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					 Dashboard Data
  Spring 2011
Community Unit School
    District #424
   Dashboard Points to Success
The Dashboard for the Genoa-Kingston Community Unit School
District 424 involves the collection of data points that serve as
indicators of progress for the Board of Education and school
community. This process was undertaken to demonstrate a level
of accountability and to create a system that improves through
the use of data in determining the direction of the School
District as we continue to strive for educational excellence.

The dashboard has three overall areas that can be reviewed:
 Demographics include general information regarding the make-
up of the District.
 Curriculum projects and advancements for the 2011-2012
school year.
Achievements of our students and staff.
             Dashboard District # 424
                Demographic Data
Indicator     Update     Measure           Baseline        Current

Enrollment    Annually   District Report   Fall – 2010     Spring – 2011
                         as of March       DES-292         DES-292
                         31, 2011          KES-294         KES-293
                                           GES-293         GES-291
                                           GKMS-475        GKMS-477
                                           GKHS-661        GKHS-648
                                           District:2015   District:2001
Celebrating our Accomplishments

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) provides
  willing and academically prepared students with the opportunity to
  take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school, and to
  earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful
  performance on the AP Exams. About 18 percent of the more than
  1.8 million students worldwide who took AP Exams performed at a
  sufficiently high level to also earn an AP Scholar Award.
Two students from Genoa-Kingston High School have earned AP
  Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on
  AP Exams. These two students qualified for the AP Scholars Award
  by completing three or more AP Exams with scores of 3 or higher.
The AP Scholars from Genoa-Kingston High School are:
                 Arylle Hansen and Jordan Pennington
              Genoa- Kingston High School
             National Honor Society 2010-2011
Morgan Sargeant - President
Erica Anderson - Vice President
Dana Timmermann - Secretary
2010-2011 Members
Erica Anderson           Kaitlin Armstrong      Craig Billington        Stephanie Brust
Dominick Calendo         Kelsie Campbell        Clay Chaberski          Alexandra Clark
Matthew Collingbourne                           Matthew Comparone       Nicole Crozier
Jacob Dander             Mitchell Dander        Heather Danuk           Alana Dean
Allison DenBraven        Nathan Dulceak         Kelly Galloway          Jillioan Halat
Jennifer Hulsey          Donald Johnson         Kara Johnson            Lorelle LaCasse
Bret Lucca               Victoria Ofenlock      Nicholas Olson          Patrick Price
Rachel Pry               Brittany Rodriquez     Taylor Ryberg           Morgan Sargeant
Molly Smith              Dana Timmermann        Ashley Valentin         Matthew Volkening

2011-2012 Inductees
Taylor Almquist          Cassandra Arana        Tyler Bailey            Calvin Beach
Katie Beckmann           Erick Beltran          Alycia Brandeis         Christine Canterbury
Nicholas Capes           Rhealene Cleveland     Keith Dayton            Matthew Devine
Brent Drevalas           Robert Durham          Brooke Gehringer        Jacob Gentile
Caitlyn Higgins          Rachel Huerta          Danni Karlin            Alexis Kathalynas
Hayden Kuhn              Kenya Mercado          Anthony Murray          Mackensie Oberg
Ryan Oplt                Michelle Pain           Brittani Provost       Ariel Rylko
Tiana Sarto              Samantha Scaccianoce                           Luke Schumacher
Courtney Seisser         Max Seisser            Alyssa Shannon          Bethany Sullivan
Mark Szymanski           Jessica Tomisek        Christina Trupp         Courtney Vollrath
Samantha Walberg         Rebecca Weil           Elizabeth Whittenhall
         Illinois State Scholars

