMARE king step ladder on
                                                    starboard side
2 X Idromar reverse osmosis Watermakers             SWIMMING PLATFORM
2X20.000 lt/day (5200 US gallons/day)               To be confirmed

                                                    ANCHOR WINDLASS
Ancillary Equipment                                 2 x DATA mirror polished electric
                                                    motor two speed anchor max. 5.3
STEERING SYSTEM                                     tons max. capacity windlass with
Data Hydraulic Steering Gear System 2X3 kw 3000     anchor stoppers
daN.m Electrohydraulic
2 X Gurdesan Rudder Blade                           AFT WARPING CAPSTANS
                                                    2 X DATA electrohydraulic stainless
BOW THRUSTER                                        steel mirror polished capstans 4.5
1 X 130 kW electric driven CMC Marine               tonnes max. capacity

STABILIZERS                                         AUDIO/VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT
CMC Marine with stabilization at anchor facility    SYSTEMS
                                                    1 x Seatel 5004 Satellite TV System
FUEL OIL SEPARATOR                                  Kaleidescape Server for DVD and
2 X Westfalia OTC-2 1400 lt/hr                      Music
                                                    Wireless Ethernet and Internet
                                                 Wireless Ethernet and Internet
FRESH WATER STERILIZATION                        Connection
Sterilization kit fitted to fresh water supply   Crestron Lighting Automation
                                                 Extensive Range of LINN & Crestron
SEWAGE TREATMENT                                 Entertainment Equipment in Owner’s
Hamann Biological sewage treatment system (IMO   Cabin,
approved)                                        Guest Cabins, Saloons and Outdoors
                                                 110” Cinema Facility
EVAC Vacuum Flushing WC’s throughout             DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT
                                                 2 x ZANUSSI LS-6E Dish Washers
AIR CONDITIONING                                 3 x MIELE PW6101 Washing
"Novenco" Hi-Pres HVAC system                    Machines
4 X main air handling units                      3x MIELE PT5251EL Driers
      AC1: Cooling Capacities 70231 kW /         1 x WOLF SO36U Built In Electrical
      Air Flow Supply: 3530 m³/hr                Oven
      AC2: Cooling Capacities 52165 kW /         1 x ZANUSSI KCEF800 Hot Plate
      Air Flow Supply: 3170 m³/hr                Electric Range with Electric Oven
      AC3: Cooling Capacities 122397 kW /        1 x WOLF MWC 36/S Microwave
      Air Flow Supply: 6990 m³/hr                Oven
      AC4: Cooling Capacities 122397 kW /        2 x ZANUSSI ADNN120 Fridges
      Air Flow Supply: 6990 m³/hr                1 x ZANUSSI ADNF120 Freezer
                                                 2 x SCOSTMAN AC106 Ice Makers
                                                 2 x LA CIMBALI 32DOS.DT/2 Coffee
                                                 2 x LA CIMBALI Junior Coffee
                                                 1 x IP C501X Wine Fridge
                                                 1 x ZANUSSI KREV400C Electric
                                                 1 x ZANUSSI KFRE460 Frier
                                                 1 x WOLF WWWD30 Plate Heater


                                                 2 x C.A.M.E. remote 360° pan/tilt
                                                 dome camera’s
                                                 2 x C.A.M.E. fixed dome camera’s

                                                 JACUZZI DIP POOL
                                                 Endless Pool on Sun Deck

                                                 Tenders & Watersports Equipment

                                                 Ceiling Cranes in each garage on port
                                                 and Starboard side

                                                 1 X 6.15 m Chris Craft Speedster
                                                 Crew Tender (to be specified)
                                                 Space for 2 tenders up to 2.5tons
                                                 weight on foredeck
                                                 with the ability to stow 1 tender on the
                                                 port garage

                                                 WATERSPORTS EQUIPMENT
                                                 Space for wave runners, and other
                                                 toys on foredeck
                                                 and port garage


                                                 1 x Owner’s Stateroom with En Suite
                                                 Study and Dressing Room
                                                 1 x VIP with En Suite Bathroom and
                                                 Dressing Room
                                                 4 x Guest Cabins with En Suite
                                                 2 x double and 2 x twin
                                                 1 x Captain’s Cabin
                                                 9 x Crew Cabins

                                                  All details given in good faith
                                                      but without guarantee.

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