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									                                           ANTHONY HASSIOTIS

      Home address:          3 Plymouth Wharf                   Home:           0207 537 7970
                             London                             Work:           07786 111 638
                             E14 3EF                            Mobile:         07786 111 638
      Date of birth:         6th January 1975                   Nationality:             Greek
      Status:                Single                             Sex:                     Male
      Work permit:           Not required                       Drivers Licence:         Clean

01/11/01-date     Wavecrest Communications
                  Comms/Security Engineer

                  Manage Corporate global IP network and carrier level VoIP network, comprising of Cisco, Foundry
                  and Juniper equipment and extending over twelve cities in Europe, America and the Far East.
                   Design and maintain L2/L3 protocols, metro ring, STP, Foundry MRP, EIGRP and BGP.
                   Design corporate network expansion using VPN or IP solution.
                   Manage internal and perimeter security policy for corporate network.
                   Research solution for high end Internet Gateway routing platform for VoIP network. Configure
                     Juniper routers and manage migration from 7200 Cisco.
                   Design solution for new metro switching/routing platform and multiple UTM firewalls in
                     active/active HA, for global corporate network.
                   Manage application for PI address range and AS number for Wavecrest. Research and select Global
                     IP transit providers and configure BGP on Juniper M7i routers.
                   Maintain relationships and negotiate contracts with vendors, ISPs and partners for ongoing
                     hardware support, new equipment, dark fiber, IP transit.
                   Troubleshoot networking issues (BW optimization, access to equipment, access through firewalls)
                   Establish VPN client solution for Wavecrest. Corporate access and also access for vendors and
                     partners (PIX 520, 515E, 501, Juniper SSG 500, SSG 20)
                   Installation and configuration of network monitoring applications, MRTG for SNMP, What’s Up
                     Gold (ICMP/SNMP/traps), TACACS, Ping Plotter, Syslog, Juniper NSM, Foundry IronView.
                   Other duties: Design and implement SDH/SONET fiber ring between major European cities.
                     Support and maintain contracts with SDH equipment vendors. Third line support for SDH network.
                     Provisioning of SDH equipment for expansion of voice IMTs.

14/9/98-30/9/01   Facilicom (UK) International/ World Access Inc.
                  Operations Engineer ->Site Manager

                  Interconnect test and manage Nortel DMS-GSP switching node securing optimum performance. Study
                  logs and operational measurements.
                  Expertise on SS7/C7/ISDN/PRI/Q.931 protocols. Design STP to STP/SSP links and provision for the
                  requirement of additional signaling capacity.
                  Provision SDH systems ECI T:DAX, Nortel TN1X. Datafill E0 to STM4 levels. (24-hour on call) 2nd
                  line troubleshoot SDH/ATM network.
                  Support for sales team, technical writing for interconnect specification.
                  Lead a team of four and carried relevant duties. Delegation, team motivation, training, making sure
                  projects/customer interconnects meet deadlines. Interface between internal departments,

6/96-9/96         British Telecom Research Laboratories. Network Transport Engineering Centre. University related
                  work experience.

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                    Computer-based network planning tools. Representation of BT ’s network cost and reliability model
                    using Visio diagrams.

6/94-9/94,          P. H. Control Systems Shipboard plc. Design and installation
6/95-9/95           of CCTV, audio camera and communication systems shipboard.


9/97-7/98           University of Essex (EPSRC Scholarship)
                    MSc in Telecommunications and Information Systems
                    Subjects followed: Signals and Systems, Network Concepts, Network Engineering, JAVA,
                    Telecommunication Networks, Photonic Communication Technologies,              Photonic Networks,
                    Transmission Systems
                    Project title: Performance modelling for ATM networks-Self similar models for bursty traffic.

7/7/97-2/8/97       University of Crete (Funded by the University of Crete) Advanced Physics Summer School Four-
                    week seminars covering Advanced topics in Physics and Laser Labs

 10/93-6/97         Heriot Watt University-Edinburgh (Department of Physics)
                    Optoelectronics & Laser Engineering. 4-year BSc Honours 2(ii)
                    Subjects followed: Electronics I,II,III,IV,Labs, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, Pascal, Electro
                    Magnetism, C++, Laser Physics, Fibre Optic Tech., Computer Modelling, Experimental Lab I,II,III,
                    Advanced Optics, Applied Optical Eng., Management & Coms, Photonic Topics I,II.
                    4th year project title: Gaussian beam propagation-Measurement of low-power beam transverse
                    parameters for fibre coupling.

 10/92-6/93         British-Hellenic College-Athens, University of Wales-Cardiff
                    Completed successfully one of two years leading to an HND diploma in Electrical and Electronic


                    Cisco routers: 16xx, 25xx, 26xx, 36xx, 5500, 6500, 7200
                    Juniper M series routers
                    Cisco and Catalyst switches: 29xx, 35xx, 5500, 6500
                    Foundry RX/SX L3 swiches, HP ProCurve, 3COM switches
                    Firewalls: Checkpoint, Juniper ISG2000/SSG550/SSG20, Juniper NSM, Cisco PIX 515E, 520, 501
                    SonicWall Pro
                    Cisco 5350/5400 media gateways
                    Currently preparing for Cisco CCNP exam.


                    EIGRP, OSPF, HSRP/VRRP, NAT/PAT, GRE tunnelling, SNMP, VPN, IPSec, BGP, CDP, SPAN,
                    STP, VTP, ISDN, X.21, bridging, Foundry MRP.


                    Keen exponent and enthusiastic supporter of the Internet and the WWW, like travelling, cinema, music
                    and organising parties, played basketball for the university first team during all my academic years.
                    Expert in rock climbing, have been elected as an executive member at university in my final year, also
                    developing skills in windsurfing. My latest hobby is digital photography.


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        Win2000/XP, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook, Technical support technician
        for UNIX/PC Physics department computer lab, DOS, UNIX, JAVA, C++, Turbo Pascal, Pspice,
        Visio, Easy CAD, MathCAD, MRTG.

        DMS 100F Technical Overview Nortel Plc. Maidenhead UK
        CCS7 Technical Overview Nortel Plc. Hoofddorp Netherlands
        CCS7 Translations, Oper & Maint Nortel Plc. Hoofddorp Netherlands
        DMS/GSP Translations Nortel Plc. Maidenhead UK
        DMS Maintenance & Operations Part 1 Nortel Plc. Maidenhead UK
        Magellan Passport ATM Maint & Operations Nortel Plc. Maidenhead UK
        Eagle STP Overview Tekelec North Carolina USA
        T::DAX Tadiran/ECI Broadband X-Connect System Florida USA
        Ascend CBX-500 ATM switch CBT Lucent Technologies
        Magellan Passport 8780 World Access Coms NY USA (internal)
        ECI SDM-4 xconnect system Basingstoke UK
        Alcatel S12 (in-house training)
        Ericsson AXE (in-house training-limited)


          Greek (mother tongue), English (high proficiency), French (read, write).

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