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									                                        ~J)lg ~Jf j'E                                                                          FISH PATHOLOGY

                                     ~ 47 ~               ~ 1 J,}                                                                   Vol 47, NO.1

                                      2012 ~ 3              Ji                                                                       March 2012

                                                                                                    Research Article

 -t- :/'¥' 3 ~:;J:;tt 1.»~~1.P GlIi'11jIUf~"0)7                      7 - ::/O)I:Rir,,~              Infiltration of Bacteriophages from Intestinal Tract to
    'Ii    (:9~X)       : ii1J],IUlt~ . rpjj:Wftt.i/1:                              ..                Circu latory System in Goldfish: Y. Kawato . T.
                                                                                                         akal.                                          .

!:t. 1* pq 1 ;). - :';' :/ /1'               ~ A      T 1>. t: J: 1.> :1il::7t f~ M&                Localization Analysis of Fluorescent ·labeled
    Aeromonas veronii                      0) :::J   1 J~1f pq t:;J:; It 1.> 1lU i:F.Wt              Aeromonas veronii in the Intestinal Tract of Carp
    fi     (~X):.~ooe ·~~w~ ·                                    •• -~·rp@                           using an in vivo Imaging System: A. Namba . N.
    )l i+" " " ,.• ,
     {                       ,         ,        ,     ,     ,    ,         ,   " .. . .    7         Mano . H. Hirose ' 1. Nakanishi............................. 7

,,5; V) \::'7"1)    ::t:JN . a i@lfII.'11v :/-l]-;f;j(OO:lJtiJtir/fiMtry                            Analysis of Immune Response in Yellowtail upon
    /'1- :/ t: J: -::> -r~*~ ~ ~'L1.> 7" 1) O)~'!5tr.tt:.t (~X) :                                     Vaccination with a Bivalent Vaccine of Vibrio
    II' ~   **.tl . *  Ii'h 1 V9J h- . III jffi RiFT- . :lJo j)'UHIJ . E         =                   anguillarum and Lactococcus garvieae : N.
    J'1I~    . JttftlJ#z . WlIR                 ~. ~HllE;1!.;                             12          Nakajima' M. Kijima . M. Kawanishi . G. Katou .
                                                                                                      K. Futami . 1. Katagiri . M. Endo . M. Maita.......... 12

                                                                                                    Short Communications

1:::;). :::J r; ~/O)ti"'tlif:::lJO' i 1:::"7;). O)rJt~ tt'<l:'(,§'jC61.> ( ~                        Broussonetia kazinoki as a Feed Additive Enhances
    X) : J.-S. Kim' R. Harikrishnan . M.-C. Kim' C.                                                   Disease Resistance against Streptococcus
    Balasundaram . M.-S. Heo                      20                                                  parauberis in Paralichthys olivaceus : J.-S. Kim' R.
                                                                                                      Har ikrishn an . M.-C . Kim ' C. Bal asunda ram .
                                                                                                      M.· S. eo                                           20

7'1 A iJ A Sym physo d on di sc us                               t:;J:;tt1.>¥1'..!R                 Sciadicleithrum variabilum (Dactylogyridae: Monoge-
    Sc iadiclei thru m var ia b ilu m O)*~ (~X) : G.                                                  neal Infection in Symphysodon discus: a Case
    Aq ua ro . C. Salogn i . P. Ga ll i ' L. G ibe ll i . D.                                          Report: G. Aquaro . C . Salogni . P. Galli' L.
    Gelmettl                                                23                                        Glbe lil' D•..Gelrnetti                          23
till] t'!'''0) J1rtt~ O)if:::lJu Ii /' J.. 0) \::' 7" I) ::t ~ t: M-t 1.> rJt~                      Zanthoxylum piperitum-supplemented Diet Enhances
      '11'<l:'(,§'jC61.> (~X) : R. Harikrishnan . J.-S. Kim'                                          Disease Resistance in Epinephelus bruneus
    M.-C. Kim' C. Balasundaram . M.-S. Heo                                                27          against Vibrio carchariae: R. Harikrishnan . J.-S.
                                                                                                      Kim' M.-C. Kim' C. Balasundaram . M.-S. Heo
                                                                                                      .........................................................................,...... 27

;j:;jdt*fOIJi'2 t:;J:; tt 1.> Siniperca chuatsi rhabdovirus 0)                                      Inhibit ion of Siniperca chuatsi Rhabdovirus by RNA
     RNA Ti&i*~: J: 1.>fl~~J3.'j§: (~X) : G.-Z. Zhou .                                                Interference in a Fish Cell Line: G.-Z. Zhou . R.
    R. Zhu . J.-F. Gui . a.-y. Zhang                                                      30          Zhu . J.-F. Gui . a.-y. Zhang                    30

