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Have you ever??

Digital Cash has different forms.
Identified, Credit Cards Most common Less private

Anonymous, Complex Forms Used less Most private

Credit Cards

– Types. – The Numbers. – The Stripe. – Passwords. – Signatures.

Where does the info go?

Who can process the payment info?
  


The merchant themselves. Most merchants use an “EPS” Ebay is a major user of an “EPS” “EPS” Example is Paypal

How is it possible?
Advances in Technology Computer Gibberish
People want it to work

Who uses it, who can use it?

Everyone with money.
Restriction for certain types.


Where is it used?

Almost Everywhere

Why is it used?

– Many Uses if used correctly


Financial Opportunities
– Credit Companies – Stupid people

Is it really money?
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Yes You wouldn’t have to use cash if you didn’t want to. Its sort of like music.


Translates to, does anyone have Digital Cash Questions?

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