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					Programme   Specific Programme&   Name of the project                         Acronym         Faculty
            Thematic Area
FP7         Energy                Classification of European Biomass                          FE
                                  Potential for Bioenergy using Terrestrial
FP7         Energy                and Earth Observations and
                                  REseArch, methodoLogIes                                     FE
                                  technologieS for the effective
FP7         Energy                development of of Power Distribution:
                                  Metamorphosis pan-European key GRID                         FE
                                  System Services from Photovoltaics
FP7         Energy                SILICON_Light—Improved material quality                     FE
                                  and light trapping in thin film
FP7         Energy                silicon solar cells
                                  Plasmons Generating Nanocomposite                           FE
                                  Materials (PGNM) for 3rd Generation Thin
FP7         Energy                Film Solar Cells
                                   Accelerated development and prototyping                    FE
                                                                              Fast Track
                                  of nano-technolog-based high-efficiency
FP7         ENV - Environment     thin-film silicon solar modules
                                  HUNT - Hunting for Sustainability                           BF
FP7         ENV - Environment     Wastewater treatment system for remote                      BF
                                  located tourist
FP7         ENV - Environment     EcoFINDERS - Ecological Function and                        BF
                                  Bidiversity Indicators in European Soils
FP7         ENV - Environment     Floating Sensored Networked Robots for                      BF+FGG
                                  Water Monitoring
FP7         ENV - Environment     APRAISE - Assesment of policy impacts on                    FE
                                  sustainability in Europe
FP7         ENV - Environment     CLIMATE FOR CULTURE—Damage risk             CLIMATE FOR     FGG
                                  assessment, economic impact and             CULTURE
FP7         ENV - Environment     European strategies for sustainable
                                  mitigationCultural Heritage Identity Card                   FGG
                                                                              EU CHIC
FP7         ENV - Environment     OBSERVE - Strengthening and                                 FGG
                                  Development of Earth Observation
FP7         ENV - Environment     actitivties for - Performance-based
                                  PERPETUATE the environment in the                           FGG
                                  approach to the earthquake protection of
FP7         ENV - Environment     cultural heritage in Eurpoean and
                                  KULTURisk—Knowledge-based approach                          FGG
                                  to develop a cULTUre of Risk
FP7         ENV - Environment     prevention
                                  TURaS - Transitioning Towards Urban                         FGG
                                  Resilience and Sustainability
FP7         Environment           Cultural Heritage Research Meets Practice                   FKKT
FP7         ERC Starting Grant    MODES: Modal Analysis of atmospheric                        FMF
                                  balance predictability and climate
FP7         EURATOM - Fission     InSOTEC - (International) Socio-                            FDV
                                  Technological Challenges for implementing
FP7         EURATOM - Fission     geological disposal Public Participation
                                  IPPA - Implementing                         IPPA            FF
                                  Approaches in Radioactive Waste Disposal
FP7         EURATOM - Fission     Europen Nuclear Education Network                           FMF
                                  Training Schemes
FP7         EURATOM - Fission     New MS linking for advanced cohesion in                     FMF
                                  Euratom reserach
FP7         EURATOM - Fusion      FUSION - Fusion Energy Research             FUSION          FS
FP7   FCH JTI - Fuel cells and   FluMaBack - Fluid management                 FluMaBack      FS
      Hydrogen Joint             component improvement for back up fuel
FP7   Undertaking
      Health                     cell systems
                                 Targeted Nanosystems for Improving                          FFA
                                 Photodynamic Therapy and Diagnosis of
FP7   Health                     Cancer
                                 ORCHID—Open Collaborative Model for                         FFA
                                 Tuberculosis Lead Optimisation
FP7   Health                     CARE MI - Cardio Repair Multidisciplinary                   FRI
                                                                              CARE MI
FP7   Health                     Collaborative HIV and Anti-HIV Drug                         MF
                                 Resistance Network
FP7   Health                     CCH FEVER - Chrimean Congo Hemorrhagic                      MF
                                                                              CCH FEVER
                                 Fever, Modern Approaches to Diagnostics,
FP7   Health                     Surveillance, Prevention, Therapy and Care
                                 ODHIN - Optimizing delivery of Health                       MF
FP7   Health                     QUALICOPC - Quality and Costs of Primary                    MF
                                 care in Europe
FP7   Health                     Development of antibiofilm coatings for                     VF
FP7   ICT - Information and      Innovative Procurement techniquies to                       FDV
      Communication              support the Growth in Competitivenes for
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      Public Servises in EASTern Europe: PROGR-
                                 Multimodal Immersive Motion                                 FE
      Communication              Rehabilitation with Interactive Cognitive
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      Systems EEU: Evolving Morphologies for
                                 Evryon -                                                    FE
                                                                              Evryon - EEU
      Communication              Human-Robot Symbiotic Interaction -
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      I2Web - European Union
                                 EnlargedInclusive Future Internet Web                       FE
      Communication              Services
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      A modular smart system for infants           CareToy        FE
      Communication              rehabilitation at home based mechatronic
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      toys
                                 CYBERLEGS - Cybernetic LowEr-Limb                           FE
      Communication              CoGnitive ortho-prosthesis
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      Rules, expectations and security through     RESPECT        FE
      Communication              privacy-enchanced conveninet
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      technologies
                                 European InterNet Science                    EINS           FGG
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      Intelligent services for energy efficient    ISES           FGG
      Communication              design and life-cycle simulation
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      mOSAIC - Open-Source API and Platform                       FGG
      Communication              for Multiple Clouds - Enlarged Europe
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      Union
                                 Cognitive System that Self-Understand and                   FRI
      Communication              Self-Extend
FP7   Technologies
      ICT - Information and      The Poetics of Everyday Life: Grounding                     FRI
      Communication              Resources and Mechanisms for Artificial      POETICON++
FP7   Technologies
      Ideas                      Agents
                                 CLIP - Mapping Functional protein-RNA                       FRI
                                 interastions to identify new targets for
FP7   Information and            oligonucleotide-based therapy
                                 Governments ENabled with IPv6                GEN6           FE
      Technologies Policy
      Supprot Programme
FP7   Infrastructures            Preparatory Phase Project for a Major                       FDV
                                 Upgrade of the Council of European Social
                                 Archives (CESSDA) Research Infrastructure
FP7   Infrastructures            The European Social Survey Infrastructure                    FDV
                                 Preparatory Phase
FP7   Infrastructures            Generations and Gender Programme: A                          FDV
                                 European Research Infrastructure on the
FP7   Infrastructures            DACE - and Consequences of Demographic
                                 Causes The European Social Survey - Data                     FDV
                                 for a Changing Europe
FP7   Infrastructures            DwB - Data without Boundaries                                FDV

