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IREDA Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.


Application General Part-A

1.1 1.2

Sector Installed Capacity MW - Mega Watt KLPD – Kilo Litre Per day MTPD – Metric Ton Per day Project Cost Loan Assistance sought from IREDA Loan Assistance sought from others, if any Unit Cost of Generation/ Production/Saving Performance Indicators Project IRR Average DSCR Payback Period Break Even Point : ____________ _______MW/KLPD/MTPD/Other (Specify)

1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7

: : : :

RS. _________ RS._________ RS. _________ RS. _________ Per KwH/Litre/KwHrs/ Others (Specify)

_________ _________ _________ _________


Details of payment of registration fee Mode of Payment Demand Draft No. Date Amount : : : : RS. _________ Demand Draft

Drawn on (Name & Branch of Bank) :


2.0 2.1

Name & Address of the Applicant Company for Correspondence : ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

Telephone Fax E-mail Address Website 2.2 Address of the Registered Office

: : : : :

Telephone Fax E-mail Address 2.3 Address of the Corporate Office

: : : :

Telephone Fax E-mail Address 2.4 Name & Designation of Chief Executive Telephone (Land Line /Mobile) Fax E-mail Address

: : : :




Details of Authorised Dealing Official(s): Name Designation 1 _______________________ 2 _______________________ 3 _______________________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Telephone Land Line Mobile



Whether the Company is existing : or new or formed as Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV) for taking up this project (Pls. Tick mark appropriately)






a) If existing, Nature of Industry & Products (Provide detailed write up in a separate sheet )


_______________________________ _______________________________

b) Does the Company come under : SSI category ? (Please enclose the SSI registration certificate, if applicable) 2.8 Name of Business house or Group to which the company belongs List of Associate Concerns in the group (Provide details in separate sheet in case number of companies are more) :

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _______ _______________________________



1. _______________________________ 2. _______________________________ 3. _______________________________


Total Shareholding pattern of the Applicant:

Sl. No.

Name of share holder

No. of shares

Face Value

% to total Share capital

Total 2.11 Sl. No 1 2 3 4 5 Details of the promoter(s), Promoter Director(s) and Promoter Company(ies) Name of Promoter(s)/Promoter Director(s)/Company(ies) Designation Share holding %


*Networth Rs. in Lacs



Furnish Returns filed for the latest Financial Year give below: Income Tax Assessment Assessed Income Taxable Tax Income Assessed/ Paid Wealth Tax Assessment Wealth Wealth Assessed Tax Assessed/ Paid Sales Tax Assessment(*) Sales Tax Assessed Sales Tax Assessed /paid

Name of the Promoter/ Promoter Companies

* Wherever applicable Networth declared by individuals by Chartered Accountant in [Doc No.: OCD/PTS/FOM – 1.4]. Enclose copies of IT & Wealth Tax Returns for Promoters & Promoter Companies giving guarantees 2.13 Sl. No. (a) Facilities already sanctioned/ availed from IREDA by the Applicant Company: Project Name Year of sanction IREDA Loan Disbursed Amount Repaid Amount

(b) Facilities already sanctioned/ availed from IREDA by the group/ associated companies: Sl. No. Project Name Year of sanction IREDA Loan Disbursed Amount Repaid Amount


Please provide information of other projects set up by the Company either on their own or with assistance from other financial institutions, if any: Year of Commissioning Project capacity Generation Loan taken from FIs/bank

Sl. No.