 Erica Anderson, Craig Billington,
   Nicole Crozier, Jacob Dander,
 Mitchell Dander, Nathan Dulceak,
  Jennifer Hulsey, Nicholas Olson,
     Patrick Price, Rachel Pry,
Taylor Ryberg, and Morgan Sargeant
                       GKHS Band and Chorus
2010 IMEA District VIII Qualifiers- November 20
Senior Mixed Chorus                                       Senior Band
          Brooke Gehringer, Alto I                                  Katie Beckmann, Percussion
          Elizabeth Whittenhall, Alto I                             Christina Trupp, Flute
          Alana Dean, Alto II
          Deb Medearis, Alto II                           Senior Orchestra
          Jimmy Capek,Tenor II                            Alaina Chester, Oboe
          Fernando Millan, Bass I
          Patrick Price, Bass I
Junior Mixed Chours
          Tiffany Cotner, Soprano
          Galen Hughes, Soprano
          Rebecca Whittenhall, Soprano
 2011 Illinois High School Theater Festival-Jan. 7
GK Drama’s production of Check Please was presented as a showcase production at the
    festival. This is the third time in the last six years a GK Drama production has been
2011 Big Northern Conference Music Festival-Jan. 24
Band Participants: Alaina Chester, Christina Trupp, Katie Beckmann, Bethany Sullivan,
    Brittany Rodriquez, Sarah Graf.
Chorus Participants: Angel Radloff, Renae Kurpius, Christine Canterbury,
Samantha Fisher, Angel Cassidy, Danielle Stensrud, Jessie Jacober, Elizabeth
Whittenhall, Brooke Gehringer, Deb Medearis, Alana Dean, Victoria Ofenlock, Jim
Capek, Dan Dillett, Jacob Dander, Matt Chandler, Patrick Price, Fernando Millan.

2011 IMEA All-State Festival Participants-Jan. 26-29
Elizabeth Whittenhall, Alto I, Patrick Price, Bass I, Christina Trupp, Flute

I.H.S.A. Solo & Ensemble Contest-March 5
Superior Rating: Alaina Chester, Oboe, Alaina Chester & Bethany Sullivan, Double
Reed Ensemble, Brian Gumino, Katie Thurlby, Sarah Graf, Alyssa Edwards,
Saxophone Quartet, Sarah Graf, Alto Saxophone, Chamber Chorus
Excellent Rating: Jessica Cook, Vocal Solo, Katie Beckmann, Vocal Solo

Seussical: The Musical-March 11-13
This year’s spring production from the music and drama departments included trips
to the elementary schools for cross-curricular presentations. Cast members
performed and engaged in reading time with Davenport Elementary students.
I.H.S.A. Organization Contest-April 16
The chorus performed at the contest.
     GKHS All-Conference Performers
Girls Basketball – Karlie Fisher

Boys Basketball – Bryan Baumgarten, Bret Lucca
      All State Honorable Mention: Bryan Baumgarten
      All State Special Mention: Bret Lucca
      Corey Jenkins – IBCA District 5 Coach of the Year

Wrestling – Sectional Qualifiers:
        Clay Chaberski, Adrian Tijerina, Jacob Hengels

State Qualifier: Clay Chaberski
      Genoa-Kingston High School
District Competition       State Competition
• Hayden Kuhn – Swine      • Hayden Kuhn – Swine
• Michelle Hawkins –       • Michelle Hawkins –
  Fiber Crops                Fiber Crops
• Shannon Schumacher –
• Danielle Neisendorf –
  Equine Science
• Morgan Bollech – Dairy
• Abby Knapek- Equine
          IDEA Annual Drafting-Design
              Competition - 2011
Introductory Board           Architecture Board
1st place: Amanda Murray     1st place: Jen Hulsey
2nd place: Sean Bensinger    2nd place: Mason Lucca
Introductory CAD             Architecture CAD 2D
1st place: Ray Puckett       1st place: Calvin Beach
2nd place: Sam Griebenow     2nd place: Stewie Burke
Machine Board                Architecture CAD 3D
1st place: Nicole Crozier    1st place: Alex Hill
2nd place: Brian Gumino      2nd place:
Machine CAD                  CAD Solid Modeling
1st place:                   1st place: Daven Engles
2nd place: Mitchell Dander   2nd place: Skyler Pennington
National Technical Honor Society

Hannah Anderson   Kaitlin Armstrong   Craig Billington
Nick Capes        Heather Danuk       Matt Devine
Brent Drevalas    Savannah Fitchie    Steve Flattum
Heidi Hartwig     Nicole Lynch        Ashley McIntyre
Sean McIntyre     Alejandra Paramo    Tyler Phillips
Taylor Ryberg     Molly Smith         Colton Tomisek
                  Amiee Waskeiwicz
   Genoa-Kingston High School
        Learning Center

                   Learning Center Highlights
     This year’s reading campaign is “READAPALOOZA”
$400.00 Grant that purchased young adult fiction titles