FP7   Infrastructures            Seismic Engineering Research                                 FGG
                                 Infrastructures for European Synergies
FP7   Infrastructures            EU fusion for ITER Applications                              FS

FP7   Infrastructures            European Virus Archive                                       MF

FP7   Infrastructures            OpenAIRE - Open Access Infrastructure for                    UL
                                 Research in Europe
FP7   Infrastructures            OpenAIREplus - 2nd-Generation Open          OpenAIREplus     UL
                                 Access Infrastructure for Research in
FP7   KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Europe
                                 Enlargement Network for Agripolicy                           BF
      and Fisheries, and         Analysis
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Food Consumer Science in the Balcans:                        BF
      and Fisheries, and         Frameworks, Protocols and Networks for a
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   better  knowledge of food behaviours
                                 Assessing the Impact of Rural                                BF
      and Fisheries, and         Development Policies
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Integrated Monitoring and Control of                         BF
      and Fisheries, and         Foodborne Viruses in European Food
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Supply Chains (VITAL) Policy Regionalised
                                 Common Agricultural                                          BF
      and Fisheries, and         Impact - The Rural Development Dimension    CAPRI-RD
FP7   KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Design and development of realistic food                     BF
      and Fisheries, and         models to allow a multidisciplinary and
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   integrated approach to food quality and
                                 Development of integrated livestock                          BF
      and Fisheries, and         breeding and management strategies to
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   improve animalfor bioexploration - Tools
                                 Metagenomics health, product quality                         BF
      and Fisheries, and         and application
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Training Requirements and Careers for                        BF
      and Fisheries, and         Knowledge-based Food Science and
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Technology in Europe
                                 SPARD—Spatial Analysis of Rural                              BF
      and Fisheries, and         Development Measures
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   EADGENE_S - Strengthening the                                BF
      and Fisheries, and         implementation of durable integration od
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   EADGENE - Safe Food for Europe -
                                 FOODSEG                                     FOODSEG          BF
      and Fisheries, and         Coordiantion of research activities and
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture    Strategies for of research results
                                 Dissemination the eradication andof EC                       BF
                                                                             PALM PROTECT
      and Fisheries, and         containment of the invasive pests
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Rhynchophorus ferrungineus
                                 Protection of consumers by microbial risk   PROMISE          BF
      and Fisheries, and         mitigation through combating segregation
      Biotechnology:             of expertise
FP7   KBBE - Food, Agriculture   ARANGE - Advanced multifunctional forest      ARANGE                BF
      and Fisheries, and         management in European mountain ranges
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   FoodMetRes - Food planning and                FoodMetRes            BF
      and Fisheries, and         innovation for sustainable metropolitan
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   regions - Exploring Marine Resources for
                                 MAREX                                                               FFA
      and Fisheries, and         Bioactive Compounds: From Discovery to
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   Sustainable Production and Industrial
                                 International network for capacity building                         MF
      and Fisheries, and         for the control of emerging viral vector
FP7   Biotechnology:
      KBBE - Food, Agriculture   borne high performance enzymes and
                                 Novel zoonotic diseases                                             MF
      and Fisheries, and         micro-organisms for conversion of
FP7   Biotechnology:
      NMP - Nanosciences,        lignocellulosic biomass to bioethanol
                                 Advanced Laser for Photovoltaic Industrial                          FS
      Nanotechnologies,          Processing Enhancement
FP7   Materials and New
      NMP - Nanosciences,        CROPS—Intelligent sensing and                                       FS
      Nanotechnologies,          anipulation for sustainable production and
FP7   Materials and New
      NMP - Nanosciences,        harvesting of high value crops, clever
                                 NanoBioTouch—Nano-resolved multi-scale                              NTF
      Nanotechnologies,          investigations of human tactile sensations
FP7   Materials and New
      NMP - Nanosciences,        and tissue engineered nanobiosensors
                                 NanoValid - Development of reference                                BF
      nanotechnologies,          methods for hazard identification, risk
FP7   materials and new
      Ocean                      assessmentVectors of Change in Oceans
                                 VECTORS - and LCA of engineered                                     FPP
                                 and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic
FP7   People                     Sectors
                                 Globalisation, Investment and Service                               EF
FP7   People                     ManETEI - Management of Emergent                                    EF
                                 Technologies for Economic Impact
FP7   People                     FightingDrugFailure - Priorities and                                FE+FRI+
                                 Standards in Pharmacogenomic                                        MF
FP7   People                     Research: Opportunities for ascriptures:
                                 Divine pairs in ancient Indian Safer and                            FF
                                 gender and stylistic expressions of dual      Divine pairs
FP7   People                     deities in the Rgveda Humanities and
                                 HUMANITIES - ROCK!                                                  FF
                                 Social Sciences in Stage in Ljubljana         HUMANITIES ROCK!
FP7   People                     Radiography of the Past. Integrated non-                            FF
                                 destructive approaches to understand and
FP7   People                     valorize complex archeological sites
                                 Hierarchical Assembly in Controllable                               FMF
FP7   People                     COMPLOIDS—Physics of Complex Colloids:                              FMF
                                 Equilibrium and Driven
                                 Computable Analysis
FP7   People                                                             COMPUTAL                    FMF
FP7   People                                                                   FREEFLUID             FMF
                                 Channelfree liquid crystal microfluids

FP7   People                     Mechanisms of interactions in nano-scale                            FS
                                 of novel ionic lubricants with functional
FP7   People                     Advanced Aircraft Network for Theoretical                           FS
                                 & Experimental Aeroservoelastic Modeling
FP7   People                     Engineering Tribochemistry and Interfaces ENTICE                    FS
                                 with a Focus on the Internal Combustion
FP7   People                     Best training for green and silent mobility                         FS

FP7   People                     Innovative Techniques and Models to                                 MF
                                 Study Glia-Neuron Interactions
FP7   Regions of Knowledge      Analysis, mentoring and integration of                        FGG
                                                                               REG CON
                                research actors. Bringing the benefits of
FP7   Regions of Knowledge      STARring a trans-national NETwork of                          FPP
                                regional research-driven marine clusters
FP7   Research for the          COLLECTIVE - Emerging communities for                         FE
      Benefits of the SMEs      collective innovation: ICT Operational tool
FP7   Research for the          Performance of Innovative Mechanical                          FGG
      Benefits of the SMEs      Connections in Precast Buildings
FP7   Research for the          Development of an innovative sanitation                       FGG+ZF
      Benefits of the SMEs      and
FP7   SafeFoodEra               Safe Transportation of Marine Bioactive's                     BF
                                Form Source to Active Site - Varen prenos
FP7   Science in Society        EPOCH - Ethics in Public Policy Making: The                   FDV
                                Case of Human Enhancement
FP7   Science in Society        Support for establishemnt of                   SERSCIDA       FDV
                                national/regional social sciences data
FP7   Science in Society        Homeland security, biometric                                  FE
                                identification and personal detection ethics   HIDE