Project Details with Location



Type of Organization Public Sector Private Sector Jt. Sector Co-Operative Others


Clause No. of Memorandum & Articles of Association (MOA)/ Bye-laws : a) to undertake the project : _______________________________ b) to borrow loans c) empowering Board of the company to borrow loans : : _______________________________ _______________________________


d) date of passing resolution u/s : _______________________________ 149(2) in case of Limited companies & Board resolution in case of Pvt Limited companies (*) (*) Required in case the (MOA) contain the clause in object clause C. Please submit the relevant required documents filed with the ROC as required under Companies Act, 1956 Clause No. of Memorandum & Articles of Association (MOA)/ Bye-laws : d) to undertake the project e) f) to borrow loans empowering Board of the company to borrow loans : : _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________


Date of a) Incorporation/ Registration b) Commencement of Business

: _______________________________ _______________________________


Whether Applicant Company is NBFC If Yes, Registration No. with RBI & enclose copy Whether Listed in Stock Exchange? If, yes Name of Stock Exchange(s) High in last 52 weeks Low in last 52 weeks Whether Listed in Stock Exchange? If, yes High in last 52 weeks Low in last 52 weeks








: : : : :




_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Yes No _______________________________ _______________________________


4.1 Name & address of the unit (Enclose separate sheet for more than one unit) : ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ __________________

Telephone Fax E-mail address/Web site 4.2 4.3 Type of Industry Brief history of the Company (indicating the various developments, prospects, etc. In chronological order) (please provide in separate sheet)

: : : : ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _________________


(In case of New Company, provide information of group companies)

Latest Credit Rating of the : Organization a) Name of the Rating Agency b) Year of Rating c) Debt of Instrument d) Rating Names of Bankers/Financial : Institutions including IREDA from whom the Company has taken loan for their existing activities. Indicate facilities sanctioned.

_________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________


Name of Nature of Institution/ Facilities Bank

Interest (%)

Details of the Loan Securit Repaym ent Date of Loan Repaymen Outstandi y Status Sanction Amount t Period ng Sanction (yrs) Amount (Rs. In Lakhs)

(Enclose certificate(s) from the existing Financial Institution /Bankers, that Dealing of company‟s accounts with them is satisfactory in Form VII)


5.3 (I)

Financial Performance (for the last three years) Financial Parameters of the firm for the last three years (as per Audited Balance Sheet)


Year I

(Rs. in lacs) Year II

Year III

a) Equity b) Reserve and Surplus c) Net Worth d) Sales Turnover e) PBDT f) Net Profit g) Loan (Term Loan) h) Fixed Asset i) Dividend (%) j) Debt-Equity Ratio k) Capital Employed Credit rating from CRISIL/ CARE, if any (Enclose Audited balance sheet and profit and loss account and Annual reports for the past three years of the company(s)/firms. Provisional Balance Sheet submitted if any should be in line with statutory requirements.) (II) Any qualifying remarks by Auditors in the Annual Report regarding litigation/contingent liabilities pending with Statutory Authorities (III) Whether the applicant has given any guarantee for the loans raised by other companies/others and if so, provide details thereof. (IV) Major legal cases against the company which may have impact on financial position of the applicant (V) Any qualifying remarks by Auditors in the Annual Report regarding litigation/contingent liabilities in respect where disputes with SEB/Income Tax Department/Machinery Suppliers and other creditors are pending (VI) Any qualifying remarks by Auditors in the Annual Report regarding litigation/contingent liabilities pending with Statutory Authorities (VII) Whether any provision has been made to meet the contingent liabilities (VIII) Reasons for non provision for depreciation/ reduction in value of investments/ sundry debtors (IX) Details of Litigation/Contingent Liability i. Income Tax Demands against which the applicant has gone on appeal ii. Interest Tax iii. Sales Tax Demands against which the applicant has gone on appeal iv. Customs/ Excise demands under dispute, not provided for v. Guarantees issued & Outstanding




Whether applicant company or : Group company‟s name is in the list of RBI Defaulter? If the company‟s name is in the list : of RBI Defaulter, give detail Legal Proceedings / Court cases, if any, pending against the applicant or any of the group companies / associates

________________________________________ ______________________ ________________________________________ ______________________ Yes/No If Yes, please enclose details


6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3



(Please tick mark) Bank Guarantee from a scheduled bank : OR State Government Guarantee : OR Unconditional and irrevocable guarantee of All India Public Financial Institutions having “AAA” or equivalent rating. OR



