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					The Pilgrims Way Primary School PTFA Minutes of a meeting held on Friday 3rd October 2008 Present: Sue Marsh (chair), Julie Campbell (secretary), Mark Cook (vicechair), Isabel Cowdry (treasurer), Tanya Jeffrey, Kim Goodchild, Sheryl Pownall, Tanya Jeffrey, Trudie Green, Kate Tebbut, Catherine House, Kelley Taylor, Helen Harper, Treena Reilly, Emma Parratt, Goldzar Almazi, Shelley Cooper, Cooper, Jackie Carter Apologies: Alex Cook 1. Welcome and Introductions Sue welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new PTFA and invited everyone to introduce themselves and talk about their interest in joining the committee. There was a good mix of old and new members and it was felt the new start is a positive. 2. Minutes from the last meeting Some minor changes were noted from the minutes of the last meeting. Isabel agreed the minutes and Tanya seconded. 3. The constitution Sue has been trying to track down the constitution with no luck as yet, but she has someone else still to ask. It was agreed that when she finds it, Sue would e-mail or deliver a copy to all members. 4. Treasurers Report Isabel has contacted Liz, the previous treasurer, and discovered that the accounts are not yet ready to hand over. Isabel will ensure she does get the accounts as soon as possible and will present her report at the next meeting. The committee agreed that this was high priority and looked forward to seeing them. It was agreed that the office holders would be the new signatories for the coming year. Isabel to organise. 5. NCPTA The main reason for joined this organisation is that we would get a good deal on our public liability Insurance. The PTFA were affiliated last year and it was agreed that Mark would look into this and if the

cost were the same as last year, £25, he would go ahead and subscribe. If it costs anymore he will consult the office holders. 6. 100 club It was felt that there might still be some money left in the 100 club that was abandoned last year. Trudi will try to find out from Nicki Anderson-Lee what the position is. Any monies owing will be repaid ASAP. Sue felt that a 100 club is an excellent fundraiser as long as it is very tightly run. It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting. 7. Shed update Some of the members met last week and sorted out the PTFA shed. There was a lot of rubbish some of which was thrown away and the rest will be taken to a charity shop. Isabel has put together an inventory of what we have left, which is not very much really. Kim, Treena and Sheryl kindly revamped the mini golf. Thanks go to Sue, Treena, Sheryl, Kim, Isabel and Emma for their help. 8. Where do we go from here? Ideas for future events included; quiz nights, promises auction, car boot sale, discos, Xmas and summer fayres and concerts. Catherine said her old PTFA used to give out welcome packs to all new parents. Sue said she would like to have class reps to make sure information and help is shared. The committee agreed and the reps were allocated. YN Kim YR Carla Y1 Emma Y2 Tanya Y3 Catherine, Y4 Trudy Y5 Sheryl Y6 Treena We then discussed the role of the class rep and it was agreed that initially the role would include:- giving out an introductory letter, collating a contact list for each class to be shared with the other parents of that class and gathering support for events. Julie has booked the Christmas disco for Wednesday 3rd December 5:30 – 7:00. It was agreed to charge £3 a child £10 a family to include a drink and biscuit. Tuck will also be sold.

Carla suggested trying to tap into the local community a bit more for support and it wagered that she, Carla and Kate would send out a letter to local businesses and follow up positive replies. The Kelly Grocutt concert was discussed and there was a suggestion to hold it in the summer instead with some other bands/ acts. Julie will discuss this with Jane and report back. It was agreed to have a quiz night in the spring term. A date was booked for the cake sale on Friday 24th October at 2:30 in the Studio. Tanya, Catherine and Isabel will coordinate this. 9. Website Mark has already put together a basic website for us which everyone agreed was brilliant. It was decided to keep the basic format and maybe tweak it during the year. Mark offered to keep the web site up-to-date and emphasised that importance of keeping the strong theme running through all our communications from posters to e-mails. The web address is Please make sure all information is passed onto Mark so he can keep the site up-to-date. Mark agreed to send the header to Catherine for using on letters and posters. Julie will also send the school letter head to Catherine. 10. AOB Treena is going to face paint her children and photograph them to use on PTFA publicity. Sheryl expressed an interest in encouraging the children to re cycle, she will liaise with Julie to see what projects could be done in the school. Sheryl also expressed an interest in the carnival and it was agreed that this would be organised by a separate committee and not by the PTFA. It was noted that the un-drawn raffle prizes from the cancelled summer fayre had still not been sorted out. Isabel will look into this and report back at the next meeting. The contact list from last time was unavailable. Julie will ask Jane if she still has it. Another contact list was drawn up and is attached. 11. Date of next meeting Friday 14th November. 9am The Studio

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