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					Aarkstore.com announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collection:

                     London Data Centre Market 2010 - 2015


This new research reports on the key supply, demand and price trends that affect the London Data
Centre Market.

Research into the main Data Centre players with the supply and demand of new space and pricing into
the London market (defined as being within the M25 ring road area).

A complete picture of the London Data Centre market will be created based on information supplied
from the main facility players including: City Lifeline, COLT, Equinix, Global Switch, Interxion,
TelecityGroup & Telehouse Europe.

Table of Contents:

A list of tables and charts

A list of companies mentioned in this report


Executive Summary & Overview

Chapter One - An Introduction to the London Data Centre market

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The overall Data Centre market in London versus the rest of the UK

1.3 The key London Data Centre clusters

1.4 The development of the London Data Centre over time

1.5 The London Data Centre landscape in 2010

1.6 Key Data Centre developments in other parts of London in 2010

1.7 The main drivers behind the growth in London Data Centre locations

1.8 Exactly what is the London Data Centre region?

1.9 The case for - and against - latency as a reason for the Data Centre location in London

1.10 The different customer segments of the London Data Centre market

1.11 The different customer needs of the London Data Centre market
1.12 Customer inertia and Data Centre churn

1.13 The IT trends that are driving third party Data Centre adoption

1.14 The main reasons for using a third party Data Centre provider

1.15 Key Point Summary

Chapter Two - Supply of Data Centre space in the London market: 2009-2010

2.1 Introduction

2.2 A brief history of Data Centre build-outs in London

2.3 The costs of building a new Data Centre in the London market

2.4 Planning considerations for Data Centre build outs in London

2.5 Greater London Authority concern about CO2 emissions

2.6 New London Data Centre deployments in 2010

2.7 Future developments for the London Data Centre

2.8 The main constraints on the London Data Centre

2.9 Constraints for new build Data Centre schemes and the green belt in London

2.10 Constraints on London Data Centre build outs

2.11 Energy constraints in the London Data Centre market

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