Equitable Mortgage (Mortgage by deposit of title deeds) of all the immovable : properties; hypothecation of all movable assets, both existing and future, subject to prior charge of Banks on specified current assets; guarantees by promoters and / or promoter directors and / or promoter companies and deposit of post dated cheques in accordance with repayment schedule of principal loan amount and interest. Enclose Guarantee of Company/ Personal Guarantee of promoter directors (Provide details as below) :

Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Name of the company/promoter director

% share holding

NetWorth * (Rs. Lacs)

* Enclose NetWorth Certificate of each guarantor/company providing Corporate Guarantee Duly certified by C.A. in the Doc.No.:OCD/PTS/FOM – 1.4



Security : 9

offered located in urban area, if any (Give details and enclose the valuation certificate from Govt. Approved Valuer)
Note: For Security, please refer to the current IREDA‟s Financing Guidelines. Please note that stipulation of security requirement finally rests with IREDA.




Please indicate list of risk factors in the project as perceived by the applicant as Project Promoter and mitigation measures proposed to be undertaken.

8.0 EMPLOYMENT GENERATION Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Category Managerial & Supervisory Skilled Semi-skilled Unskilled Others (Please Specify) Direct Indirect


In terms of end-products Foreign Exchange Savings Import Substitution Direct Revenue in terms of excise duty & sales tax to National Exchequer Indirect revenue   Effect on per capita in the region Creation of Ancillary Industries


Any Other (Specify)





I, We __________________________ the applicant for the loan, hereby DECLARE that, i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. All information furnished is to the best of my/our knowledge No borrowing arrangements except as indicated have been made I/we shall furnish all other information that may be required by IREDA in connection with the application The information pertaining to us may be exchanged by IREDA with any agency you may deem fit. IREDA or its nominees or any agency authorised by IREDA may, at any time inspect/verify our assets, books of accounts, etc. in my/our factory & office premises. The present proposal of loan is not for cost overrun financing The present proposal of loan is not for procurement of any Second-hand equipment and machinery The applicant and/or main promoters of the Applicant Company have not been convicted for criminal/economic offences or under national security laws The project under consideration is not yet commissioned The Applicant Company shall not purchase plant & machinery and give contracts/subcontracts to the firms & group companies of the Applicant. Further, it is confirmed that the Directors of the applicant company are not interested/connected in other firms/companies from whom machinery are procured or contract and subcontracted are being given without permission. Our dues of loan from other financial institutions are being paid on time as per the respective loan agreements. The information given herein and the details in the statements and other papers enclosed as part of the application are, to the best of our knowledge and belief, true and correct in all particulars. I/The company shall open Trust & Retention Account (TRA) in the Format provided by IREDA, if the same is stipulated by IREDA.

xi. xii.


Place: Date :

Signature Name & Designation Name of the Company Rubber Stamp

:____________ :____________ : _________ :_____________


Loan Application Part B (Bagasse based Cogeneration)
1.1 Proposed Capacity of the Cogeneration Project Licensed Installed 1.2 Proposed location of the Project Village Taluk District State Telephone/Fax Accessibility to proposed location of the Project Particulars Nearest Tehsil/Block HQ Nearest Road Head Nearest Railway Station Nearest Airport Nearest Grid/Substation 1.4 Special Category if any – Location based NE States & Sikkim 1.5 Islands & Estuaries Hilly Area : Tick as applicable Jammu & Deserts Kashmir : : : : : : __________MW __________MW . __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________




Distance from Project Site (km)

Newly formed states

Not applicable

Details of proposed Project Land(Please tick appropriate)

Particular Govt. Land Pvt. Land Forest Land Other Specify Total



Whether land is Mortgagable (*)

* (In case of Govt. Land is not mortgagable, please enclose letter from the concerned Govt. Authority)

1.0 2.1

TECHNICAL Details relating to Resources:



Type of industry (Sugar/Rice/Paper etc.) Plant Crushing / processing capacity - Licensed (TCD /TPD) - Actual (TCD /TPD) Capacity utilization (%) No. of days of operation Bagasse % on cane, in case of Sugar mill Price of sale of surplus Biomass / Bagasse (Rs/MT) Details of Biomass Fuel utilization Bagasse / Biomass generated (MT) - Consumed (MT) - Bought out (MT) - Saved / Surplus (MT) - Cost (Rs. /MT) Type of other Biomass fuels , if any proposed to be used in the project. -




2.1.3 2.1.4 2.1.5


Season: ……………………., Off-season:………………….