FP7   Science in Society        RESPECT - Towards a "Topography" of                           FF
                                Tolerance and Equal Respect. A
FP7   Science in Society        comparative-study of Policies for the
                                ETHICSWEB Inter-connected European                            MF
                                Information and Documantation System
FP7   Science in Society        for Ethics and Science: European Ethics
                                The FIBONACCI Project - Large scale                           PEF
                                dissemination of inquiry-based science and
FP7   Science in Society        mathematics education
                                PROFILES—Professional Reflection-                             PEF
                                Oriented Focus on Inquiry-based Learning       PROFILES
                                and Education though Science
FP7   Science in Society        Science Education Curriculum Research -                       PEF
                                SECURE                                         SECURE

FP7   Security                  COPRA - Comprehensive European          COPRA                 FDV
                                Approach to the Protetction of Civil
FP7   Security                  SMART - Scalable Measures for Automated                       FE
                                Recognition Technologies                SMART

FP7   Socio-Economic          Socio-economic and Cultural Impacts of                          EF
      Sciences and Humanities the Consumption of Counterfeit Goods             COUNTER

FP7   Socio-Economic          BLUE-ETS - BLUE-Enterprise and Trade                            EF
      Sciences and Humanities Statistics                                       BLUE-ETS

FP7   Socio-Economic          Demographic Change and Housing Wealth                           FDV
      Sciences and Humanities                                       DEMHOW

