Safety Corrective Action Report by TPenney


									        Safety Corrective Action Report
The person reporting the non-conformance will fill out the Non-
Conformance Details section. This section should really focus on the "who,
what, where, why, and when" of the incident.
Who were the parties involved? Who was impacted and who caused the
                 What was the impact? What happened?
                 Where did the non-conformance occur?
                  Why did the non-conformance occur?

Remedial Action and Causal Analysis
• The supervisor will typically own a process or procedure that has failed
   in some way causing the incident.
• The area manager will need to determine what steps, if any, are
   necessary to take in order to reduce or eliminate the chance of the non-
   conformance happening again. In order to better understand the true
   nature of the problem, the area manager will need to trace the incident
   back to the source..
            Corrective Action Directives
Six Simple Steps to Writing Effective Corrective Action Plans
• State the problem or weakness succinctly, including the root cause
• Have “owners” who are accountable for results
• Break the solution into discrete, measurable actions that address the
   root cause
• Identify accountable person for each action
• Set achievable deadlines
• Monitor progress

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