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					                         VP Marketing Update
                             Issue 19 – August 2006
NOTE: To access the links below and the VP Marketing Update archive, click on the link
and enter "vpracing" for the UserID and "marketing" for the Password.

New/Updated Products
 VP Checkered Flags – these are 32" X 23" cloth flags on a 33" wooden stick, with a large
   VP logo imprinted on the center of the flag. Good for photo opps in the winner's circle. See a
   photo of the flag at
 StreetBlaze T-shirts – Black T-shirts with a stylized StreetBlaze logo on front and back, with
   the tagline, “Push Your Ride to its Limits” on the back. See photo at
 C23+, C23++ – These fuels have been reformulated. C23+ and C23++ were originally
   formulated to offer incrementally more protection against detonation than C23, which has a
   motor octane of 118. With the new formulas, engines with higher octane demands or
   compression ratios will see better protection and improved performance, in part due to an
   improved cooling effect. Note while C23 is a spec fuel for Pro Mod cars in NHRA Competition
   Eliminator, the new formulas for C23+ and C23++ are not on the accepted fuel list for NHRA
   nor IHRA and will not pass the di-electric test.

New Apparel and Novelty Prices
How many times do you hear “new prices” and fear the worst, i.e., higher costs? To the contrary
in this case, VP is restructuring prices to yield a net decrease at the retail, jobber and distributor
level on all its apparel and novelty items effective September 1. Ask your regional VP office for

New Ad
“Cool Runnings” – This ad is targeted at the Dirt Late Model market and is scheduled to run in
the September issues of Dirt Late Model and National Dirt Digest. It highlights drivers who have
leveraged the power and cooling effect of Late Model Plus racing fuel in the dog days of summer
to reach the top of the point standings in their respective series. Click HERE to view.

VP on TV
 Dirt Track Warriors – A documentary with this title aired on CNN in July, exploring the world
   of dirt late model racing. Three drivers were highlighted, of which two are sponsored by VP –
   Scott Bloomquist and Chub Frank – leading to frequent images of the VP logo depicted on
   the driver’s uniforms, in their pit areas and workshops throughout the show.
 Horsepower TV – This show airs on Spike TV and will feature VP's C16 & NO2 racing fuels
   in the episode scheduled Saturday, 8/26 at 12 noon EST/PST and on Sunday, 8/27 at 11 am
   EST/PST. This episode is also scheduled to re-air on 11/4 & 11/5 at the same time period.
   Horsepower TV also will feature VP's Street Blaze racing fuel in a "Hot Parts" new product
   segment in an episode scheduled to air on Oct 7-8.

 CORR – VP has been named “Official Fuel of Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR)” in a
   3-year agreement running through the 2008 season. There are many synergies with this
   partnership, with VP’s complete product line a perfect match for the many different engine
   configurations used by CORR competitors, many of whom already use VP fuels. The
    sponsorship also includes opportunities to co-promote the series and VP fuels via new VP-
    branded retail gas stations in California.
   INEX/600 Racing – VP served as the “Official Fuel of the 2006 Summer Shootout” series
    hosted in June-July by Lowes Motor Speedway and sanctioned by 600 Racing. As part of the
    agreement, VP’s MS98L was designated exclusive spec fuel. In addition, VP is slated to be
    the “Official Fuel of the 2006 Legends Nationals” for the third consecutive year, with MS98L
    the exclusive spec fuel for these events as well.
   NHRA -- VP signed on as Presenting Sponsor for the Lucas Oil Division 1 event held July 14-
    16 at Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie, Virginia. The sponsorship was in addition to the
    exclusive fuel service VP will provide this fall at the NHRA National Event at VMP October 6-
    8 as the “Official Racing Fuel of NHRA.”
   Dirt Track World Championship -- For the second consecutive year, VP has been named
    the “Official Fuel of the DTWC,” scheduled October 19-21, 2006 at KC Raceway in
    Chillicothe, OH. The prestigious dirt Late Model ‘crown jewel’ event is a major brass ring for
    dirt Late Model teams across the country.

VP Racing in the News
 Dsport (July & August) – An article re: a turbocharged Supra project car in the July issue is
   illustrated with a dyno chart showing the engine generated 52 more horsepower (+14%) with
   VP’s StreetBlaze 100 street legal racing fuel compared to premium 91 octane unleaded
   gasoline! Click HERE to view the article. In the August issue, an article called “Test & Tune”
   included another dyno test indicating a 23 hp increase (+7%) at peak power with StreetBlaze
   100 vs. 91 octane in a Mitsubishi EVO VIII.
 Motorcycle Product News (September) – In the September issue, the magazine is
   scheduled to highlight, among other products targeted at the ATV market, VP’s 5-gallon
   motorsport containers which have grown to include 14 different products varying in design,
   function and color.
 C23+, C23++ -- Many websites, including,, and others, highlighted VP’s new formulations for these fuels, as described

Updated Tech Bulletin
The VP Tech Bulletin for Sport Compact Racing Fuels has been updated to include a reference to
the StreetBlaze 100 dyno test appearing in the July 2006 issue of DSport magazine as described
above. Click HERE to view.

Questions? Please refer any questions to your VP Racing Fuels regional office.

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