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									The Citadel’s Staff Council
Regular Meeting Minutes 15 April 2009 In attendance: Academic Support – Kelly Cooper, Katie Gibson, Patrick Hall, Becky Kyzer, Sally Levitt, Kathy Triggs; Auxiliary Services –; Institutional Support – Jocelyn Aluague, Susan Danko, Pat Lee, Patricia St Denis; Operations & Maintenance – Bill Buckley, Paul Cantrell, Ronnie Jenkins, Gayle McCaffrey; Student Services – Shelton Milner; Advisor –n/a. Excused absence: Academic Support – Dale Bernhardy, Justin Pearson; Auxilary Services – Donnia Banks, Helen Hills, Jessie Hipp, Beverly Horry, Bobbin Hudson; Institutional Support – Bambi Conrad; Operations & Maintenance – Randy Adams, David Webster; Student Services – Kenneth Greene; Advisor – Denny Carpenter; Unexcused absence: Academic Support –n/a; Auxiliary Services –n/a; Institutional Support; n/a; Operations & Maintenance – Mike Henslee; Student Services – Kevin Olecki; Katie Gibson called the meeting to order at 9:35am. A. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – A motion to approve the 18 March 2009 minutes was given by Shelton Milner and seconded by Pat Lee. Therefore, the minutes for the March meeting were approved and will be posted on Staff Council’s website at the earliest opportunity. B. SPECIAL SPEAKER – Debbie Fisher spoke to us about the new Portal that is part of the Banner conversion. It is called the Lesesne Gateway. Due to time constraints, there was less planning time for the Portal than was originally thought. The Portal Committees are starting Phase II. The Portal will affect anyone that uses SIS, HRS, and FRS which has been the backbone of The Citadel since the 80’s. This current system uses a mini computer system which means multiple computers linked together. It is no longer a viable system. The systems being used now are web-based systems. These systems allow for real time turn around, and they are called Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). In our current system, most processes are overnight with possibly multiple records for each person. The new system has one file for each person with flags that can be activated to enable access to what the individual needs, and changes and updates are available much quicker. There are more rigid standards which leaves fewer items in a gray area (such as people with the same name.) There is also going to be the ability to have outside people seeing only what they need to see, while Citadel people (Faculty/Staff/Students) can see information that is pertinent to them. The Portal will start out relatively basic, but it will grow as time goes on. For questions, please contact the Communication Committee at B. COMMITTEE REPORTS – 1. Benefits & Welfare – Patrick Hall, Chairman – The committee put together a memo showing the statistic from this year’s sporting events attendance. They would like to see Faculty and Staff be allowed to attend these sporting events for free. It is one of the few benefits that we have left. These free tickets were lost as part of “cutting the fat out of the Athletic budget.” The proposal would be that for the games that normally have a higher than 80% attendance than employees would have to pay for these tickets, otherwise they would be free. This attendance would be beneficial overall. The more
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support the teams receive the better moral for the teams. It also helps moral for the employees. The committee has asked for all SC members to take this information to their constituents for feedback. 2. Communications – Shelton Milner, Chairman – The date for EAD is July 2nd due to scheduling conflicts with the President. A Save the Date letter will be sent out soon. Invitations will be sent out the beginning of June. The committee is going to update the Suggestion box on our website to make it more user- friendly. A press release has been posted on the website regarding new Staff Council information. The February and March minutes should be posted soon. 3. Community Service – Paul Cantrell, Chairman – Staff Council will continue with the current community services which consist of Adopt a Highway and Angel Tree. The committee would like to look into a few others that we can become involved in. Some thoughts were the Lowcountry Foodbank backpack giveaway at the beginning of the school year. The Relay for Life is hosted by the cadets. It is to be held on April 17th. Operation Homefront is also another suggestion. We have a cadet group on campus that we could help support. This organization is in 35 states across the US. They assist active duty military and their families. This support comes in different forms such as gifts, food, hurricane relief, and even moving assistance. On October 3rd, the Freedom Walk will be held. It is in remembrance of 9/11, and veterans past and present. Any proceeds will go to Operation Homefront. The committee is open to any other suggestions for other areas we can help in. 4. Elections – Shelton Milner, Chairman – No report 5. Entertainment – Dale Bernhardy, Chairmen – July 2nd is the day of EAD. The beach house has been reserved. The food will be the same as last year. There is no longer a contract with Coke, so they are looking for other ways to provide extra beverages. There are enough name tags left from last year to support this year. We will start breaking down the tents as soon as Aramark clears the food and will keep up with clean up as the day goes on. Dr. Capel and his staff will attend to provide medical care if needed. There will hopefully be t-shirts for Staff Council members and possibly the attending faculty and staff. Plans continue for Karaoke and door prizes. 6. Policies & Procedures – Gayle McCaffrey, Chairman – Blood drive time off is two hours for on campus events only. We would also like to review the policy of motorcycles as far as additional parking on campus. C. OLD BUSINESS – No report D. NEW BUSINESS  We would like to have a set date for EAD, even if it has to be changed to a different time than it has been previously. At this point, the President schedule needs to be appraised to see what date might work.  We would like for Staff Council to have more of a presence on campus. Katie is going to take pictures of Staff Council in their individual areas and have them posted on the website. E. OPEN DISCUSSION
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  

There are concerns that have been expressed that The Citadel is hiring people when we are taking furloughs. The question that was asked was does that make us seem like we are being frivolous. On the website, the FRB minutes are posted. These minutes will answer many of these questions. As Staff Council representatives, we can direct people to this site, or read it ourselves so we can offer some information. There will be a joint blood drive on Tuesday, April 21st on campus for the Red Cross and Armed Services (ASBP). Katie Gibson will see if someone from Financial Services, possibly Ralph Earhart, can come speak with us at our next meeting to provide some further financial answers to concerns on campus. Becky Kyzer brought forth a concern from her area of why part time and full time temporary employees cannot serve on Staff Council. We need to explore the ratio of temporary employees to permanent employees. Colonel Carpenter will be consulted. This was sent to the Policies and Procedure Committee to pursue. It was suggested that maybe there could be a non-voting temporary members of Staff Council.

F. Adjournment – A motion to adjourn was made by Kelly Cooper and seconded by Becky Kyzer.

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Gayle McCaffrey - Secretary

Approved by: ________________________ Katie Gibson – Chairman


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