1885 BENZ „PATENT MOTORWAGEN“ 1HP 1 LITER „ Erstes Automobil der (PDF)

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					Automobilmuseum Stainz
1885 BENZ „PATENT MOTORWAGEN“ 1HP 1 litres, „First petrol driven motor car“ (SOLD) 1898 BROUHOT 1,2 lit opp.cyl.3 speed orig.Antique car, London_Brighton runner (SOLD) 1907 ROVER 8hp Roadster red restored - the oldest surviving Rover motorcar in the EC 1908 CADIILLAC Mod. 30 Double Phaeton Tourer 6 litres SV Four Art. wheels 1909 CHARRON GIRARDOT & VOIGT P22 4 litres, Racingcar 1910 DE DION BOUTON 8HP 885cc Roadster with “”, Azethylene lights, RESTORED 1912 EMF Studebaker 30HP 4 litres, Double Phaeton, Azethylene lights, maroon, RESTORED 1913 PHILOS 9hp 1,1 litres Ballot, Double Phaeton, Azethylene lights, green, OLDER REST. 1913 WARNE Cyclecar 1000 CC, V2 OHV JAP, 26 hp, 2 seat Roadster, belt drive 1913 WILLYS Overland 35 hp 4 litres, Roadster, Azethylene lights, OLDER REST. 1914 WANDERER Puppchen 700CC Ducktail Tourer, Azethylene lights, RESTORED 1917 METZ, 25 Hp 3,2 litres Roadster, chaindrive, „friction drive“, yellow 1918 FORD Model T 20 hp 3 litres, Tourer, Artillerywheels, black, BETTER THAN NEW 1921 FORD Model T 20 hp 3 litres, Doctor Coupe, black cloth interior, RESTORED 1922 ROLLS ROYCE Silver Ghost 7,5 litres SV Barker Tourer alum. coachwork black leather, rec. rest (SOLD) 1924 AMILCAR C4 998 Super Sport Roadster, blue corse, alum., wood boat tail, RESTORED to perf. cond. 1924 ROLLS ROYCE 20hp 3,2 litres, Double Phaeton, Tourer, J. Cockshoot, alum., burgundy, restored 1925 FORD T 20 hp, 3 litres, one ton Truck, Artillerywheels , black, restored 1925 ROLLS ROYCE 40/50 hp, Phantom, 8 litres, double ignition, Barker Tourer, alum., body as new 1926 MORRIS Bullnose Roadster with Rumbleseat, midnightblue, older rest. 1927 BUGATTI Type 35B, 2,3 litres SOHC 8 cyl., Grand Prix Racingcar, maroon black leather 1927 DELAGE DE 2,5 litres, Grand Sport Pointed Tail Roadster 2+2 unicum = only one survivor worldwide 1927 ROLLS ROYCE 20 hp 3,2 litres, Barker Limousine, WITH PIANINO, alu, older rest. 1928 GENESTIN 1,8 litres Double Phaeton Sports Tourer, ducktail body, J. Besset=only one worldw. 1928 STANDARD 9HP Tourer, ancestor of the first SS/Jaguar cars ground up rest. 1929 CADILLAC 6 litres V8 Fisher Limousine 16T orig. miles, green/green, marvellous 1929 CHRYSLER C6, 4 litres, 6 cyl. 2 seater Coupe, Artillerywheels, older rest . one of the oldest extant 1929 TALBOT 14/45 Type AG 1.5 lit. 6 cyl. 4 seat, alum. bod. Tourer, black/midnightblue/blue, leather perfect 1929 STEYR XX 2,1 litres 40HP SOC pointed tail Roadster restored 1929 WILLYS WHIPPET 3,6 L PickUp light blue/green Artillerywheels rec. ground up rest. perfect 1933 OPEL 1000cc 20HP Limousine, maroon – Luis Trenker 1933 RILEY Nine Brooklands 1,2 litres 40hp Roadster, alum. coachwork, blue, as