FP7   Socio-Economic            Multi stakeholder Partnerships in Post-                       FDV
      Sciences and Humanities   Conflict Reconstruction: The Role of
FP7   Socio-Economic            European Union
                                Profane Cityzenship in Europe: Testing                        FDV
      Sciences and Humanities   democratic ownership in hybrid situations
FP7   Socio-Economic            The contribution of public and private                             FDV
      Sciences and Humanities   services to european growth and welfare,
FP7   Socio-Economic            and the- role of public-private innovation
                                GOETE Governance of Educational                                    FDV
      Sciences and Humanities   Trajectories in Europe. Access, coping and
FP7   Socio-Economic            relevance of education for Regions in the in
                                Developing Europe's Rural young people                             FF
      Sciences and Humanities   Era of Globalization: An Interpretative
FP7   SST - Sustainable          Model for Better Anticipating and  urban
                                Strategies and measures for smarter                                FA
      Surface Transport         freight solutions
FP7   SST - Sustainable         2020 INTERFACE - Nanoscale Tailoring of                            FS
                                                                                  2020 INTERFACE
      Surface Transport         Tribological Interfaces for Clean and
FP7   TREN - Transport and      ELAN - Efficiet ELAN and Gasoline Power
                                Energy CIVITAS Diesel Mobilising citizens for                      FDV
      Energy                    vital cities Ljubljana - Gent - Zagreb - Brno -
Coordinato Contract   PI - Principal     Start of   End of    Name of the coordinating
r/Partner No.         investigator       project    project   institution
PARTNER 213634        doc.dr. Andrej     2008       2010      Geonardo Environmental
                      Gubina                                  Technologies LTD,
PARTNER    219123     doc.dr. Andrej     2008       2011      Budimpešta, Madžarska
                                                              CESI RICERCA SpA, Italija
PARTNER    239511     prof. dr. Igor     2009       2014      3E N.V., Bruselj Belgija.
PARTNER    241277     prof. dr. Marko    2009       2012      Stichting Energieonderzoek
                      Topič                                   Centrum Nederland,
PARTNER    226820     prof. dr. Marko    2009       2011      Petten, Netherlands
                                                              Commissariat Energie
                      Topič                                   Atomique (CEA), Pars,
PARTNER    283501     Dr. Marko Topič    2011       2014      Francija
                                                              Forschungszentrum Jülich 
                                                              Gmbh (Jülich)
PARTNER    212160     Aleksandra         2008       2012      The Macaulay Land Use
                      Majić Skrbinšek                         Research Institute,
PARTNER    226487     prof. dr. Lučka    2009       2012      Aberdeen, Recherches
                                                              Bureau de UK
                      Kajfež Bogataj                          Geologiques et Minieres,
PARTNER    264465     prof. dr.          2010       2014      Paris, Francija de la
                                                              Institut National
                      Marjetka                                Researche Agronomique,
PARTNER    212790     Suhadolc
                      prof. dr. Dušan    2008       2011      Pariz, Francija di Sdudi
                                                              Scuola Superiore
                      Žagar, FGG; dr.                         Universitari e di
PARTNER    283121     doc. Gunde
                      Nina dr. Andrej    2011       2013      Perfezionamento
                                                              Stiching joint
                      Gubina                                  Implementation network
PARTNER    226973     prof. dr. Roko     2009       2014      stiching
                      Žarnić                                  GESELLSCHAFT ZUR
Coordinato 226995     prof. dr. Roko     2009       2012      FOERDERUNG DER
                                                              Univerza v Ljubljani
r                     Žarnić
PARTNER 265282        dr. Mojca          2010       2012      Aristotelo Panepistimio
                      Kosmatin Fras                           Thessalonikis, Thessalonki,
PARTNER    244229     doc. dr. Jana      2010       2012      Grčija 
                                                              Universita Degli Studi di
                      Šelih                                   Genova, Genova, Italija
PARTNER    265280     prof. dr. Mitja    2011       2013      UNESCO-IHE Institute for
                      Brilly                                  Water Education, Delft,
PARTNER    282834     doc. dr. Alma      2011       2015      Nizozemska
                                                              University College Dublin
PARTNER    213026     Lamovšek 
                      prof. dr. Matija   2008       2009      Narodna in univerzitetna
                      Štrlič                                  knjižnica (NUK), Ljubljana, 
