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The SHRM trade show program for 2007: When I started at Monster in 2004 I was challenged to create a better face-to-face marketing experience at all or our events, and in particular at our largest industry trade show, the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Conference. In my years at Monster I have created and executed trade show marketing campaigns that resulted in record-breaking results. However, as our company matured in 2007, our corporate approach and marketing strategies changed. As part of this refocus, my allocated budget for the SHRM 2007 program was reduced significantly by 50% and I no longer had the resources to fund several initiatives that were highly successful in the past. I was faced the with dilemma of not being to able hold the parties, hospitality spa events and large advertising on multiple vehicles, billboards and other grass root marketing that grew the program so quickly and increased our exposure and ROI so rapidly in past years. Such as: 2006 Conference activities: -Monster party with music and dancing for all attendees -Monster spa party for all attendees -Tours around Washington, D.C for all attendees and family -Badge-spotting program – wear the Monster badge and win more prizes -Airport-spotting program – free ride to the hotel -Monster-branded street teams giving out prizes (coffee, water, cookies, spa items, etc.) Our activity in previous years was unique because we were one of the first companies exhibiting to reach the attendee in their offices with our pre-show direct mail piece with all of our activities listed, and the first to greet attendees the minute the arrived in the city, providing free transportation to all attendees and their families to their hotels from the airport. Our Monsterbranded stretch Hummer limos were additional roving advertisements in the city and near the conference, as attendees arrived in Washington, D.C and additionally providing rides to our parties, etc. We were EVERYWERE around the city and conference and our party the first night of the event

was open to all 10K+ attendees; plus, our spa hospitality event open to all attendees on the second night. A large logo light was placed on buildings in and around Washington, D.C. Attendees saw our wrapped transportation, and attended at our events and viewed our advertising, but we additionally made sure they had coffee, cookies, and water outside the convention center with our roving street teams handing out Monster coffee, water, and cookies as an added bonus! We gave city tours on our branded vehicles for all the SHRM attendees’ families during the conference. It was all about the attendee, and it was everywhere. We took the conference and city by storm with our activities and promotions. All the logistics support was done through an agency on the program, and without the funding for 2007, we weren’t able execute the program with the support we had in previous years. I had only enough funds for the booth activity and a magazine advertisement, which is a dramatic shift from previous years. Adding to this challenge was my charge of exceeding the high results we had in the past with far less money and far less activity. In addition, we needed to balance this change in direction with the need to continue to send the strong message about Monster’s vitality. I rose to the challenge and was able to increase leads and product demonstrations from previous years. In addition, I was able to add other return on objectives for the company.

Innovative Solutions the nominee developed and implemented. Using the knowledge of what worked in previous years, I knew attendees liked our friendly staff, fun giveaway items and product education. I decided to build on those positive aspects of the show and go bigger and better. All giveaway items were made to either be displayed or worn by the attendee – nothing would be put into a bag or be thrown away. We used the giveaway items to our advantage by making them desirable and wearable. Everyone that visited our booth became a walking advertisement for Monster and better yet, we provided the opportunity for attendees to learn more about our products and services in order to receive the fun giveaway items. The average attendee spent approximately one hour in our booth scanning to win branded prizes in our prize machines that were all made to be worn, and they had to visit at least two product/service demonstrations to win a bag with wheels (bags with wheels are like gold bars at a trade show). Our bags had wheels that would light up in our corporate purple color as attendees wheeled them – they couldn’t be missed and they were everywhere! We had a large theater area where we had a fun interactive game of Monster facts that we called, Factoid Feud. It was a place to have fun, but receive an education on our products and services. Attendees had to answer questions about Monster to get a prize, which was a large stuffed animal that looked like our Monster mascot. The large Monster stuffed animals (too big to stuff in a bag – people noticed attendees walking around with them). The theater crowd was huge and all yelling, “Monster works for me!”. Our theater MC would request enthusiasm from the crowd and have them yell, “Monster works for me” and he’d reward them by throwing out the sought after Monster stuffed animals to the crowd. We had a presentation every hour during the show. The entire convention center could hear the crowd roar throughout the show – it was a marketers’ dream come true. The crowd was ready and willing to yell, “Monster works for me”, in hopes the presenter would spot them and throw out a Monster mascot animal. We found an item that was inexpensive, and the attendees were willing to do what it

took to get it and as a result helped us spread our message as we encouraged them to yell, “Monster works for me” as much as possible to boost the energy level. We also took advantage of the time people were spending in our booth, by video taping customer testimonials for our sales force. Since we were there to educate attendees they had the opportunity to learn a lot about our company and its products and services. We received regular feedback about how great our product and services were so we decided to tape all the attendees that gave us the feedback. As a reward, we gave them a Monster mascot stuffed animal that had the entire convention buzzing about Monster. We had more requests to give testimonials than we could handle. We also gathered competitive and industry intelligence. We collected industry collateral and spoke with other industry staff directly at their booth to gain further information on their products/services and industry trends. We sent our research and product people to talk to vendors, but also attend the sessions at the convention. Advertising and giving away items that would be displayed at the show and in homes and offices for additional multiple touch points for our brand. We were the busiest booth in the convention center and the talk of the convention. Our goal of reinforcing ourselves as the industry leader was achieved by the carefully planned campaign to maximize the time we had with the audience in the convention center.

