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Don’t leave home without it:


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Avoid that “dreaded beep”: cell phones and PDA batteries should never die. Don’t allow yourself to be stranded with a cell phone battery that is low on juice or completely dead. Carry a Turbo Charge in your backpack, purse, briefcase, laptop case – any small pocket or carrying case will do. After using the Turbo Charge just a few times, it will become invaluable and indispensable – you will carry it with you everywhere. Business Executives – Your employees no longer have the excuse, “I didn’t call because my cell phone battery was dead.” You owe it to yourself and to your employees to make Turbo Charge a business essential. Travelers – Stop losing important calls at the airport or in your car. You can use the Turbo Charge anywhere in the world. Moms / Dads – your tweens and teens no longer have the excuse, “I couldn’t call because my cell phone battery lost power.” Tweens / teens – Don’t lose your connection during text messaging because your battery dies. How uncool! Seniors – Keep one handy at all times, for safety and comfort.

The Turbo Charge is a stylish, reusable cell phone charger with patent-pending, proprietary AlgorChip™ technology.

Features & Benefits:

Easy-to-Use  The Turbo Charge requires only one AA battery, which will give your cell phone up to two hours of talk time and up to 40 hours of standby time (depending upon the make / model of your cell phone or PDA).  A bright blue light on the Turbo Charge lets you know when your cell phone is being charged.  The Turbo Charge “Bundle” contains an assortment of adapters to fit almost every cell phone and/or PDA.

Sophisticated Design / Portability The lightweight Turbo Charge is fashion-forward design; it’s a small chrome-colored, polished brass tube. It measures only 3-inches tall and 5/8-inches in diameter. Technology: AlgorChip™ technology regulates the flow of energy from your Turbo Charge unit into your cell phone battery, protecting it from overload and damage. Safe Because of its “smart” technology, the Turbo Charge is one of the only portable cell phone chargers in today’s market that can make the “safety” claim: it will not damage your portable cell phone battery.


Anyone and everyone who uses a cell phone or PDA. Examples: Business people; leisure and business travelers; sports enthusiasts (skiers, cyclists, hikers, campers, etc.); Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc.); Emergency responders and disaster relief agencies.  The Turbo Charge is available at several of the country’s major retailers including Best Buy; Comp USA; Sports Authority; Bed, Bath & Beyond; KMART/Sears, The Sharper Image; Office Max, Office Depot, and this fall, JC Penny. Consumers can also purchase the Turbo Charge at One package, priced at $19.95 offers one Turbo Charge unit, 1 AA battery and one adapter. For $24.95, the Turbo Charge “Bundle” includes one Turbo Charge unit, 8 adapters, 1 AA battery, and 1 carrying case.



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Voxred International LLC develops, produces, and markets a variety of consumer electronics and computer related products. The Turbo Charge is the first product in a line of chargers for portable consumer electronics. Norman Docteroff, CEO and Chairman Robert Borchardt, Advisor, and Current Member of the Executive Board of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) Gregory Borchardt, Vice President


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