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In Term Two the Year Ones have been learning about where we live in the world and how it is different to other countries and towns. We have compared country towns to cities and have found out what people in other countries eat, wear and play. Although there are many differences, there are also lots of things that are the same. We all want to be with our families, have shelter and be safe and loved! This Thursday we are inviting our parents to an International Tasting Tour, where we will show them what we have learnt and let them tastetest food from other countries!

Term 2 – Week 10

Monday 22nd June, 2009.

Dear Parents, By now many of you would have had the opportunity to meet with your child‟s teacher about their progress this year. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all staff at St. Josephs for their work this year. We are truly lucky to have such a committed group of people working with the children at this school. Thankyou!! Tuesday this week the children will be walking over to the Cultural Centre to watch the matinee of the Childers State School performance of “Through Isis Eyes”. We will be reversing our morning tea / lunchtime routine in that the children will be having their lunchtime meal at 10.40 before they go to the show. The children can take an afternoon snack with them to the show and can eat it at intermission. Tuckshop will be on and a big thankyou to the ladies organising tuckshop who will be having an early start to ensure meals are ready in time.

The Week Ahead

Tuesday –

Tuckshop School Banking Childers School Musical Wednesday - School Photos P & F Steak of Origin Thursday – Music Tennis Friday – Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday this week we have our school photos being taken. I have asked all the children to ensure that they have the correct school uniform on for Wednesday. Thank you for your continued support in this area. This Wednesday evening we are holding a State of Origin Evening run by the School P&F. The goal is to raise enough money to purchase a new upright freezer for the school tuckshop. Please come along and support this endeavour as proceeds from nights like these only benefit the children and it should be a lot of fun also. If you are able to come along could you please send numbers along Tuesday morning for catering purposes. This Friday morning all the school will be walking to the Showgrounds for the Athletics Day. As I write this the rain tumbles down and has interrupted plans for the 800m races which were to be held this morning. Cordalba and Goodwood schools children will now be joining us at 9.00am on Friday morning when we will run the 800m races. Hopefully the weather will be fine for Friday. Please come and join us if you are free. This week is the last week for term 2. We hope you have a wonderful holiday break in the coming weeks. Monday 13th July is a pupil free day and where staff will be working on a maths course. Children return to school on Tuesday 14th July. If you are in town on the Monday please come to visit the school from about 10.30am until lunchtime. Up to 30 cars who are participating in the Great Endeavour Car Rally will be stopping for a break (parking on the oval) and enjoying a BBQ. Last week the children raised over $200 for Diabetes Research and for The Endeavour Foundation. We will be presenting them with a cheque when they are here. Have a great week.

Tim Stinson From the APRE A huge thankyou to all who came yesterday to our Sacred Heart & Sesquicentenary Mass & Picnic Day. A special thankyou in particular to Dolour Emmitt, Mary Byrne and Helen Bonanno, who assisted in organising this event. It was a wonderful day where we had people travel from Tiaro, Maryborough, Gin Gin, Woodgate, Biggenden and Mt Perry. We had close to 200 people come to celebrate with us and what a wonderful way to start our inaugural Sacred Heart Picnic Days. Congratulations also to the four students from our school who participated in our Parish Sacramental Program for Reconciliation. Over the past couple of months they have participated in activities after school with Sandra Freeman, Lucy Stinson, Helen Bonanno and myself. I would also like to extend my thanks to those people as well for assisting with this. As we look towards the holidays let us remember to reflect upon all of those wonderful moments where we see and meet God; God moments.

The simplest actions should be done with a full realization of their significance … Ordinary life is weighted with mystery and beauty. The smallest observation or activity can startle the imagination to wakefulness and a sense of wonder at the significance of being.” Artist, Meinrad Craighead. Have a good week, Carla Durnan

Principal’s Awards
Prep Prep Prep Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr2/3 Yr2/3 Yr3/4 Yr3/4 Yr3/4 Yr3/4 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr5/6 Yr6/7 Yr6/7 Yr6/7
Cheyenne Welch Jade Krieger Celia Freeman Laura Hall Blake Carney Lisa Meyer Chad Welch Eden Farmibella Jess Gurr Jacob Dilger Emily Burns

Hayley McCulloch Callum Gardner-Smith Billy Freeman Hansi Hummer Katelyn Graham Bronson Banfield Chloe Dilger Shonny Bell- Robertson Kandace La Rocca Stella Daly Claudia Buckland

For her great communication skills by sharing what she knows with others. For always working hard to keep the classroom tidy. For being a good friend to others. For being our “Star of the week”. Keep up the good work. For a fantastic praise plate and presentation to his Year 5/6 buddies! Well Done! For showing a great improvement in her spelling. Keep up the awesome work Lisa! For showing great interest in Literacy rotations. Keep up the great work! For trying exceptionally hard in class and for his fantastic manners he shows his peers and teachers. For working very hard in class and for always showing others beautiful manners. For always wearing a big, bright smile and for his hard work and beautiful manners in class. For her enthusiastic attitude for schooling and for always wanting to improve her work. For her description of the „life cycle of a wood frog.‟ good work Hayley. For His description of the „life cycle of a wood frog.‟ Well done! For his description of the „life cycle of a wood frog.‟ Good Work! For working hard in class and trying to do his best. Keep it up Hansi! For displaying kindness and generosity towards others and helping our newest member of the class to settle in. For his work on the „life cycle of a wood frog.‟ Well done! For her work on the „life cycle of a wood frog.‟ Good work Chloe! For his description on the „life cycle of a wood frog.‟ Good Work Shonny! For a detailed & colourful drawing of her “Quennslander” house. For producing a neat and accurate map of Queensland. For a detailed design of her “Queenslander” house.

St Joseph News
School Photos

No Subway
This week due to Athletics Carnival.

School photos will be this Wednesday 24th June 09. There are still a lot of photo envelopes not returned. Please return the envelopes to the school office ASAP whether you are ordering photos or not.

State of Origin Jersey Raffle
All tickets where due in today, if you still have any at home please send them in ASAP (sold or unsold). Raffle will be drawn Wednesday at the Steak of Origin night.

P & F Lipstick Drive
All lipstick orders and money is due back to the office by Tuesday 23rd June 09.

Tennis Lessons – Term 3
Mr Banner will continue to do tennis lessons next term on Thursdays. If you wish you child to take part in these lessons, please complete the form below and return to the office with you payment.

New players are welcome.


Return to school with payment by Wednesday 15th July, 2009 I ___________________________give permission for my child\children listed below to attend tennis lessons with PARENT\GUARDIAN Mr Kevin Banner on Thursdays. NAME:____________________________________NAME: _______________________________________ Enclosed please find payment of $60.00 for 10 weeks for new students - $54.00 for continuing students (Due to cancelled lesson for show holiday last term). SIGNED:…………………………………………………………….

Tuckshop Please supply separate paper lunch bags for hot & cold food/drink or add .5c (to total) for each bag supplied by the school. Roster for this Tuesday 23rd June 09. (Helen Woodman, Lynda Ricca & Grace Crossland). Thankyou ladies

Hot buttered Corn on a Cob $1
Will Martell Grace Allwood Samantha Fountain Caitlin Cook Ruby Nowlan 24/06 25/06 26/06 26/06 26/06

Fresh Fruit of the Day- Milo Banana .50c

Community News
Symphonic Stories Queensland Youth Orchestra and Bundaberg Youth Orchestra Shalom Performing Arts Centre 7.30pm Saturday 27 June 2009 Tickets from 'Bout Time Music or at the door

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