Coordinato 280153     doc. dr.           2011       2015      Slovenija v Ljubljani (FMF)
r                     Nedjeljka Žagar 
PARTNER 269906        prof. dr. Drago    2010       2013      University of Antwerpen,
                      Kos                                     Antwerpen, Nizozemska
PARTNER    269849     prof. dr. Marko    2010       2013      Karita Research AB,
                      Polič                                   Disavaegen, Švedska 
PARTNER    232629     prof. dr. Borut    2009       2012      European Nuclear
                      Mavko                                   Education Network
PARTNER    295826     Prof. dr. Iztok    2011       2013      Association - Réseau 
                                                              Regia autonoma pentru
                      Tiselj                                  activitati nucleare drobeta
PARTNER    FU06-CT-   prof. dr. Jože     2008       2013      Tr. Severin ra sucursala
                                                              MVZT, Ljubljana, Slovenija
           2007-      Duhovnik                                (Slovenska fuzijska
           00065                                              asociacija SFA)
PARTNER   301782     2012             Electro Power Systems,
                      Mihael Sekavčnik                  italia
PARTNER   201031      dr. Janko Kos    2008      2010   Universita Degli Studi di
                                                        Padova, Padova, Italija.
PARTNER   261378      prof. dr.           2011   2014   GLAXOSMITHKLINE
                      Stanislav Gobec                   INVESTIGACION Y
PARTNER   242038      prof. dr. Blaž      2010   2015   DESARROLLO SL, Tres
                                                        Fundacion Centro National
                      Zupan                             de Investigaciones
PARTNER   223131      Mario Poljak        2009   2014   Cardiovasculares Carlos III,
                                                        Universoty Colledge
                                                        London, Londok , UK
PARTNER   260427      prof. dr. Tatjana   2010   2014   Smittskyddsinstitutet,
                      Avšič Zupan                       Solna, Sweden.
PARTNER   259268      prof. dr. Marko     2010   2013   INSERM TRANSFER -
                                                        Stichting Katholieke
                      Kolšek                            Universiteit, more
PARTNER   242141      prof. dr. Danica    2010   2013   particularly Radboud
                                                        Stichting Nederlands
                      Rotar Pavlič                      Institut voor Onderzoekvan
PARTNER   278425      Dr. Gregor          2011   2015   de Gezondheitszorg,
                                                        Katholieke universiteit
                      Majdič                            Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
PARTNER   248352      prof. dr. Vasja     2010   2012   Innova S.p.A, Rim, Italija
PARTNER   215756      prof. dr. Marko     2008   2010   Eidgenoessische
                      Munih                             Technische Hochschule
PARTNER   258843      prof. dr. Marko     2010   2012   Zuerich, Švica
                                                        UCBM - Universita Campus
                      Munih                             Bio Medico di Roma, Rim,
PARTNER   257623      prof. dr. Matevž    2010   2013   Italija
                      Pustišek                          GESELLSCHAFT ZUR
PARTNER   287932      dr. Marko Munih     2011   2014   FOERDERUNG DER studi
                                                        Scuola Superiore di
                                                        universitari e di
PARTNER   287894     prof. Marko          2011   2015   perfezionamentodi studi
                                                        Scuola superiore
                     Munih                              universitari e di
PARTNER       285582 prof. Simon          2011   2014   Faculty of media Sant'Anna
                     Dobrišek                           Knowledge Sciences,
PARTNER   288021     dr. Žiga Turk        2011   2014   University of malta and
                                                        Centre for research
                                                        technology Hellas, Solun,
PARTNER   288819      Prof. dr. Žiga      2011   2014   Greece
                                                        Technische Universitat Dresden
PARTNER   288804      doc. dr. Vlado      2011   2013   Seconda Universita degli
                      Stankovski                        studi di Napoli, Viale
PARTNER   215181      prof. dr. Aleš      2008   2012   beneduce, Caserta
                                                        The University of
                      Leonardis                         Birmingham, Edgbaston,
PARTNER   215843      prof. dr. Aleš      2008   2011   Birmingham, UK
                                                        ATHINA EREUNITIKO
                      Leonardis                         KENTRO, ATHENS Institute
PARTNER   206726      prof. dr. Blaž      2008   2013   for Language and Speech
                                                        Medical Research Council,
                      Zupan                             London, UK
PARTNER   297239      prof. dr. Andrej    2012   2015   Heinz-Werner Schuelting
                      Kos                               (Devoteam Danet GmbH)

