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                                Pricing Analysis Service


A subscription to the Pricing Analysis Service will provide 12 months of access to latest pricing trends
of fixed and mobile services.

Every day you receive the stories by email or you can access them via our portal. The service also
allows to conduct searches and gives you access to the archive too.

Additionally, a subscription also offers you a monthly summary including an index.


In 2012, we published 1370 stories covering pricing events in 104 countries across all continents. The
geographical coverage of the stories published in 2012 is given below:

Africa 6%
Americas 10%
Asia-Pac 14%
EC 50%
GCC 12%
Middle East 1%
Non-EC 7%

We covered a wide range of topics during 2012, below is a summary of the key ones:

BlackBerry 2.0%
Business tariff 1.8%
Cloud 0.4%
Content 0.3%
Data 10.8%
Fixed including FMC 1.8%
Gaming 1.0%
HD Voice 0.3%
IDD 1.0%
iPad 3.0%
iPhone 2.0%
LTE 15.8%
Miscellanous 4.0%
Mobile TV 1.0%
Music 1.8%
New Operator 0.5%
Promotion 21.5%
Residential Tariff 11.8%
Roaming 8.0%
Smartphone 3.8%
SMS/MMS 1.2%
Student/Youth Tariff 1.2%
VAS 5.0%

Key Benefits

Access to the library of pricing and pricing analysis across many services and countries for under GBP
100.00 a month.

Searchable by key words, results is displayed instantly, for example by searching for increase, two of
the many displayed results include:

- Denmark:TDC to increase call rates in January 2013
- UK: O2 to increase prices by 3.2 per cent in February 2013

We provide you with more than just the information that is available from the operators
announcement, we analyse it in detail and provide you with the finer details including comparing it
with the old tariffs.

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