Celebrate Your Spring Break 2013 Holiday On Some Beautiful Croatian Beaches

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					Celebrate Your Spring Break 2013 Holiday On Some Beautiful Croatian
No matter how diligent a student is, going for too long without any break of vacation is sure to leave
some unsavory effects. Students everywhere need a break, and the good news for those attending
universities and colleges in Europe is that spring break is just around the corner.

Croatia: The Ultimate Holiday Destination and Party Haven for 2013

Sure, Salou and Lloret are great, but guess what, you’ve probably been to both those places millions of
times before. Why not go off the beaten path and explore a new spring break destination. The Novalja
Zrce beach in Croatia, with all of its wonders, and all if its parties is calling. Happening in 2013, this is the
destination that spring breakers from all over the world should not miss.

Should you want to party like there’s no tomorrow, there is no better place than the beautiful beaches of
Zrce. In the last few years, this little Croatian Island has been the top destination for college partygoers
seeking a good time. This year, May 29th serves as the official kickoff date. From then and 6 days after,
expect to attend the craziest beach raves, featuring some of the world’s favorite DJs.

Club Like You Have Never Clubbed Before

Are you a party animal? You will be right at home in Croatia. Forget about college for a little while, and
enjoy your youth and the vibrance of life with your fellow spring breakers. Besides the beach party in
Zrce beach, there are also the wild clubs to look forward to. No matter what your music of choice is,
there’s bound to be a club in Zrce that offers that, so it becomes very easy to dance the night away. DJs
from all over Europe, and even the US and Asia frequent these clubs, so that in itself is not to be missed.
And if you think you’ll be alone for the party, think again as literally hundreds to thousands of students
fly in to party their spring breaks away.

More to Look Forward To

While it’s true that Croatia is a partyphile’s paradise, that it not to say that partying is the only thing that
is worth doing here. The wonderful thing about this country is that there is a little bit of something for
everyone. For the beach lover, but not necessarily into the party scene, the quieter beaches found in Pag
Island should more than suffice. There, endless sunny days can be spent swimming, snorkeling, boating,
playing volley ball, or taking jet-ski and wakeboarding lessons.

For tourists who want a break from the beach, the city is easily accessible and is also filled with tons of
sights to see. Points of interest in the city are a number or historical spots that are highly recommended
to tourists. A great suggestion would be to skip the hassle and take a pre-arranged historical tour all
throughout the city. This is also a great area to wine, dine and sample the best of Croatian cuisine. Ask
your travel agent or holiday provider for tour packages that will allow you to enjoy Croatia in its entirety.


So really, Croatia is far and beyond just a place to party. While it offers that convenience to the
thousands of European university students and spring breakers bande annonce, it also offers many
more things to the spring breakers who may be looking for something different, which makes it the best
destination for a spring break Europe. Regardless if you’ve flown in for the spring break in Europe, or just
want a few days of quiet relaxation, you’re bound to find something to love in Croatia. It can be a bit
overwhelming, picking where to go for Spring Break 2013, but if the recent popularity of Croatia is of any
indication, this is the right place to party the Spring break away.

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