Present -




Name of Biomass fuel (*) Total

Calorific value

Qty in MT/ yr

Landed Cost (Rs/MT)

*(For biomass fuels which are new & not test fired, please enclose Fuel analysis report ) 2.1.9 Availability of Bagasse / Biomass fuel within 50 kms radius  Captive source (own)  Bought out 2.1.10 Bagasse / Biomass fuel (Average) requirement - kg/KWh - MT/annum : Name of Biomass fuel Qty in MT/ yr Qty consumed in MT/ yr Surplus Qty in MTs/ yr




Details of Alternative Fuel(s) for the Project : - Name of the alternate fuel - Proposed usage mix with alternate fuel (%) - Calorific value of fuel (Kcal /kg) - Alternate fuel consumption (Kg/KWh) - Actual requirement (MT/annum) - Landed cost of the alternate fuel. (Rs/MT) Name(s) of other nearby Bagasse / Name Cap. Biomass Cogeneration project and (MW Biomass Power projects within 50 ) kms radius & within the same district, separately

Name of the District

Radia Name(s l Dist. ) (Kms) of Fuels used

Status of impleme ntation



Arrangements made for Biomass / Alternate fuels - Please enclose a Detailed write-up on the proposed fuel procurement / collection /transportation / storage mechanism for the proposed power plant. Steam generation data: Present Proposed - Generation (MT/h) - Demand at Medium pressure (MT/h) - Demand at Medium pressure (MT/h) - Others, specify Details on Water requirement for the project: Present Source of water (Borewells/ canal/ river etc.) Quality of water Raw water requirement(m3/hr) Storage facilities (raw water, DM water etc in m3/hr) Proposed



Estimation of Energy Generation  Average PLF @ operating days, hours  Gross Energy generation - in Million units  Energy for Auxiliary consumption - in Million units  Energy for Inhouse captive consumption - in Million units  Surplus Energy for export / sale/ captive use in Million units  Net Energy taken for financial evaluation – in Million units 14


Project Configuration Existing facilities, if applicable Proposed facilities



Boiler i. Furnace Type ii. Make iii. Pressure/Temperature (ata/C) iv. Capacity (TPH)  Steam generation data:  Generation (MT/h)  Demand at Medium pressure (MT/h)  Demand at Medium pressure (MT/h)  Others, specify Turbo-Generator i. Type ii. Make iii. Power Rating (MW) iv. Inlet Parameters - Pressure (ata) - Temperature (C) - Steam Flow (TPH) v. Outlet Parameters - Pressure (ata) - Temperature (C) - Steam Flow (TPH) vi. Extraction, if any





2.4 2.4.1

Procurement Procedure Basis of selection of the Plant & : Machinery & Details of Procurement Procedure followed. (Please enclose copies of the budgetary offers, statement for various equipment / packages Suppliers, if available etc., shall be enclosed.) Power Evacuation Generation voltage : Evacuation voltage : Details of Nearest sub-station viz. Name, : capacity, distance from the project site etc. Length of the transmission line in Kms. : Wheeling arrangement : Mode of Implementation  Single Quotation /  RFQ Procedure /  Limited Tender /  Published Tender /  Any Other summary of technical / cost comparison and also contracts / agreements with

2.5 2.5.1 2.5.2 2.5.3

2.5.4 2.5.5 2.6


2.6.1 2.6.2

Mode of implementation of project


EPC / Spilt package / Any other (Please tick appropriate)

