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					                             Pennsylvania Future Business Leaders of America
                                     2012 State Leadership Conference

                            Sunday, April 15 through Tuesday, April 17

                                       FBLA Internship
  The Hershey Lodge, Pennsylvania's largest convention resort, is offering an internship to definitely ONE
  and possibly TWO FBLA member. This experience will give the successful candidate an overview of many
  of the operations within the Hershey Lodge including:
            ► Front Office Operations
            ► Houskeeping
            ► Convention Services
            ► Banquet Services
            ► Culinary and Meeting Services

            ► Applicants must be members of active local chapters and are on record in the
            Pennsylvania state and the FBLA-PBL national officers as having paid dues by March 1.

            ►Applicant must be seriously interested in the Hospitality Industry and planning a
            career in this field.

            ►Applicant must have full support from his/her adviser to be eligible to apply. The
            adviser and school district must be willing to support permission slips, waivers, and other
            special arrangements that may be necessary in order to fulfill the duties of this internship.

            ► The applicant, in consultation with the chapter adviser, must make travel arrangements
            to/from the Hershey Lodge/Convention Center arriving on Sunday, April 15 and departing
            no later than Wednesday, April 18. Additionally, the applicant and/or his/her school is
            responsible for all lodging/meal fees as outlined on the PA FBLA Lodging Rate and
            Package Plan. Please refer to the guidelines for possible refund of lodging/meals expenses.

            ► Applicant cannot be a competitor or involved in any events of the conference due to
            the intensity of this 3-day program; therefore, the $70 registration fee is waived for the
            successful applicant.

            ►The intern is expected to follow the 3-day schedule provided by Mr. David McCabe,
            Assistant Director of Convention Services at the Hershey Lodge/Convention
            Center--no exceptions.

            ► The applicant must complete this application and send it electronically to Mr. David
            McCabe by the deadline date of February 10, 2012.

Hospitality Internship Application                                                                           1
                                  2012 APPLICATION
                              Hospitality Industry Internship

Name                                                       School

School Mailing Address:
                                     street                            city                  zip

Home Phone:                                        Adviser's Home/Cell Phone:

Adviser's E-mail Address:

 1. MEMBERSHIP STATUS: (place an "X" in the boxes that apply)
                        First Year Member                              Freshman
                        Second Year Member                             Sophomore
                        Third Year Member                              Junior
                        Fourth Year Member                             Senior


Please list any school activities/clubs/sports in which you participate.

In the space below, please list any local, state, and/or national conferences previously attended.

Please list/explain any relevant job experience:

What do you hope to gain if offered this internship experience?

Hospitality Internship Application                                                                   2
If offered this internship opportunity, how will it relate to your career goals?

What qualities or strengths do you feel will make you successful in the hospitality industry?

If you have an online resume or portfolio, please include its address here. (optional)

Note: The successful candidate will be notified no later than February 21, 2012.

Please submit this application to:
          Mr. David McCabe
          Assistant Director of Convention Services
          Hershey Lodge and Convention Center

                      There is no monetary compensation for this internship opportunity.

Hospitality Internship Application                                                              3
Hospitality Internship Application   4

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