PARTNER   212214      Dr. Janez Štebe     2008   2009   Prof. Kevin Schürer, 
                                                        University of Essex, Essex,
PARTNER   212331   dr. Brina Malnar 2008     2010   City University
                                                    Northhampton Square,
PARTNER   212749   Dr. Gregor Petrič 2008    2012   London, United Kingdom
                                                    Koninklijke Nederlandse
                                                    Akademie van
PARTNER   262208   dr. Brina Malnar 2010     2014   Wetenschappen - Knaw,
                                                    The City University,
                                                    London, UK
PARTNER   262608   Dr. Janez Štebe    2011   *      Centre National de la
                                                    Recherche Scientifique,
PARTNER   227887   prof. dr. Peter    2009   2013   Pariz, Francija (CNRS DR 1
                                                    University of Patras, Grčija
PARTNER   211804   prof. dr. Jože     2008   2010   Chalmers Tekniska
                   Duhovnik                         Hoegskola Aktiebolag,
                                                    Goeteborg, Švedska
PARTNER   228292   prof. dr. Tatjana 2008    2012   Institut de Recherche Pour
                   Avšič-Županc                     le Developpement, Pariz.
PARTNER   246686   dr. Mojca Kotar    2009   2012   National and Kapodistrian
                                                    University of Athens,
PARTNER   283595   dr. Mojca Kotar    2011   2014   National and Kapodistrian
                                                    University of Athens,
PARTNER   211760   dr. Emil Erjavec   2008   2010   Atene, Grčija
                                                    Oliver Chartier,
                                                    EUROQUALITY, Francija
PARTNER   212579   prof. dr. Jure    2008    2011   AGRIDEA Developpement
                   Pohar                            de L'agriculture et de
PARTNER   213034   dr. Luka Juvančič 2008    2010   L'espace rural, Švica
                                                    Institut Fuer Laendliche
                                                    Structurforschung an der
PARTNER   213178   prof. dr. Peter    2008   2011   Johann WolfgangState for
                                                    The Secretary of Goethe
                   Raspor                           Environment, Food and
PARTNER   226195   prof. dr. Emil     2009   2013   Rural Affairs, London,
                                                    Rheinische Friedrich-
                   Erjavec                          Wilhelms - Universitat
                                                    Bonn, Bonn, Nemčija
PARTNER   222654   prof. dr. Peter    2009   2013   Institut Nationale de la
                   Raspor                           Recherche Agronomique
PARTNER   222632   prof. dr. Milena   2009   2014   INRA, Pariz, Francija
                                                    University of Newcastle
                   Kovač                            upon Tyne, Nwecastle, UK
PARTNER   222625   Prof.dr. Ines      2009   2013   Rijksuniversiteit
                   Mandić-Mulec                     Groningen, Groningen,
PARTNER   227220   prof. dr. Sonja    2009   2011   Nizozemska Catolica
                   Možina Smole                     Portuguesa, Lizbona,
PARTNER   244944   doc. dr. Luka      2010   2013   Portugalska.
                                                    Leibniz-Zentrum fuer
                   Juavnčič                         Agrarlandshafts forshung
PARTNER   265663   prof. dr. Peter    2011   2013   (ZALF) e.V.,
                                                    INRA - Institute National de
                   Dovč                             la Recherche
PARTNER   266061   prof. dr. Peter    2011   2014   Agronomique, Paris,
                                                    DI Andreas Moser RTD
                   Raspor                           services - RTDS, Wien,
PARTNER   289566   dr. Gregor         2011   2015   Austria and environment
                                                    The food
                   Belušič                          research agency, York, UK
PARTNER   265877   Prof. dr. Sonja    2011   2014   RTD services, Vienna,
                   Smole                            Innsbruck
PARTNER   289437    dr. Andrej        2012      2015   Universitaet Fuer
                    Bončina                            Bodenkultur Wien, gregor
PARTNER   312185    dr. Marina Pintar 2012             mendel strasse, WIEN,
                                                       STICHTING DIENST
PARTNER   245137    prof. dr. Danijel    2010   2014   ONDERZOEK, Alterra,
                                                       Helsingin Yliopisto,
                    Kikelj                             Helsinki, Finska
