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					2009 Companies That Care Annual Dinner Raffle Sellers Instruction Sheet
Basic Information:  The Raffle prize is either a MINI Cooper or $15,000 cash. Each raffle ticket costs $100 or 3 for $250. We are selling only 500 tickets, so the chances of winning are greatly enhanced,-especially the more tickets one buys.  This is a fund-raiser so if we don’t sell enough tickets to cover the cost of the car plus a reasonable deduction for Companies That Care, we will revert to a cash-splitting arrangement, where the winner will split the proceeds with Companies That Care 35% - 65% respectively.  The raffle price is not tax deductable. Instructions: 1) For every 10 tickets any volunteer sells they will receive 1 free ticket (does not apply to CTC Board Members). Board members can participate in (and win) the raffle, however. All free tickets earned will be automatically entered under seller’s name unless otherwise requested. 2) Sellers can accept cash, checks or credit cards, but should get all checks and credit card forms (enclosed) into the Companies That Care office no later than Monday, November 2, 2009, so we can make sure the checks clear before the raffle. Please DO NOT hold on to checks until the event! 3) Sellers should update the CTC office as they sell tickets (phone call or email) to report how many tickets they have sold, so we don’t over sell. We are limited to 500 tickets, and need to keep close tabs on our numbers. 4) For credit card purchases, encourage payment via the website ( If they make a website purchase per your referral, make sure they identify you as the seller of the ticket in the note line so you get credit for the sale. If they do not want to make a credit card payment on the website, please don’t lose a sale because you wouldn’t do the transaction right there (a bird in the hand…). You can use the enclosed Companies That Care Credit Card form to process their payment and you can fax it, mail it or email it into the Companies That Care office. 5) The buyer should fill out the stub and return it to you immediately. They keep the informational side of the ticket. 6) Winner need not be present, so sell to out-of-towners! Alternatively, a group can go in together and split the cash. We need to sell 500 tickets – be creative!!! (and persistent)! Thanks for your support! Sample email to out-of-town friends/clients/purchasers: Help a great organization and win a brand new MINI Cooper or $15,000 cash, in the process! It’s a winwin proposition for all sides, and it’s for real. Buy a raffle ticket for only $100, or 3 for $250. Only 500 will be sold, so your chances are phenomenal! And you don’t have to be present to win, so you can buy one from anywhere. For more information, go to the Companies That Care website If you have any questions, please contact Paulette Herbstman ( or the Companies That Care office at 312-661-1010.

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