Details of Technical Consultancy : engaged, if any for execution of the project COMMERCIAL Proposed Project cost Estimates PARTICULARS Land Cost & Site Development Buildings and Civil Works including foundation Plant & machinery incl. erection & commissioning Misc. Fixed Assets Engineering Consultancy & Technical Know-how fees Preliminary & Pre-operative expenses Provision for Contingencies Interest during Construction (IDC) Margin money for Working Capital Margin Money for Bank Guarantee/Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Others, if any (please Specify) Total Project Cost : AMOUNT (RS. IN LACS)

3.0 3.1


Proposed Means of Financing Particulars A) Promoter’s contribution Equity Share Capital Internal Cash Accruals Unsecured loans from friends, relatives & associates etc. - Others, if any - specify B) Term Loan Proposed From IREDA From Others (______) C) Subsidy / Grant , if any* D) Others, if any Total Project Cost -

Amount (Rs. in lacs)

* (Capital subsidy / Grant, if any /available will reduce IREDA‟s loan) 3.3 Purpose of Proposed Project a) Captive consumption : (Please tick mark) Rate (Rs./Unit)

b) Selling power to Sister concern / 16

subsidiary company c) Selling power to State Electricity Board d) Selling to third party *
(*Please enclose copy of Power Purchase agreement, as applicable. In case of sale to third party, please enclose copies of latest 3 years Annual report of the Company whom you propose to sell power)


: Status of SERC approved PPA in case of sale to State Utility / Third party : a. Date of signing of PPA : ____________________________ b. Validity period of PPA : ____________________________ c. Tariff applicable in the 1st year of : ____________________________ operation d. Annual escalation : ____________________________ e. Discount / Penalty clause : ____________________________

Marketing Arrangement


In case of Captive Consumption

Connected load (MW) : ____________________________ a. Average monthly energy : ____________________________ consumption ** b. Present tariff rate of SEB** ** (Information given is to be supported by necessary documents and recent electricity bills paid for the last 3 months)


Implementation Schedule
Expected month & year of completion

: : ____________________________


Assumptions taken for Performance Indicators :
a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. m. n. o. p. Capacity Installed Gross Power generation Auxiliary / In-plant consumption Captive, if any Transmission Losses, if any Net Energy available for sale in MU Rate of Interest for proposed loan from IREDA & others, if applicable Repayment period (Years) Moratorium (Years) Capacity Utilization Factor Fuel cost (Rs./ ton) Annual escalation of Fuel cost (%) Annual O & M Charges Annual escalation of O & M Charges Tariff Rate (as per SERC approved & signed Power Purchase Agreement) Tariff Rate escalation per annum Depreciation rate Banking charges, if applicable Wheeling charges, if applocable Sales Tax benefit, if any. Income Tax Holiday (in years) :

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ 17

q. r. s. t.

Corporate Tax Minimum Alternate Tax Working capital limits with interest rate Any others (Please Specify)

: : : :

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

(Please enclose detailed cash flow statements if the same are not annexed with the DPR)

(In case of existing companies with main business, a detailed cash flow for the company as a whole i.e., taking into account the revenue stream of main business shall also be furnished.) Note: A soft copy of the cash flow statement in a floppy / CD shall also be furnished.



4.1 Provide details of environmental benefits expected by putting up the Cogeneration project:
Coal Savings *(MTCR) Tonnes CO2 Abatement SOx Abatement Million Kg Million Kg

Furnace Oil Savings Million litres
* (Metric Tonne Equivalent of Coal Replacement)

NOx Abatement

Million Kg

4.2 Impact on Environment
Major Environmental issues (e.g. Forest, Land, Water, Pollution etc.) Is there any environmental management plan available. mitigation or

Area of forest/ agricultural/ tribal land, if any required for the project Details on access road, if any to the proposed site Is there evidence / record available of endangered biological (flora & fauna) species in the project area Is there any village irrigation scheme in the canal / river / or any other source from which water is proposed to be drawn Area of land (agricultural / forest etc.) proposed to be cleared for 1. Access Road 2. Transmission line 3. Project site Details on afforestation / Deforestation by the project Implementation Area / Methodology for fly ash / effluent / any other waste material disposal


Is there any community complaints against the Project?


