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					                                       JOSHUA QUINTUS
29 Standish Street                                                                  (617) 688-7886
Marshfield, MA 02050                                                


NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY                                          Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science GPA 3.4                  May 2006
Minor in Mathematics
Courses: Cryptography, Compilers, Programming Languages, Computer Organization and Design,
Topics in OS, Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Design, Computer Networking

                                           Course Projects

Robotic Arm Device Driver                                          January 2004 – April 2004
 Compatible with the 2.4 Linux kernel
 Asynchronously controlled multiple robotic arms capable of five degrees of freedom, each moving
  at different speeds
 Manipulated by both a write and ioctl interface

Bazaar                                                            January 2003 – April 2003
 Networked implementation of a classic strategy game using the TCP layer in Java
 Implemented multiple player styles, including a human player


ENPOCKET, INC.                                                   Boston, MA
Field Engineer / Assistant IT Support Specialist                 May 2005-Present
 Create and deploy mobile web services
 Network and system administrator in a mostly Fedora Core 3 production environment
 Install and maintain an in-office VoIP Asterisk PBX
 Pull and punch down telephone and CATV office cabling

VISION SYSTEMS, INC.                                              Norwell, MA
Junior IT Support Specialist                                      July 2004-December 2004
 Network and system administrator in a mixed Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux environment
 Automated and simplified redundant tasks using Perl and CGI scripts
 Designed, implemented, and maintained nightly, weekly, and monthly backup schedule
 Acted as primary IT support for a multinational corporation

TRILEGIANT CORPORATION                                            Trumbull, CT
Unix Intern                                                       July 2003-December 2003
 Maintained and updated DNS server
 Installed test software in the test Weblogic environment
 Assisted with the disaster recovery project

                                   COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE

 Languages: Perl, Scheme, C++, C#, Smalltalk, Java, Pascal, Basic
 Operating Systems: OpenBSD, Linux (Fedora, Debian), Windows (9x, 2K, XP)
 Developing Tools: VI, RCS, Dr. Scheme, Borland C++ 5.0, Squeak 3.2, Metrowerks CodeWarrior
 Experience: Object-oriented programming, assembled own PC, freelance technical support

 Building/Upgrading Computers, Video Games, Chess, Cooking, Literature, Music

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