PARTNER   211757    prof. dr. Tatjana    2008   2009   Institut Pasteur, 75724
                    Avšič Zupan                        Paris, Francija
PARTNER   222699    prof. dr. Ana        2009   2013   VTT: Valtion Teknillinen
                    Plemenitaš                         Tutkimuskeskus Technical
PARTNER   229231    doc. dr. Rok         2009   2012   Research Centre of
                                                       Università degli studi di 
                    Petkovšek                          Parma
PARTNER   246252    prof. dr. Marko      2010   2014   STICHTING DIENST
                    Hočevar                            LANDBOUWKUNDIG
PARTNER   228844    prof. dr. Tomaž      2010   2014   ONDERZOEK, Wageningen,
                                                       The University of
                    Rodič                              Birmingham, Edgbaston,
PARTNER   263147    prof. dr.            2011   2014   Birmingham, UK
                                                       NOMI - NordMiljö, Sweden
                    Damjana Drobne
PARTNER   266445    dr. Matej David      2010   2014   PLYMOUTH MARINE
                                                       LABORATORY, Plymouth,
PARTNER   211429    prof. dr. Jože P.    2008   2012   UK
                                                       Johannes Kepler
                    Damijan                            Universitat Lindz, Lindz,
PARTNER   238382    prof. dr. Jože       2009   2013   Avstrija of Leeds, Leeds,
                    Pavlič Damjan                      UK
PARTNER   238132    prof. dr.            2009   2013   EBERHARD KARLS
                    Damjana                            UNIVERSITAET
Coordinato 224432   Rozman
                    dr. Tamara           2008   2012   TUEBINGEN, Tuebingen,
                                                       Univerza v Ljubljani
r                   Dietrich; dr.
Coordinato 244970   Marina Zorman
                    izr. Prof. dr.       2009   2009   Univerza v Ljubljani
r                   Rajko Muršič 
PARTNER   230679    prof. dr. Božidar  2009     2013   University of Evora, Evora,
                    Slapšak                            Portugalska
PARTNER   215851    prof. dr.      2008         2012   Stichting Katholieke
                    Slobodan Zumer                     Universiteit, more
PARTNER   234810    prof. dr. Dušan  2009       2013   particularly Radboud
                                                       Heirich Heine Universitaet
                    Babič                              Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf,
                    prof. dr. Andrej 2011       2016   Nemčija. 
PARTNER 294962      Bauer                              Universitaet Siegen
Coordinato 304040   Slobodan Zumer 2011         2015   Univerza v Ljubljani (FMF)
PARTNER 216011      prof. dr. Mitjan     2008   2012   Austrian Center of
                    Kalin                              Competence for Tribology,
PARTNER   269160    prof. dr. Tadej      2011   2014   Politecnico di Torino, Corso
                    Kosel                              Duca Degli Abruzzi,
PARTNER   290077    Prof. dr. Mitjan     2011   2014   University of Leeds, Leeds,
                    Kalin                              UK
PARTNER   290050    Prof.Dr. Miha        2011   2015   Kompetenzzentrum - das
                    Boltežar                           virtuelle Fahrzeug,
PARTNER   237956    prof. dr. Robert     2009   2013   EBERHARD KARLS
                    Zorec                              UNIVERSITAET
PARTNER   205987     prof. dr. Roko      2008   2010   Asm Centrum Badan I
                     Žarnić                            Analiz Rynku Sp. Z o.o.,
PARTNER   204961     prof. dr. Igor      2008   2010   Consorzio per l’AREA di 
                     Jakomin                           Ricerca Scientifica e
PARTNER   243593-2   prof. dr. Janez     2010   2013   University of Udine, Udine,
                     Bešter                            Italy
PARTNER   218417-2   prof. dr. Matej     2009   2011   ASSOBETON - Assobeton,
                     Fischinger                        National Italian Association
PARTNER   232274     prof. dr. Boris     2009   2011   Jet Standard AS (JETS),
                     Kompare                           Norveška 
PARTNER   3211-09-   prof. dr. Polona    2009   2011   MVZT, Ljubljana, SLO
          000079     Jamnik
PARTNER   266660     prof. dr. Franc     2010   2012   University of Bristol, UK
PARTNER   288985     Dr. Janez Štabe     2011   2014   Univerzitet u Sarajevu,
                                                       Bosna and Herzegovina
PARTNER   217762     prof. dr. Nikola    2008   2011   Centro Studi su Scienza
                     Pavešić                           Societa e Cittadinanza
                                                       S.R.L., Rim, Italija