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Conference

Audience Management We sponsored the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Annual conference on June 22-26, 2007 in Las Vegas, NV. We were listed as a sponsor of SHRM because we had a full back-page advertisement on the convention exhibit guide. When the top U.S human resource professionals get together to share best-practices, Monster pays attention. We took SHRM by storm with a carefully planned buzz-generating campaign in our booth. The attendees were either users of our products and services and/or potential users. It was the perfect place to be seen and show how Monster is clear choice for HR and Recruiting professionals.

Media Pre-show We sent out pre-show direct mail campaigns and OFT emails, sales called customers and potential customers, and the conference identified us on their marketing media as a sponsor. Our pre-show direct mail piece had a strong call-to-action (CTA) to visit the booth for prizes, which helped us achieve the goal of gathering leads and created a buzz at our booth and around the convention. The mailer included a badge with instructions on our booth activities that attendees wore around the convention. The best part of the mailer was that it was a bulky electric illuminated purple color that couldn’t be missed. It included a colorful and cool guide to all our activities in the booth and an easy guide for the attendee. We also included a badge that had a fun martigras bead with little Monster mascot prints on them and a branded badge with a short cut guide to all of our actives on it. We requested the attendee hang out with us and wear our cool, fun badge to add to the program. The badges were scanned to win prizes in our booth and if attendees were spotted around the conference, they received additional prizes. We had an additional CTA to view two product demonstrations in our booth in an effort to upsell and receive a higher premium item, which was a bag with purple light up wheels. As most trade show marketing folks are aware, giving a bag with wheels at a trade show is like giving away a gold bar – they are very sought after, and we responded to that by rewarding attendees with the bag. The attendee received a sticker for each product demonstration he/she viewed to put on their conference badge – now Monster was advertised on the conference badge as well. Once the attendee had two stickers for viewing the two product demonstrations, we’d reward with a bag and ask them what they learned in the booth. We received very positive feedback, and we delighted to hear the value the demonstrations had on our attendees.

The Prize Grid We gave away a lot of prize items, but they were all different for the different activities. Here are the activities and giveaway items associated with them: Scan to win! Scan their badge, collect their lead and here is what they could win! (let us scan your badge to collect attendee data information to win these) -Laptop computer(logo on it) -ipod (logo on it) -xbox(logo on it) -Monster branded bucket hats (green or purple) -Monster branded baseball hats (green or purple) -hand sanitizer with our mascot on the top -Monster branded T-shirt -Monster branded misting fan Product or demonstration prize (view two demos to get this) -Monster purple branded bag with wheels that lit up! Theater (Yell, “Monster works for me” in the theater area to get this): -Large Monster mascot stuffed animal -GPS system for the Factoid Feud game winner Spotting program (wear our badge around the convention to win this): -Bag of Monster items (i.e. coffee mug, shirt, ipod and Monster doll) Customer Testimonial (give us a Monster testimonial and get this): -Monster stuffed animal There were no repeat giveaway items, you had to do all the activities to get an item. This increased participation in all activities.

Media On-site Conference sponsor signage, HR Magazine belly-band advertisements, conference exhibitor guide and advertisement. We had our latest advertisement campaign photo with a call-toaction to visit our booth and our booth number on the conference exhibitor guide. The belly band had a door hanger that had a “busy at work” side and a “Come hang out with me” option for attendees to use back at their office as a “do not disturb”. It also had our booth number and instructions to visit the booth Media Post-show We sent out a post-show communication to the leads and post-show conference list. The post-

show mail piece looked exactly like the pre-show mailer (cool purple, bulky mailer with a fun “hang out with me” message). It was the same look as the pre-show mailer with a new message thanking them for visiting. It was a consistent look and feel, which made it easy for the attendee to recognize our mailer and activities through out the show. Additionally, our sales team called attendees to follow-up on the event. Post-show we had a strong CTA to view the employer section of our web site to further support our message and provide further product information. We drove home the fact that we have many tools to help HR professionals when it comes to their recruiting needs.

