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									Canlyn Jewelry is a professional fashion jewelry
manufacturer. We are specializing in fashion jewelry
primarily made of metal including zinc alloy, iron and
copper. We are now building our online ordering system
to offer a more efficient way to procuring fashion jewelry
for trading company, wholesaler and chain stores. By
utilizing trade show, factory wholesale store and e-
commerce, we are able to reach our customers in
multiple ways.
 Necklaces help in adorning your entire look if
  chosen according to the event.
 Specific type of necklace looks good on specific
  dresses. Like on casual dresses for casual
  parties you must not wear heavy necklace.
 To see the necklace in trend you must visit
  cheap wholesale costume jewelry website,
   If you are a college going girl and desires
    to look great every day then earrings
    available on canlyn can help you in that.
   They have earrings suitable for every
    event and occasion.
   Buy affordable earrings for wholesale
    from their sites.
Office: 29-8 Xingzhong Room 304
Yiwu, Zhejiang, China 322000

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