new 1933 INVICTA 12/45, 6 Cyl. SOHC low chassis alum. bodied 4 seat Tourer, rec. rest. to perf. Cond., black/red leather 1934 HORCH 830 3 litres, 80HP V8 Limousine black, wrong engine 1934 ROLLS ROYCE 20/25 Thrupp/Maberly Sports Saloon, gray/gray, alum. older rest. one of the prettierst 1934 ROLLS ROYCE Phantom II Thrupp & Maberly Saloon original cond. FIRST RADIOSET IN EUROPE 1935 BENTLEY 3,5 litres 125 HP Sports Saloon, A.J. Mulliner, alum., black, sunroof, restored 1935 HOTCHKISS 411 2 litres Limo Burgundy UNICUM WOODY, RECENT REST. first HATCHBACK EVER made 1936 BUGATTI 57 Ventoux Coupe 3,3 lit. DOHC 8 cyl. 135 HP white/green 1936 (1947) FIAT 500 A 13 HP Topolino Cabrio Limousine, black, ground up restoration 1937 STEYR 55 „Baby“ 1150cc, 22HP sunroof, original condition, no rust, many spares, choose colour 1937 STEYR 200 1,5 litres SV Four 35 hp Saloon orig. cond. new Tyres, good runner 1937/47 JAGUAR MkIV DHC Cabriolet 3,5 litres 6 British Racing green, recent restoration 1937 HUMBER Imperial Snipe, 4.1 lit. 6 cyl 3 pos. DHC cabr. grey/grey red int., same as Sir Winston Churchill 1939 AUTOVIA 3 litres V8 125hp Roadster alum. coachwork, unicum 1939 BMW 327 Cabriolet 2 litres 55HP, green green green, recent restored, cond. 1 1939/1947 TALBOT LAGO T26 Record Coupe 4,5 litres DOHC 6 cyl., preselector gear box 1939 NSU FIAT Topolino C 16Hp OHV Weinsberg Roadster 570 CC ivory rarissimum 1939 MERCEDES BENZ 320 Cabriolet A, W142 IV 3,4 lit. V6, red cognac 1939 TATRA 57 B 1200cc 22HP OHV Limousine black orig. cond. good driver 1950 AUSTIN Seven A30 800 CC Saloon, black, restored, the ancestor of the Minis. 1951 FIAT 500 Topolino C 16 HP OHV Cabrio Limousine, marrone rec. groundup rest. BETTER THAN NEW 1951 VW BREZELKÄFER Type 11 1130cc 22 HP saharabeige/orig.interior, resored 1952 JAGUAR XK 120 Roadster 3,5 litres 190HP, spats silver, red interior, RESTORED TO PERF. COND. 1952 MERCEDES BENZ 300A, 115 HP, Limousine ”Adenauer“ steel sliding roof, black/brown int. ORIG. COND. 1953 MERCEDES BENZ 300S Coupe 175 HP, 3 litres SOHC, black red leather sunroof, EX NL ROYALTY 1953 VW BEETLE Brezelkäfer 1200 CC 28 HP, light blue, REC GROUND UP RESTORATION, AS NEW (SOLD) 1953 MERCEDES BENZ 300 a “Adenauer” Cabriolet, burgundy/black leather unfinished ground up rest 1954 NSU FIAT 500c 16HP Belvedere Van, sunroof, rosso, original condition, CHEAP 1954 FIAT 500 16HP Topolino Cabrio Limousine inkblue/grey REST. 1955 STEYR FIAT 1100 NUOVO Millecento 34HP willowgreen, a low budget, Mille Miglia Contender 1955 GLAS GOGGO 300cc 16 hp Twin Saloon, grey rec. gr. u. rest. 1955 MG Magnette 1500CC HP Sports Saloon, black red leather, white Wall Tyres 1955 JAGUAR XK 140 FHC Coupe 3,5 Litres 210HP, racing green, red leather, RESTORED 1956 BENTLEY S1 4,9 Litres Saloon LHD, burgundy, RESTORED TO PERFECT COND. US IMPORT 1956 FIAT 600 28HP original condition, grey (SOLD) 1959 LANCIA Appia 1100cc 55 HP Limousine grey/grey very good orig cond 1957 BORGWARD Isabella 1500 TS Coupe 75HP, sunroof, black/leather RESTORED 1957JAGUAR Mk VIII Saloon 3,5 litres sunroof, maroon 1957 STEYR-FIAT 1100 M Millecento,40 HP light blue very good orig. cond. 1957 LLOYD Alexander 600 16HP, lightgreen, original condition. 