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									                        FAQs about the
                        JuJuBelle Business Opportunity
                    Updated 4/1/2012

Welcome to JuJuBelle! We launched our company on July 31, 2010, and to date over 200 consultants
from over 30 different states have joined us. After reviewing the information here, if you still need more
information please e-mail the JuJuBelle Service Team at service@jujubelle.com, or, call us toll-free at 877-
987-JUJU (5858), Extension 400.

What Kind of Products are There? How are they Priced?
JuJuBelle is a system of necklace and bracelet chains with individual embellishments—which we call pieces of “JuJu”—
that clip on to the chains. With over 800 individual styles of JuJu to choose from, you can make your jewelry fun,
personal, and uniquely yours. There are literally millions of possible combinations!

Basically there are two types of items we offer: A La Carte individual items, and, items from our current printed catalog.
When you shop on our website, you will be able to purchase from both types of items. Here is a list of the A La Carte
items by category:

        Fobs:                     $1 small and large beads
        Charms:                   $1 metal alloy silver colored charms
        Premium Charms:           $3 sterling silver plated charms.
        Trinkets:                 $4 items that include novelty pieces, shaped items, dominoes, bubbles, etc
        Mini-Bling:               $4 items containing a substantial number of rhinestones (smaller sizes)
        Bling:                    $6 items containing a substantial number of rhinestones (larger sizes)
        Pendants:                 $8 items that are larger focal or “statement” pieces, including rhinestone frames
        Soldered Pendants:        $10 items featuring two images between glass panes
        Val-Ju Packs:             Discounted “bulk” packages of selected items.
        Add Ons:                  Accessories for use with JuJu, such as earrings and cluster hoops.
        Necklaces & Bracelets:    $4 to $10 per item available in several lengths and styles

The catalog contains its own unique assortment of individual items, many of which are custom made or personalized
just for you!

Our jewelry is lead-free, but not nickel free. Persons sensitive to nickel should be cautioned about this before deciding
to purchase our products.

What’s the Compensation and Reward for Being a JuJuBelle Consultant?
As a Consultant, you’ll receive a 45% commission on catalog orders or website orders placed through your personal
website with us. If you choose to also stock inventory for doing “live” parties, fairs and shows (a.k.a., “Cash-and-carry”
sales), we will sell you the items you choose for 45% off of retail.

We also offer a Consultant rewards program called JuJuRewards. Through this program you can earn points to redeem
for prizes that include Visa gift cards and a cruise (June, 2013).

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Will I Have a Personal Website to Sell Online?
A website with us is optional and costs $15 per month. With your personal website you will be able to sell direct to
customers on the internet. You will be paid a commission on those sales of 45%. Sales made on your site count towards
your monthly individual and group sales goals. You must have a personal website to host use our online party tool.

What are the Hostess Rewards & Incentives?
Hostesses receive rewards of free jewelry of their choice equal to 10%, 15% or 20% of total party sales. You provide the
rewards. In addition, we have special and exclusive Hostess Incentives each month for parties over $300 in retail sales.
The incentive items vary from month-to-month, and they are provided complimentary with every party of $300 or more
in retail sales, or, with every $300 in retail product you purchase from us.

How is State Sales Tax Handled?
We charge the tax rate applicable for the zip code to which an order is shipped. Most states require us to handle the
sales tax collection, so we charge the sales tax on the retail value of merchandise you buy from us.

For instance, if you buy $100 of product at a 45% discount, we are required by most states to charge tax on the entire
$100, even though your wholesale cost is $55. We in turn remit that to the state on your behalf. You get reimbursed
for your sales tax when you make sales and charge your customers the appropriate tax rate.

Example: Maureen is a JuJuBelle Consultant who purchases a $4 trinket from JuJuBelle. Her consultant price will be 45% off, which is $2.20.
JuJuBelle will charge her sales tax on $4. When she sells the item for $4, she should charge tax on that amount (and not on $2,20).

You should also charge the hostess tax on her Hostess Reward product selections, too, because we must charge you tax
on that amount as well.

Example: Molly’s party sells $932 in retail product. Molly gets 20% or $186.40 in free product. If you are Molly’s Consultant, you should charge
her tax on the $186.40 in free product to recoup the tax expenses paid when you initially ordered the merchandise.

What Does it Cost to Become a Consultant?
The Consultant Business Kit includes $250 in retail inventory to display at parties and shows, or to wear and show off
yourself! It costs $149 plus $10 shipping and handling. Don’t forget we charge sales tax on the retail value of the
inventory ($250), so, the final cost of you kit will vary greatly with your local and state sales tax rate. Most Consultants
find that the total kit price falls somewhere between $170 and $190.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not offer any type of financing or payment plan for our kits.

