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Scrutiny Constitution Working Party The Committee discussed the Meeting Outcome Record from the meeting of the Scrutiny Constitution Working Party held on 11 April 2005 at which, following a request from the Council meeting held on 17 February 2005, the Working Party had considered the issues of (a) the format and order of the Council agenda and its meetings, and (b) the relationship between Council made policy and the Development Control Committee’s consideration of planning applications relating thereto. RECOMMENDED THAT (1) the Constitution be amended/clarified to ensure there is a total 3 minute limit on the time taken to respond to each individual 3.17 and 3.18 question and that this 3 minute limit include both supplementary questions and answers; (2) (3) 3.17 and 3.18 questions take place towards the end of Full Council meetings; 3.17 questions on Minutes (Green Pages) be taken en bloc with:(i) (ii) the Mayor introducing the resolutions of the Committees and the Cabinet in turn; and no discussion taking place unless when a resolution is reached any Councillor indicates to the Mayor their intention to ask a question of the relevant Chairman/the Leader upon a specific minute number;


questions under Full Council Procedure Rule 3.18 (the business of the Council/any, matter affecting the interests of the Borough) be “rotated” according to the size of political parties:(i) so that, for example, if the first 3.18 question was from a Conservative Member, the second question would be from the Liberal Democrats, the third question from Labour and the fourth from the Independent Forum etc repeated until the 30 minutes has been exhausted; and after the expiry of 30 minutes, any outstanding questions be dealt with by written answers (circulated to all Councillors);

(ii) (5)

recommendations from Committees and Cabinet which need formal determination by Full Council (Yellow Pages) be placed as early as possible in the Full Council Agenda; recommendations (Yellow Pages) for formal determination by Full Council be specifically listed in Full Council agenda;


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(7) (8)

the “three hour rule” be applied to the meetings of the Full Council as it applies to Committees; notwithstanding (7) above it always be open to Members to agree to the extension of the three hour time period; recommendations (7) and (8) above be without prejudice to the ability of the Mayor to adjourn a meeting at any time, should she/he consider it necessary; and


(10) the Head of Legal Services submit a report to the next practicable Full Council meeting detailing the recommendations above together with a suitably amended Constitution. RESOLVED THAT (1) (2) no changes be made to Development Control Committee procedures; the process for amendments to the Constitution by the Head of Legal Services be noted; it be noted that the Call-in procedures are working reasonably well; and a further review of the Full Council Procedure Rules be carried out by an expanded Scrutiny Constitution Working Party.

(3) (4)

Appointments to the Constitution Working Party RESOLVED That Councillors Frankum, Heath, Mitchell and Powney (with one Independent Forum vacancy remaining to be filled) be appointed to the Constitution Working Party for the current Municipal Year.

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