1957 PORSCHE 550 Spyder »James Dean« mod. 1955 silver REPLICA gfk, CHEAP 1957 DKW 1000CC 3=6 burgundy, no rust. CHEAP, RHD 1957 ROLLS ROYCE/BENTLEY Silver Cloud S1 4,9 lit. Hearse Van black, good runner IDEAL FOR PROMOTION 1957 WARCHALOWSKY Traktor 2 cyl. air cooled light blue 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Super Custom 4 lit. OHV Six 138 hp turkoise/white restored 1958 PORSCHE 356a Coupe 1600 75HP, gulf blue, black leather rec. in Germany 1958 ROLLS ROYCE Silver Cloud 1, 4,9 lit. 6 cyl. white/white restored, WEDDING CAR 1959 AUTOBIANCHI Bianchina 500 16HP Cabrio Limousine, creme, original cond., SAME FLOORPAN AS FIAT 500 1959 AUTOBIANCHI Bianchina 500 16HP Cabrio Limousine, ivory/red int. REC. REST. 1959 AUTO UNION 1000 SP 3 cyl. 3=6 56 HP Coupe with rear fins, red, rest., LOOKS LIKE THUNDERBIRD 1959 AUTO UNION DKW F11 Junior 800CC 34HP sunroof, meadowgreen/ivory, ONE OWNER, PERFECT 1959 PANHARD& LEVASSEUR PL 17 „Tigre” Saloon 850cc OHV 45HP, salmon, original condition, RARE 1960 FIAT 500 Nuova 16HP Cabrio Limousine, white, imported from Italy, PERFECT COND. 1960 GOGGO Coupe 300, pink red, interior RESTORED 1960 SIMCA Aronde 1300 Montlhery 70HP, Rallyed by Jochen Rindt 1961 ALFA Giuletta 1300 Berlina „ Jochen Rindt“ 80HP, white, very good 1961 AUSTIN Healey 3000 Mk2, 3 litres, 3 carbs overdr. black/gold Californian car, NEEDS SOME WORK 1961 GOGGOMOBIL 250cc 16HP, brown/red int., given by MANNER chocolade

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1962 BMW 700 Sport Coupe short wheelbase 40HP, red black, bucket seats, REC. REST. 1962 BMW 700 Sport Coupe short wheelbase restoration project, CHEAP, older restoration 1962 GOGGOMOBIL 250cc 16HP Coupe, lightblue 1962 JAGUAR Mk2 2,4 litres, dark blue met, wire wheels, recent rest. 1962 SACHSENRING, Trabant, 600cc, 2 cylinder, original condition 1963 MORRIS Minor 1000 34 HP Cabriolet, black, black, restored 1964 FIAT Osca 1600S SPIDER DOHC Maserati engine, rosso corsa/black, leather, ONE-OWNER CAR 1964 JENSEN C V8 Coupe, Chrysler 5,9 lit., racing green/tan leather, restored 1964 LANCIA Flaminia Pininfarina Coupe 3B, 2,8 lit./140HP, V6, 6 carb., blue notte/magnolia, TARGA D‘ORO 1964 PUCH 500 800CC 45HP, long sunroof, rosso corsa/tan, ground up restoration 1964 TRIUMPH TR 4 2,2 lit. 105 HP Roadster, ruby red/ black, wire wheels, orig. US import 1965 FERRARI 330/2 gt 2+2, 4 litres V12 300HP 5-speed, argento/nero, as new 1965 MORRIS