After Implementation

Particulars During Construction Total Direct Employment Total Indirect Employment Average monthly income per person (Rs.) Total Revenue for Employment from the Rs…………….. Lacs Project Is there any families, affected /displaced by the Project Is there any notable change in the cultivation pattern due to the project Details of social benefits, envisaged through the proposed project


Obtained/ enclosed To be Applied

Details Copy of Project Site & Project Capacity Registration Letter from State Nodal Agency In-Principle consent / Clearance from State Pollution Control Board Clearance for the project from Department of Environment & Forest, if applicable. No objection Certificate (NOC) from State Electricity Board or any other Authority Approved Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Agreement for third party sale of electricity, if applicable No objection certificate / Clearance / Approval for drawl of water from State / Central concerned authorities. Land Clearance if applicable


Other Clearances (Please Specify) a) b) c) d)


Note: The DPR submitted along with the application shall have contents as indicated in the enclosed Annexure- A

   

Land, Site & Civil Work related
Copy of Sale/lease Deed for Land Copy of Agreement for Sale of Land Land Conversion Certificate Architect‟s Estimate of Civil cost


Environment related
Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report

 

Fuel related
Copy of “Taluka Level Biomass Assessment Report” carried out by State Nodal Agency, if any covering the proposed site. Copy of proposed „Site Specific Detailed Report on Biomass Assessment (A site specific & independent report clearly indicating the land usage pattern, cropping pattern, area under cultivation, biomass utilization/consumption, availability of biomass fuels proposed within 15, 25 & 50 km range from the proposed site location. Cane availability / cane crushing report for the last 5 years, in case of Sugar Mill (Project specific & independent report clearly indicating command area, area under cane cultivation, cane production, season duration, plant crushing details etc.) Copies of Raw Material supply contract entered with Suppliers / Farmers Copies of Consent letters for Raw Material supply from Agro-Industries / Others Authenticated Agricultural Production data in the Region covering the proposed site.

   

 

Water related
A detailed Ground water availability report, if ground water is proposed for use. Test report on the quality of water.

7.5 7.6 7.7

Organisation Chart Implementation schedule (BAR/PERT chart) Status on sanction of working capital limits for the project.


Place : Date :

Signature :__________________ Name & Designation :_____________ Rubber Stamp :__________________


Detailed Project Report (DPR) Content
                  Project at a Glance Executive Summary Demand Analysis & justification of the project capacity Availability of Raw Material , if any & procurement procedure Power generation scheme Description of main Plant Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment and systems Water Management System, if any Description of Plant Electrical System, Power evacuation System and interfacing with Grid Plant Instrumentation and Control system Plant layout & existing infrastructure facilities Operation & Maintenance set up Manpower requirement Environment impact/protection and waste management Socio-economic impact in the region due to project implementation Project implementation – Execution and management plan Project cost estimate Cost of generation and financial analysis Risk and sensitivity analysis

         Overall Plant layout Heat & Mass Balance diagram Water balance diagram General arrangement drawings of Boiler, T.G, Fuel & Ash handling system etc Schemes for Steam, Condensate, Cooling tower, D M water, air, flue, gas, compressed air system, etc P&I diagrams Single line diagram Switchyard layout Plant control system configuration


Board Resolution to undertake the project

The Board of Directors of the company proposed to undertake a ____ MW ________________ Project (description of Project) at ___________________ _________________ (address of the Project) in the State of ______________ (indicate the State). The Board, after deliberations, passed the following Resolutions : i. RESOLVED THAT the Board be and is hereby authorised to undertake a _______ MW of ___________________ Project at _____________________. FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Shri _____________________, _____________ (designation) of the company be and is hereby authorised to take all necessary steps incidental and ancilliary in relation to the setting up of the above project.


