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									Careers in Management
Indiana University Kelley School of Business SCOOPS Session


Introduction  Questions to ask yourself  Advantages and Disadvantages  Selection Criteria  Conclusion

Questions to Ask Yourself

What are you looking for in a training program?
– Formalized – On-the-job – Combination


What are your goals within the organization?

Advantages and Disadvantages

– Retail Management: the hours  May work long hours, weekends, holidays – Not as glamorous: do what it takes to get job

done – Must begin at entry-level: pay starts slightly lower with room to grow

Advantages and Disadvantages cont.

– Challenge of running your own business  Involved in all aspects: marketing, operations, training and motivating employees – Earning potential  Paid off bottom line, by commission, or by salary plus commission – Promotability  Successful employees promoted based on performance

Selection Criteria

Varies from company to company
– GPA – Well rounded background (activities, jobs, etc)


General traits companies look for
– – – – –

Aggressive Leader Sales/marketing ability People skills (adaptable) Goal-Oriented

 

(Retail) Management is not for everyone!!
Ask yourself critical questions to make sure you are making the best choice for you Look at both the advantages and disadvantages of each career you are considering Make yourself marketable with the activities you choose to do



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