Minor 1000 1000cc 34 HP PickUp, delivery vehicle, light blue, orig.cond. 1965 FORD Mustang Coupe 5 lit. V8, light green met, orig. US import (SOLD) 1965 PORSCHE 911 2 litres, orange/black leather, ex Werner Gröbl, rec. ground up Restoration 1965 MERCEDES BENZ 230 SL Cabriolet, with hardtop, sahara beige, US import 1965 NSU WANKEL Spider with hardtop 40 HP ivory/red interior 1966 JAGUAR Mk2, 3,5 litres 210HP autom., servo, BRG, RHD, brg/brown leather, restored 1967 FERRARI P4 Prototipo „Winner of the World Sportscar Championship“ rosso corsa, REPLICA 1967 FERRARI P4 Prototipo Luigi Colani „Winner of the World Sportscar Championship“ rosso corsa, REPLICA 1967/1990 FORD GT 40 5 litres V8 385 HP World Championship Winner replica built by GTD, GB registered 1967 MINI COOPER 1000, MK1 56HP racinggreen/white, alloys, RESTORED, almond green/green 1968 COBRA Dax 3,5 litres V8 210HP 5-speed Roadster, ruby red 1968 JAGUAR Mk2 240, gunmetal grey, wire wheels, red leather, RESTORED 1968 FIAT 500L Rossa sunroof, restored, rust free car from Italy 1968 PORSCHE 911T 2 litres SOMC 110 HP signal red/black, Fuchs alloys, OLDER REST. 1968 ROLLS ROYCE Corniche MPW Coupe 6,3 litres V8, ex Col. Hoare, blue/blue leather, georgeous 1968 ROLLS ROYCE Silver Shadow 6,7 litres V8 seychelles blue over mink/ grey leather, orig.condition 1969 AUDI NSU RO 80 Wankel, one owner car, orange, Fuchs alloys 1969 FERRARI 365GT 2+2, 4,4 litres V12 330HP, rosso corsa/nero, one owner, PERFECT 1969 FIAT 500 Nuova sunroof, white, rust free import from Italy, Restored 1969 FIAT 500 F Cinquecento 22HP "MILKA" violet/white pink interior. sunroof, recent Italian restoration 1969 FIAT 500 19,5 HP, arancia, sunroof, very good original Italian car 1969 MERLIN Formula FORD 1600CC Holbay 148HP RECENT RESTORATION 1969 MINI 850CC 34HP maroon black int. orig. cond. 1969 RELIANT Regal 3/30 700cc 29HP, blue, chased by Mr. Bean 1969 ROLL ROYCE Corniche MPW 2door Coupe, 6,3 lit. V8, dark blue met. 1969 PUCH 500S light blue/grey, cloth int., sunroof, recent restoration 1969 PUCH 650 Haflinger Pick Up Truck with special equipment, red orig.cond (SOLD) 1970 AUSTIN Mini 850cc 34HP, maroon black int. orig. cond. 1970 FORD Capri RS 3 litres 24 valve, Cosworth 4 OHC Coupe, fly yellow, rec. rest., as new 1970 PEUGEOT 504 Pininfarina Cabriolet 2 litres 110HP, steel blue, restored, new alloy wheels 1970 PUCH 500 16HP, sunroof, black, restored 1970 PUCH 500 S 19,5 HP rosso/red, sunroof rest. 1970 PUCH 500S 19,5 HP rosso sunroof, restored 1970 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe Type 14, 1600 CC/47HP, gulf blue, restored 1971 BUGATTI Type 35, Ledl 1200cc, VW basis, Bugatti blue, project cheap 1971 ELIETTE SAS 1200cc 34HP, grey, have you ever seen one? 1971 FIAT 500L 650cc 19hp flame red, sunroof, rec. restored 1971 FIAT 500L 19,5HP blue