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					Siam Security Service Co,. LTD.
!!! Remotely Controlled !!! GPS Car Alarm System

Track and Trace or Remotely control your alarm system with your telephone When-ever Where-ever

Siam Security Service Co,. LTD. GPS Car Alarm system.
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System is reliable. It’s simple to use. Can be use for Cars, Trucks, Motor-homes, Campers and big-motorbikes.


Can be Remotely Controlled or call to any type of phone, and send SMS to you cell phone.
Works with every type of SIM card. The users manual, The Onboard voice and the Onboard dialer are in English language. Reasonably simple to install.

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What is connected to the system.
Alarm System

GPS Satellite

Car control

GSM Network

Phone 1

Phone 2

Phone 3

What can you do with the system by phone.

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Switch the Alarm On/Off and Open or Close the doors and windows. Talk to the driver (or to the thief) hands-free. Check live audio inside the car. Stop your car-engine. Check the GPS-Location. Check the status when ever where ever. Set-up the hole system. Control the system with SMS.. 24/7

Siam Security Service Co,. LTD GPS Car Alarm system.

Siam Security Service Co,. LTD GPS Car Alarm system.

Price: 16,065 THB Description: 1.Apply to protect all type of cars, trucks, taxi, jeeps as well as other automobiles. 2.With English voice reminder. 3.Friendly human voice reminder. 4. Remote open/close car door and trunk release. 5. Remote arm/disarm. 6.Any trigger will auto-dial the preset phone No. and send SMS. 7. Enquiry the status of your car by any phone. 8.No distance limit to control your cars by any phone or SMS. 9.Remote police alert/monitor/oil cutoff/power off/voice frightening.

10.Can activate/deactivate car running. 11.Can prohibit/permit telephone alarm. 12. With hidden emergency button, it can send help signal quietly. 13. With backup battery. 14. With safety reminder. 15. Can start car engine and airconditioner by remoter, phone or SMS to create a comfortable driving environment. 16.Car mobile and GSM location 17. Metal case and hopping code remoter.

Basic Components: 1 mainframe 1 GSM antenna 1 GPS antenna 2 remote controls 1 dialer 1 shock sensor 1 siren 1 relay, 1 emergency help button 1 LED 1 microphone 1 bundle of output wire (12 holes) 1 bundle of input wire (10 holes), 1 bundle of input wire (6 holes), 1 bundle of start connection wire 1 operating instruction 1 operating instruction Siam Security Service Co,. LTD.
Siam Gan Kha-moi Co,. LTD. 45 Sitrang Road. Muang/Krabi. 81000 Thailand. +66 (0) 805 33 34 33

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