B 4(0)~M iJ :/ 1{1- 0)1*1lI1JiliJ t: iltg:. L -r ~,t-=~.!RYJJ.!R                                    Larval Cestodes Found in the Skeletal Muscle of
  (~X) : Ij\Jl/;fn~ . n~ ~St· 1fl'iiffiL1!t . ~!l!t* =                                                Cultured Greater Amberjack Seriola dumerili in
    . ..... ... .. .. . .... .... ,                                                       33          Japan: K. Ogawa ' 1. Iwaki . N. Itoh . 1. Nagano
                                                                                                      ................................................................................ 33

)(~tJ>&1! " " ' '' ' ' ' ' '                    .                                         37        Abstract of Memoires                                                             37
~          ~~                    ,                                                        39        Information                                 ,.'                    ,       ,... 39

Volume 19 • Number 3 • June 2012

Fisheries Management
and Ecology

      Original Articles

I89   Multispecies fisheries management in the Mediterranean Sea: application of the Fcube methodology
      C. D. Maravelias, D. Damalas, C. Ulrich, S. Katsanevakis ~A. Hoff

200   The performance of three ordination methods applied to demersal fish data sets : stability and interpretability
      L. M. Manjarres-Mart£nez,]. C. Guuerrez-Estrado.]. A. Hernando ~ M. C. Soriguer

2I4   Recovery patterns of salmonid populations following a fish kill event on the River Blackwater, Northern Ireland
      R. J. Kennedy, R. Rosell ~J. Hayes

224   Seasonal movements of non-native lake trout in a connected lake and river system
      C. C. Muhlftld,J. J. Giersch « B. Marotz

233   Complexity of applying minimum legal sizes (MLS) of retention in an indigenous coral reef fishery
      S. Busilacchi, A. J. Williams, G. R. Russ ~ G. A. Begg

245   Changes in submersed aquatic vegetation affect predation risk of a common prey fish Lucania parva
      (Cyprinodontiformes: Fundulidae) in a spring-fed coastal river
      E. V. Camp, D. C. Gwinn, W E. Pine III ~ T. K. Frazer

252   Effects of stocking on the genetic structure ofbrown trout, Salmo truua, in Central Europe inferred from
      mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers
      J. Kohout, I.Jaskova, I. Papousek, A. Sediva ~ V. Slechta
264 Depredation by harbor seal and spiny dogfish in a Georges Bank gillnet fishery
    A. R. Raffirty, E. O. BrazerJr. ~ R. D. Reina

                                                            Fishing Chimes
                                                                Impact of piracy on fisheries in the Indian Ocean