The Experience We sent out a pre-show direct mail piece that guided the attendee through all of our activities. Exhibit hall activities: -Badge spotting program -Scan to win branded prizes -View two demonstrations, tell us what you learned and we’ll reward you with a bag with light up wheels -Meet the creator of Monsters mascot, Allan Downing -Play an educational game to win branded prizes in our theater. It was a Factoid Feud game where attendees could learn facts about Monster to win fun prizes and learn more about our company. -Magazine and conference guide advertisements.


SHRM 2007: Booth Activity
3,600 square feet of the exhibit hall was devoted to the Monster experience. We had scan to win prizes stations where we collected leads, attendee data and qualified attendees for specific Monster product/service demonstrations in the booth. Attendee’s who viewed two or more product demonstrations, told us what they learned and we rewarded them a cool bag with wheels that lit up the convention center. Additional prizes were won in our theater for the folks that

played the Factoid Feud game (winners won a GPS system and folks that yelled, “Monster works for Me” won a large Monster stuffed animal .Attendees had a chance to meet the creator of trump, Allan Downing. The booth environment was a 60X60 space in the front and center of the exhibit hall. We had ambient lights and our demonstration screens and messages stood out among the other booths. The scent of cypress lemon tea was pumped in through five vents to relax and make our attendees feel happy about our program and brand in our brand.

Monster on you tube! Cut and paste into your web browser:

Measurable, numeric results achieved: Measurement (ROI and ROO) Pre-show goals to be achieved with a significantly reduced budget than in the past:      Secure qualified leads/contact to increase sales Inform our existing customers about products beyond jobs and resumes Create a Monster brand interaction for all SHRM attendees to generate awareness and buzz Drive traffic to our booth Reinforce our position as the industry leader

The Results – an Overwhelming Success: 6,500 unique leads/contacts gathered at the booth. 20% increase from 2006; 7,600 product demonstrations, 71% increase from 2006  116% increase from 2005 to 2006  100% increase from 2003 to 2004 • Approximately 2,000 attendees viewed the Monster theater presentation 1,500 attendee increase from 2006. Monster ad on exhibitor guide distributed to 15,000+ attendees. Approximately the same as in 2006. • 15,000 Monster advertisements distributed on HR Magazine Approximately the same as in 2006 • Approximately 800 pictures taken with our mascot. More folks took the photo back to friends and family for multiple touch points. We didn’t do this in previous years so was up 100% • 58 video customer testimonials gathered in the booth for the sales team. Our goal was to gather 10 solid testimonials so we far exceeded with the total of 58 • 11, 628 prizes won at scan to win stations. Total of over 40,000 branded prizes given out during the show for multiple touch points. Our goal was to give out at least 30,000 prizes total. • 1,000 signed trump cards and giveaways by the creator of Trump, Allan Downing. Since this was our first time doing this activity at any event our goal was 50 autographs. 38 attendees spotted wearing the Monster badge around the conference received a cool branded prize. Our goal was to spot at least 20 folks and we exceeded that goal as well Even with the 50% cut in budget we exceeded our lead, product-demonstration goals, and the many others above. Overall, the biggest accomplishment was that we were all the buzz at the show even with 50% less budget. We did some smart marketing and utilized every opportunity possible. We made sure we produced inexpensive prize items that would be wanted by attendees and displayed on-site. We made sure they had to participate in everything to get them to further capitalize on keeping the buzz going in our booth and incorporated some inexpensive and effective marketing like creating a brand smell for our booth. We made the booth experience so effective and so positive it was not a negative to have less marketing activates around the conference (i.e. parties, street teams and branded transportation). Our booth experience was far superior and noticed by all attendees. The attendees appreciated our friendly knowledgeable staff and we set a very nice tone around the conference and our company. The increase in results was exceptional given the large cut in budget from previous years.
The Results – an Overwhelming Success We captured the leads with a hand held lead machine. In addition to gathering contact information (leads) we asked the attendees if they were Monster customers and some other questions about our products and industry for further analysis. It is our corporate policy not to disclose budget or sales numbers externally and those numbers were omitted for that reason. I can say were able to stretch every dollar far and the results were excellent. Our activity was unique because we were one of the first companies exhibiting to reach the attendee in their offices with our pre-show direct mail piece with all of our activities listed. We

were EVERYWERE in the exhibit hall. We took the conference by storm with our activities and promotions in our booth. Our buzz generating event made Monster top-of-mind to the SHRM attendee’s pre, during and post show. Monster could not be forgotten after this top notch campaign. Attendees appreciated the cool prizes given away at the booth and the many product demonstrations they viewed as they collect items. We estimate that any one attendee could have an engaging conversation with up to 6-10 Monster employees in our booth and at our events. We married content with fun – our attendees go it all from us and it was an overwhelming success.

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