/ True copy /


Statutory Auditor Certificate for eligibility conditions
To be furnished by the applicants before registration of loan application to examine the eligibility conditions as per Financing Guidelines CERTIFICATE TO BE OBTAINED FROM THE AUDITOR(S)/CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT(S) OF THE APPLICANT I/We __________________________ Auditor(s)/Chartered Accountant(s) of the applicant company, hereby CERTIFY that, 1. The applicant company is not registered outside India. 2. The applicant is not having accumulated losses (without taking into account effect of re-valuation of assets, if any) as per audited Annual Accounts of the immediate preceding financial year 3. The applicant is not loss making as per Audited Annual Accounts of the immediate last year of operation 4. There is no erosion of paid up equity share capital of the Applicant 5. The Applicant‟s Debt Equity Ratio (total borrowing other than unsecured loans and working capital loans) to net worth does not exceeds 3:1 after taking into account the proposed borrowing from IREDA 6. Trust/Societies do not have accumulated revenue deficit or revenue deficit immediately during the past year (Applicable only to Trusts & Societies) 7. The applicant is not in default in payment of dues to Financial Institutions, Banks, NBFCs at the time of submission of application 8. The applicant and/or main promoter of the applicant company are not in default in payment of IREDA dues at the time of submission of application 9. The applicant is not classified a willful defaulter as defined by RBI 10. The present loan is not for Refinancing of financial assistance availed of from other financing institution, Bank, NBFCs 11. The applicant forming part of the Group of which any company is not in default in the payment of IREDA dues.


(Signature & Seal)

Note: Notwithstanding the above, IREDA reserves the right to examine & verify the information before registering the application.


Net worth certificate in respect of the Guarantor(s) duly certified by the Chartered Accountant separately for each Guarantor
(To be certified Chartered Accountant) Sl.No. A. A1. A2. A3. Particulars DETAILS OF GUARANTOR Name of the assisted concern Name of the Guarantor Address of the Guarantor

A4. A5

Capacity of the Guarantor in the assisted concern Details of wife & Children Name Relationship Age Address

B. B1.

DETAILS OF ASSETS Details of immovable property i. Land  Particulars  Location  Ancestral or self-acquired  Share in the total property  If encumbered, to what extent  Total market value ii. Buildings  Particulars  Whether residential or commercial  Location  Ancestral or self-acquired  Share in the total property  If encumbered, to what extent  Total market value iii. Others (Specify) TOTAL IMMOVABLE ASSETS (B1) Details of movable property i. Cash/Bank balances ii. Marketable investments (Cost price) iii. Realisable book debts iv. Life Polices(Surrender value) v. Others (Ghive details) TOTAL MOVABLE ASSETS (B2) TOTAL ASSETS (B1+B2)

VALUE (As on………) (Rs. in Lacs)





Details of Liabilities Borrowings Sources Security Value of security Amount Other Liabilities, if any TOTAL LIABILITIES ( C) NET ASSETS (B1+B2-C)

I hereby declare that the above is a true and correct statement of my assets and liabilities and that the lands/buildings and any other properties, mentioned above, are held in my name.

Signature of the Guarantor (Name of the Guarantor) Counter Signed by Chartered Accountant


Particulars of existing debentures and Long Term Secured Loans

Date of Debenture Trust deed Purpose for which debenture s were raised Security Charged & nature of charge Trustees for debenture holder Original amount of issue Amount outstanding Rate of interest Amortization schedule

Convers or othe specia terms

@ -Restrictive covenants in regards to dividend, raising of loans, creation of further charges, etc.