PARTNER   244549     doc. dr. Igor       2010   2011   Istituto Universitario di
                     Pribac                            Studi Superiori di Pavia,
PARTNER   217817     dr. Jure Dimec      2008   2011   Pavia, Italija
                                                       Rheinische Friedrich-
                                                       Wilhelms - Universitat
PARTNER   244684     prof. dr. Ana       2010   2013   Bonn, Bonn, Nemčija
                                                       Ecole Normale Superieure,
                     Gostinčar                         Paris, Francija
PARTNER   266589     Blagotinšek 
                     prof. dr. Iztok     2010   2014   Freie Universitat Berlin,
                     Devetak                           Berlin, Nemčija 

PARTNER   266640     dr. Barbara         2011   2013   Katholieke Hogeschool
                     Rovšek                            Kempen VZW, Geel, Belgija

PARTNER   261651     dr. Iztok Prezelj   2010   2013   FRAUNHOFER-
                                                       GESELLSCHAFT ZUR
                                                       FOERDERUNG DER
PARTNER   261727     doc. dr. Simon      2011   2014   University of Central
                     Dobrišek                          Lancashire, Preston, UK

PARTNER   217514     prof. dr. Irena     2008   2010   University of Central
                     Vida                              Lancashire, Preston, UK

PARTNER   244767     prof. dr. Mateja    2010   2013   Instituto Nazionale di
                     Bavdaž                            Statistica, Rim, Italija

PARTNER   216865     dr. Srna Mandič 2008       2010   The University of
                                                       Birmingham, Edgbaston,
                                                       Birmingham, UK
PARTNER   217564     dr. Petra Roter     2008   2010   Scuola Superiore di Sdudi
                                                       Universitari e di
PARTNER   225511     prof. dr. Josip     2008   2011   Perfezionamento, Pisa,
                                                       Centre National de la
                     Rastko Močnik                     Recherche Scientifique,
                                                       Pariz, Francija
PARTNER   217247   dr. Metka Stare     2008   2011   Universidad de Alcala de
                                                     Henares, Colegio Mayor
PARTNER   243868   prof. dr. Mirjana   2010   2012   San Ildefonso - Plaza de
                                                     EBERHARD KARLS
                   Ule                               UNIVERSITAET
PARTNER   225204   dr. Barbara         2009   2011   TUEBINGEN, Tuebingen,
                                                     Aberystwyth University/
                   Lampič                            Prifysgol Aberystwyth,
PARTNER   285295    Prof.Peter         2011   2014   Aberystwyth, UK
                   Gabrijelčič                       institutt, Oslo, Norway
PARTNER   234324   prof. dr. Mitjan    2009   2012   University of Leeds, Leeds,
                   Kalin                             UK
PARTNER   218954   Dr. Matjaž Uršič    2008   2012   Mestna občina Ljubljana, 
                                                     Ljubljana, Slovenija

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