Top 5 Car Audio/Entertainment Systems

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					                        Top 5 Car Audio/Entertainment Systems

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Having a good car stereo has always been something that most people put on their list
of things to have when they are on the hunt for a new vehicle. However, with new
technological developments, the concept of a stereo has changed. Now, rather than just
having a good radio and CD player, people are looking for audio entertainment systems
that are compatible with their mobile devices.

What are some of the features that people are seeking for their car audio systems? Now
more than ever, people want systems that provide flexibility and are multifunctional.
Therefore, they are looking for systems that have some or all of the following features:

       Satellite radio
       Radio tuner and CD player
       USB ports
       iPod connection capabilities
       GPS integration
       LCD video screens
       Bluetooth hands free for mobile phone
       The ability to read multiple media types

As you can see from the list, what you get out of a car radio is completely different
when compared to only a decade ago. So, what are the best of the best when it comes
to car audio systems? Even though most of the features have changed, the list of
manufacturers of the top systems has relatively remained the same over the years.
The following are five of the best systems on the market today:

   1. Eclipse GPS Receiver: While pricy, this system has all you will need. With a
      complete GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, LCD monitor, and iPod
      compatibility, this car stereo system enters the realm of entertainment. What
      else could you as for in a car stereo system?
   2. Dual CP6415: This is an ideal choice for someone that is seeking a car stereo that
      has Bluetooth capability built in. Perfect for people that spend a lot of time in
      the car every day. This unit is reasonably priced and features hands-free calling,
      USB port to connect other devices, MP3 playback and steering wheel control
   3. Alpine iDA: This is the perfect option for someone that wants a basic radio unit.
      However, the one glaring omission from this model is that it does not come with
      a CD player, which may be an issue for some people.
   4. Pioneer AVIC: It’s not surprising to see a pioneer stereo on the list. Featuring an
      LCD monitor, Bluetooth, GPS, and IPod compatibility, this system has almost
      everything that a driver needs in a car stereo. And, as an added feature, the
      system comes with voice control to allow for hands free operation while driving.
   5. Sony CXS: If you are looking for a good quality sound system that will not break
      the bank, then this system is the perfect choice. With CD, MP3, and a USB for
      input, this is an ideal car stereo system for the average driver.

While there is no shortage of car stereo options on the market, these are five of the
best. While the look and features of car stereos has changed over the years, one thing
hasn’t, people desire to have a great sounding stereos in their car.

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Description: Having a good car stereo has always been something that most people put on their list of things to have when they are on the hunt for a new vehicle. Check out our top 5 picks for audio/entertainment systems.