What Comes in the New Consultant Business Kit?
The business kit includes $250 of retail product (these items are pre-selected for you from our best-selling items in
current inventory). These inventory items are great samples to show hostesses and party guests! Also, the kit includes
the following business supplies:

•   10 Catalogs                                                             •    Jewelry repair supplies (we teach you how to make
•   25 Sales receipts                                                            minor jewelry repairs to ensure customer satisfaction).
•   50 Jewelry Care Cards                                                   •    An exclusive pendant that identifies you as an official
•   Two of our exclusive Hostess Incentives                                      JuJuBelle Consultant
•   A logo tote bag to carry business supplies and inventory

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Does JuJuBelle Help Me Build My Business?
We offer regular training, leadership and recruiting conference calls, and, if you miss those the recordings of the calls are
available for you to download and listen to at your convenience. We offer logo items, business cards and other
promotional items through our exclusive site, www.jujufreedom.com.

What Positions and Advancement Opportunities Are There?
JuJuBelle offers a variety of opportunities to rise through the ranks of the sales force, and earn commission overrides on
consultants you recruit. Please be sure to request a copy of our current Compensation Plan if you have not received

Do I Have to Purchase a Certain Amount of Product Each Month?
No. There is a requirement that you purchase at least $250 in wholesale product at least once per year to remain an
active Consultant.

How Do I Order More Inventory?
When you need or want more inventory, you choose the items you want using our easy online ordering system at
www.jujubelle.com Current shipping and handling rates will be applied. However, if you live in or near Denton, TX you
may choose “Will Call Pick Up” and save yourself the shipping/handling charge.

Are JuJuBelle Products Lead & Nickel Free?
We make every effort to ensure that our manufacturers and distributors understand the importance of lead-free
content in our jewelry products. Our products are not guaranteed to be nickel free.

Can I Sell Other Jewelry While Selling JuJuuBelle?
No. Like most direct sales companies, we prohibit the sale of competing products. If you have any questions about this,
please get clarification from our Compliance division at compliance@jujubelle.com before joining our company.

I Own a Retail Establishment. Can I Sell My JuJuBelle There?
No. We are a direct sales company, which means we are not distributed through retail outlets, but rather through
direct, person-to-person contact. It is possible to have a trunk show or featured special in a retail establishment on an
occasional basis, but you may not set up your JuJuBelle permanently in a retail outlet. Consultants selling products
through retail outlets run the risk of having their contract terminated by JuJuBelle.

I Do Not Know a Local JuJuBelle Consultant. How Can I Find One?
Visit our website at www.jujubelle.com, or, e-mail us at service@jujubelle.com

Is This A Pyramid Scheme? Or a Multi-Level Marketing company?
Absolutely not! This is a legitimate party plan business opportunity that emphasizes the sale of affordable, fun jewelry.
Our emphasis is first and foremost on the distribution and sale of our products, which we stand behind 100%. We have
a very strict code of corporate ethics and conduct, and we would not tolerate any behavior that even hinted at a
pyramid scheme or other fraudulent operation.

Will I Be Pressured to Recruit Others to Sell?
Recruiting is something you may choose to do if you like, and, we will reward you on the sales of those you recruit. But,
we never require you to recruit anyone. Your compensation on your personal sales volume is not dependent in any way
on having a downline sales force. We have a very strict code of conduct for our consultants and do not condone or
allow any type of behavior that could result in you feeling pressured to do something you do not want to do.

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Can Two of Us Sign up Together and Share A Business?
Only an individual can sign up as a Consultant. We do not contract with partnerships or corporations. We will only
communicate with and do business with the person who signs the contract. We cannot honor any arrangement that you
make with someone else to “share” a Consultant opportunity.

My Spouse/Life Partner Has Their Own Questions About the Opportunity
In addition to your business being conducted from home, you will likely soon be eating, breathing, and sleeping
JuJuBelle (yes, it is that much fun!) This affects your spouse/partner. We want him/her to support your career choice.
So, by all means, have him/her join you for discussing the business opportunity with us--we welcome their questions.

I Want to Join! What Do I Do Next?
If you’re ready to “Define Your Freedom,” we’re ready to help! The first thing you need to do is thoroughly review our
current Consultant Handbook so that you know what our policies and procedures are. It is very important to do this so
that you are sure you can abide by the policies of our company. If you are working with one of our current consultants,
s/he will provide a copy to you upon request. Or, you may request one by contacting us at service@jujubelle.com
Then, you may sign-up on our website at www.jujubelle.com

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