Name of the Institution from whom loan has been raised Purpose Original for which amount Loans were raised Amount outstanding Rate of Amortizinterest ation schedul e

Security Date of Default Charged creation of any in & nature charge payment of interest charge principal


Authority letter to the banker of the applicant / Promoter / Director to provide any information to IREDA

(Name of financial institution)
(This letter should, in the case of the applicant or any other concern, be written on printed letterhead and signed by a person or persons authorised to operate the account with the bankers. It should be forwarded to the bank, endorsing a copy to) ______________________________________________

(Name of financial institution)
Date:__________ The Manager ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ (Name and address of the bankers to be inserted here) Dear Sir, We hereby authorise you to discuss with the ___________________ (Name of financial institution) to which we are making an application for financial assistance, our affairs or any matter relating thereto, and to disclose such information as the ________________________ may request of you or you may (Name of financial institution) consider fit to disclose. Yours faithfully ________________ )



Letter authorising Dealing Officer to deal with IREDA on the letter head of the company

Ref. No: Dated:

The Managing Director Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. Core 4-A, 1st Floor India Habitat Center Complex Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003

Sub: Authorisation Letter for dealing with IREDA in respect to the application made for loan assistance to IREDA
Dear Sir, I, _______________ Designation, _________________ of ____________(Company) hereby authorize officer(s) to deal with with IREDA in respect of the Loan Application made for ______________(Name of Sector). I also hereby attest their signature(s) as given below: ( Name Designation )

S. No. 1 2 3

Name & designation


Signature Attested ( )


Certificate by Statutory Auditors of the applicant co. on the letter head
Dated _____________ The Managing Director Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited Lodhi Road New Delhi. Sub: Request for Loan from IREDA made by (Name of the Applicant to be mentioned here) for Setting up ______________________ Dear Sir, We note that above named company proposes to apply to IREDA for financial assistance for setting up this project of ________________ at ___________________. 2. We have gone through the books and records of the company including the shareholding held by promoters, their friends & associates and others in the company as also the composition of the Board of the Company and the involvement of the Directors in other body Corporates as Promoters/Directors. We have had discussions with the promoters/executives of the company. Based on the examination of the books of the company and discussions with the Promoters and others, we hereby certify that the above company belongs to group known as _______________, OR the said company does not belong to any group going by the principle of commonality of management and effective control by other companies, corporate bodies/does not belong to known large industrial house/groups in the country. We note that above certificate is being furnished as requested by the Company to enable IREDA to consider the Company‟s request for financial assistance on merit.


Yours faithfully,

(Signature & Seal)


Profile of the Customer
(Recent photographs)

1. Legal name and any other names used Certified copies of the following : Documents in support (copies attested by Gazetted officer / Notary (Verification of originals by concerned IREDA officer): Name of the document a) For resident Indian nationals (i) PAN Card (Affidavit, in case PAN is not available) mandatory Any one of the following: a) Passport b) Voter’s Identity Card c) Driving License


b) For foreign nationals/ NRIs etc (i) Passport – mandatory

Driving License

2. DIN (issued by MCA) details, wherever applicable 3. Mailing current Address: address (with fax, telephone nos. & Pin State : Pin Code : Code) 4. Permanent Address (with telephone nos. & Pin code)

Phone No : Fax : Address: State : Pin Code : Phone No :



5. Documents in support (any two copies attested by Gazetted officer / Notary / verification of originals by concerned IREDA’s officer) : Name of the document Telephone bill Bank account statement Electricity bill Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of IREDA)

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

6. Details of Business/Other activities : 7. Details of client : 8. Income tax Assessment Status 9. Networth 10. Borrowings from Banks/FIs 11. Any default in repayment to Banks/FIs 12. Any reschedulement / OTS (One Time Settlement) 13. Legal cases, if any? 14. Whether arrested/imprisoned so far

Signature (Signature to be attested by the Borrower’s Bank With name and official Seal on bank’s letter head, if required) For Office Use only Category of the Customer after assessment: Category of the Customer (Risk Perception) : AA A B C Very high High Medium Low


Signatures of Committee Members

(_____________) GROUP HEAD

(____________) DGM (Finance)

(___________) CGM (PTS)


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