Module Spec Introduction to Business Law DD 15 Credits by lizzy2008


									     Section 1: Basic Module Data

Module Title                  Introduction to Business Law

Faculty                       Business & Law

Department                    Lincoln Business School

Programme(s) in which this    Business Studies
module appears:

Code:                         TBC

Credit Rating:                15

Level:                        C

Pre-requisites:               None

Co-requisites:                None

Barred Combinations:          None

Module Co-ordinator:
Section 2: Module synopsis

This module serves as an introduction to the English legal system and English
contract law. Each country in Europe has its own nationally determined contract law
and this module is designed to give students a basic understanding of contract
issues in England. The module will enable students to appreciate when a legally
binding agreement comes into existence, the obligations involved and the
consequences of breaking such agreements.

Contract law underpins all of a company’s dealings with its customers, employees &
suppliers. It is important that students appreciate the legal context in which everyday
business decisions are made.

Section 3: Outline syllabus
   Introduction to the English Legal System
   Creation of contract – offer & acceptance, consideration
   Defects in the contract – misrepresentation & undue influence
   Contractual obligations – types of contractual term, exclusion clauses
   Discharge of contract – performance, agreement, frustration & breach
   Remedies for breach of contract

Section 4: Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, the student will be able to:

1) Understand the legal principles governing contract law
2) Recognise the legal issues in given contractual situations.
3) Logically explain and apply these legal principles to the given situations.
4) Clearly communicate ideas and concepts in written form.

Section 5: Learning and Teaching strategy/methods

Lectures will be used to introduce the key theoretical and practical issues. These will be
consolidated by seminars that will involve a mixture of discussion and group working.

Use will be made of problem scenarios to explore the ideas introduced in lectures.

Students’ participation in classes is a vital part of the learning process and they will be
expected to engage in questions and debates.

Section 6: Assessment
Individual assignment of up to 2000 words to be handed in during the first week of the
summer term. This is 100% of the assessment for the unit.
Section 7: Relationship to Professional Body
Not relevant

Section 8: Indicative reading

   Alix Adams, 2006, Law for Business Students (4th ed), Longman Publishing
   Keenan & Riches, 2005, Business Law (7th ed), Longman Publishing
   Ewan Macintyre,2005, Business Law (2nd ed), Longman Publishing
   Smith & Keenan, 2006, Law for Business (13th ed), Longman Publishing

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