notte, magnolia Sunroof, rec. rest. in Italy 1971 LAMBORGHINI Jarama, 4 litres 2 DOHC V12 365 HP, silver, black leather interior, from a big collection 1971 OPEL GT Coupe 1900cc 105 HP, signal red, black int. rest., partly restored (SOLD) 1971 VW Danner Speedster 2seat, 1500/40HP unifinisted project, cheap 1971 PUCH 500 S tuned engine, dark blue/black interior, sunroof, recent restauration 1972 DAIMLER Double Six 5,3 litres V12 Saloon SI, bordeaux, restored, tan leather, ex Jacobs Kaffee 1972 PORSCHE 911 T, 2,4 litres carb. 150HP, Fuchs alloys, aubergine, Turbo look, conversion 1972 VW Beetle 1300 34 HP, light blue int. extensively restored 1974 CITROEN 2CV 700cc 19HP red/black wings, restored 1975 FIAT 124 Spyder 1600cc, anthrazit, black interior, Volumex alloys, US import 1976 JAGUAR XJC 5,3 litres V12 Coupe, midnightblue, two owners, owned by myself since 16 years 1977 DAIMLER Souvereign Coupe, 4,2 litres, carriage brown, RHD, el.sunroof, needs Paint 1977 VW Beetle1200 34hp, black, orig. cond., cheap 1977 FERRARI 400GT 2+2 Carburator 4,8 litres V12 330HP, ex Fallenegger sbg, silver, one owner, as new 1978 ASTON MARTIN Lagonda, 5,3 litres, 380HP, 16.000 original miles, one owner, gold metallic/black leather 1978 MINI COOPER 1000 40HP black wooden dashboard restored, alloys, white roof 1980 MINI INNOCENTI 90l 1000cc 48HP, silver, orig. cond., cheap 1980 PORSCHE 928 S 4,7 litres 300 HP Coupe tabac met./tan Leather, still cheap 1980 MINI COOPER S 1300cc, surf blue 7jx13 2 x 1000 watt, rec. rest., better than new 1981 MINI COOPER 1000 40HP, flame red wooden dashboard, alloys, restored 1981 FERRARI 400I, 2+2, 4,8 litres 320HP autom., RHD, rosso 1981 MINI 1000 auto, 40HP, grass green, „Mr. Bean“, one owner car 1981 SACHSENRING Trabant 600cc 28HP, grey 1982 VW Beetle 1200 L 34 HP „Silver Bug“ Porsche Fuchs alloys (SOLD) 1982 VW Beetle 1200 34 HP white/black int., sunroof, one owner car, under restoration 1983 MERCEDES BENZ 380 SEC Coupe V8, el. sunroof, gold met., one owner, still affordable 1984 MASERATI Biturbo 2500 190HP, burgundy, service history, a real Maserati 1984 VW BEETLE 1200 34 HP dark green, bucket seat 7,5X 16 Keskin alloys, restored 1985 BEDFORD 2 litres Bus, black 1985 CITROEN 2CV 700cc 19HP, red, ground up restoration 1985 FERRARI 308 GTBI QV 3 litres 248HP, air condition, rosso corsa/black leather ex Californian car 1988 JAGUAR XJ-S Cabriolet 4 litres DOHC six 188 HP black/grey leather, alloys, very good orig. cond. RHD 1989 DAIMLER 4 litres DOCH Sovereign, midnight blue, sunroof, alloy wheels, no better car for € 5.000,1992 MERCEDES BENZ 500SL V8 Cabriolet with hardtop, silver/black leather, one owner, as new 1994 MINI COOPER 1300 KAT 75HP, alloys, red, one owner 1997 MG-F Roadster 1800cc SOHC 4 125 HP brg/black, mag. wheels

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