GKHS Learning Center Blog Spot, join the discussion at

 The Book Fair is from May 9th to May 13th. Remember to visit the learning

center website for more information on the GKHS Learning Center!
Volunteers:                                                  Discipline:
Junior Achievement Volunteer Teachers
Reading Grannies
Students of the Month Awards for Each Grade Level
Extra Degree Awards
COGS Card Drawings Monthly
Positive Recognition:
Thousands of COGS Cards
Good News Post Cards Mailed to Every Home

Technology In the Classroom
Laptop / LCD Projectors in Most Classrooms – Available Sign Up for All
            Student Work
            Live Multi Media Relating Current Events

                                                                  Smart Boards – Three in place additional for Sign Up
                                                                         Interactive Math Programs for Manipulatives
                                                                                     Interactive Student Web searches
                                                                                         Several Active Teacher Blogs
                                                                               Active Teacher Wiki & Active Staff Wiki
           Genoa-Kingston Middle School – cont.
3rd quarter Honor Roll:
8th grade total high and regular: 60% (89 total - 35 high / 54 regular)
7th grade total high and regular: 79% (119 total - 42 high / 77 regular)
6th grade total high and regular: 71% (126 total - 38 high / 88 regular)

                                              Community Participation:
                                   Strategies for Success GKMS Parent Workshops
                                                  Junior Achievement
                              Letter Writing to Service Men and Women (Each Student)
                                        Cards Sent to VA Hospital (100 cards)
                                                                                  Extra-Curricular Participation:
                                                                                             7th girls basketball 15
                                                                                             8th girls basketball 18

                                                                                             7th boys basketball   21
                                                                                             8th boys basketball   18

                                                                                                  7th volleyball   18
                                                                                                  8th volleyball   17

                                                                                                    7th football   26
                                                                                                    8th football   23

                                                                                               7th cheerleading 12
                                                                                               8th cheerleading 12

                                                                                                    6th wrestling 2
                                                                                                    7th wrestling 1
                                                                                                    8th wrestling 6
RtI- Response to Intervention
5th Grade 10 students Tier 3 -6.8%
          21 students Tier 2 -14%
4th Grade 9 students Tier 3 -6.2 %
          15 students Tier 2 -10%
Community Involvement
Collected books for Post prom group
Walter Mulso (local musician) worked with 5th grade music classes learning guitar
Continued NIU Digital Story Telling Project
Started after-school program with park dist
Continued FFA Ag in the classroom
Mrs. Hill’s 5th grade class won a writing contest and had their A to Z book about
GENOA published by The Illinois Council for Reading Education (ICARE)
5th Grader Michelle Dutton won the Genoa – Kingston Spelling Bee
Facility Use
Park District Basketball, Volleyball, and Genoa Softball
Community Service
-April 12th KES Students earned over $ 3000.00 in the “Walk for Diabetes”
-Collecting coins as part of “Pennies for Patients” will be a KES project in May for the
Leukemia and Lymphoma Association
DeKalb Co. Farm Bureau-Ag in the Classroom
Kishwaukee College
Junior Achievement
Weekly “Read with the Grannies”
KES Events
Family Fun Night
“Stampede into Reading” incentive program
Author/Illustrator Night – Mr. Tom Lichtenheld
Quarterly COGS School to spend COGS Bucks
School wide Bingo
Monthly drawings for CHARACTER COUNTS
Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
          Over 378 books have been given out this year for excellent behavior at Davenport
Behavior office referrals are down compared year to year for 6 out of 8 months (2009-10 vs.
Community Participation
         Canned Food Drive – Christmas 400 cans for Genoa Food Pantry
         100th Day Canned Food Drive - 400 cans from Kindergarten Classes
         The “Normal Story Teller” visited Davenport with stories for students and parents
         President & Mrs. Lincoln visited Davenport
         First Grade had 7 business firms teach them Junior Achievement in a day
         First grade visited the High School Ag classes on FFA week
Reading Program
          Both classes together have read over 50,000 books by Spring Break (March 18, 2011)
          Students that read 40 books prior to the end of school will get a reading medal
Congratulations to the
Building and Grounds Crew
at Genoa-Kingston High

Under the direction of Mr.
Ernie Nelson, Director of
Buildings and Grounds, the
Genoa-Kingston       football
field has been selected Field
of the Year by the Illinois
Sports     Turf    Managers

This award is an honor to
all who participate in
making the Genoa-Kingston
field the best in Illinois.
Genoa-Kingston # 424

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