Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

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					Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
Financial Aid Information
Seniors, remember to fill out the Financial Aid forms online at (This is
a free website, do not pay money to fill out forms).
     Complete your financial aid (FAFSA) by the end of January. Most colleges have a
        financial aid deadline. Check the website of the colleges you plan on attending for
        specific details.
     Reminder, you do not need to know what college you are attending to complete
        the financial aid. You can choose the college at a later date. Still complete the
        forms online by the end of January. It is a pot of money that is first come first
     Financial aid is used by all accredited colleges. 4 year public/private, 2 year
        community and technical, career schools etc.
     If you need help with the financial aid forms check out or go to for locations to get help, from experts,
        filling out financial aid forms.
Scholarship Information
     “Leave no rock unturned” Ask everyone you know about scholarships. Friends,
        family, local businesses, churches etc. You never know who has scholarships.
     Check out the scholarship newsletter on the Career Center Website:
     Consider using scholarship search engines: Check website for safe searches.
        Remember never pay money for a scholarship search, these are SCAMS.
     Check out the college websites you plan on attending to see what scholarships
        they have to offer.

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