                                            Explaining that piracy in the northern Indian Ocean rim co untries spreading outwards
                                            in the Western Indian Ocean has been affe ct ing tuna fish ing industry which is a major
           Year Of Publication              source of income from fisheries for the northern Indian Ocean rim countries and the
                                            Island States, the author P.P. Pillai highlights the gravity of the situation , observing
Fishing Chimes is registered                that pira tes have been shifting their area of operation eastwards and southwards close
as a Journal in India ( No. 37750/81 )      to the EEZ of India, due mainly to the enhanced naval presence in the Area near the
                                            Gu lf of Aden                                _               _                        25
Chief Editor and Publisher                                               Cost of Processing of Seafoods
                                            The authors, Umamaheswari and her colleagues , pointing out that the share of value of Indian
Managing Editor
Eashwar Dev Anand
                                            fishery exports is only 2% of global fish exports, bring out that the need of the hour is to
                                            enhance processing and value addition in fisheries sector through setting up of new fish products
Associate Editor (Hon.)                     production units, expansion of existing capacity and diversification of activities           43
K. Vljayakumaran
                                                  Neuro-Endocrine control reproduction and induced breeding through
Advisory Board                                                          hormonal intervention
Michael New
M.V.Gupta                                   The introduction of the technology of induced breeding of fishes in India is the result of
Mohan Joseph Modayll                        hard and ded icated field and lab work by Hiralal Chaudhuri and K.H. Alikunhi, in the
S.D. Tripathl
                                            introducto ry phase, followed by oth ers who sp read the activity. Ove r the past few
Mohankumaran Nair
                                            decades, the technology ha s becom e.a common ly applied practice . Ob serving tha t
I. Karunasagar
Venkatesh Salagrama
                                            most of the technologists of the present generat ion are not conversant with the stages
                                            and deta ils of its development and the ordeals through which the practices went through ,
Address                                     the authors endeavour to present the details for their benefit                        47
Fishing Chimes, Chimes House
Sector-12, Plot·176, M.V.P. Colony            DNA-based detection methods of white spot syndrome virus in tiger shrimp
Visakhapatnam- 530 017, India
PIi':    +91 891 2764271,278 4419           Po inting out that WSSV de tect ion in tig er sh rimp enta ils the precise app lication of the
Fax:    +91 891 2784542                     related technology chosen for appli ca tion. in this co ntribution the autho r dealt with
E-mail: · Info@fishlngchimes.com            DNA - based WSSV detection techn ologies that are related to PCR technology an d
                                            its improved versions, DNA probe tech nology and in situ DNA hybridisatlon assay. He
Visit us at :
                                            was motivate d to undertake this stu dy afte r having unde rstood the feeli ngs of several
                                            disheartened you ng shrimp farmers who faced the incidence o f white spot disease in
Printed by                                  the shrimps they farmed. He had the opportun ity of talking with several distinguished
G. Ramakrishna                              sc ie ntists li ke B.K. Das, P. Das,K.K . Vijayan , Madhumita MUkharjee . Indrani
Raamakrishna Printers Pvt. Ltd.,            Karunas agar, K.M. Shankar, S.S. Mithra, I.S. Bright Singh, K.V. Rajendran , S.N. Joardar
49 -24-5, Sankaramattam Road                and T.J. Abraham , before finalising th is wr ite-up                                       53
Madhuranagar, Visakhapatnam-16.
Ph : 2740222,2798072                        Other Inclusions: Kerala swathandra Matsya Thozhilali Federation (Kerala
                                            independent fish workers federation) - 19 ; MPEDA's pre-processing centre starts
Resident Editors                            operations; works to complete in June - 19; College of Fisheries, Mangalore: Felicitation
H.S. Badapanda
                                            to Dr. S. Ayyappan , Secretary, Dare & Director General, ICAR - 22 ; DBT-CREST Award
Anandnagar, College Square
Bolangir-767 002, Orissa
                                            to Dr. K.R. Salin - 23 ; Scientists find new sensory organ in whales - 23 ; World Bank
                                            okays $50 m credit for Assam farm project - 27; Sri Lankan fishermen held at Nizampatnam,
D.B.James                                   AP - 27; A Demonstration on the Effect of Conditioning of Fry of Fish before Transportation to
No.37, Sadas iva Metha Street               Fanners - 28; Namsing - A tradition al semi·fermente d fish product of th e ethni c tribes of
Methanagar, Chennal- 600 029                the Brahmaputra valley of Assam - 30 ; MAIKULAP (Fish Biryani) • (The most favourite
                                            dis h of Saurashtra c oa st , par ticu larly among fis her com m unity) - 34 ; Na tiona l
D.D.Nambudiri                               Brainstorming Workshop on Gender in Fisheries - 35 ; Fish: An Essential Huma n Dietary
No.72, Kalnlkkara (Res)                     Requirement - More so for Women and Ch ildren -36; Total Quality Management 1TQM):
                                            Its Application in Fisheries' Ubraries in India - 39 ; C IFT conduc ts training on Power
                                            Block Aided Purse Seining" - 42; First batch of organically farmed tiger shrimps harvested - 42;
         Annual Subscription
  i) Within India Book-Post - Rs ,910/- ;   Delhi Govt. to promote fish farming in rural areas : 24 water bodies identified whe re fishing
        Regd Book-Post. Rs .1210/-          could be introduced - 46; Farm ed shrimp demand rises in overseas markets - 46; Kerala
          ii) Foreign - US $ 80/ -          Government to Enhance Aquaculture: New Policy - 57; Kamataka earmarks As. 215 crore for
               Representatives              fisheries development - 57; Aqua farmers' meet held in Wayanad, Ke rala - 57; Ch illed Tuna
                                            Plant at Visakhapatnam set up by NIFPH ATI - 57; Molec ular Tools : Their App lications
A.P.              K. Simhachalam            in Icthyotaxonomy -58;C IFT, NAFM organise fisheri es training in lv1 anipur - 62 ; RGCA
Bihar             Arun Kumar Singh          gains global recognition as Cobia fry Exporter - Successfully transports Cobia seed
Goa               Yogeesh C                 from Kerala to Iran - 62;
Gujarat           Anuj Tiwari
Jharkhand         Ashish Kumar
Karnataka         H.N. Chandrasekharaiah
                                            RegUlars: Editorial ~ ." .. Towards a sustainable level of optimisation of Non - LoP
Kerala            Basheer Ahamed
                                            and Indian owned Deepsea Fishing Fleet in Indian EEZ - 5; Business log ~ NOVUS
Lakshadweep       T.TAJlth Kumar            Speaks on Sustainable Aquaculture: Novus Committed to Local, Sustainable Solutions
Rajasthan         V.S. Durve                for contributing to Growing Global Protein Demand - 7; Uni -President on ~ Role of
Tamil Nadu        S. Jayakumar              Autofeeder In Aquaculture - 8; News Letters - Andhra Pradesh - 11; Rajasthan - 14;
N.E. States       Armaan U. Muzaddadi       Interview: Anuj Tiwari 's Interview with Jignesh - 18; Dr. Lu Column ~ Freshwater Fish
West Bengal       P.K. Samanta              Farming - Back to the basics - 20;
Washington D.C. : Santhi Jamml


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