; The effect of the Apple iPhone the world
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The effect of the Apple iPhone the world


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									The Effect of the Apple iPhone on the World
By: Don Palmigiano

Here It is!

Connection to Geography
• However indirect it may be, the iPhone plays an important role in geography
– Geography greatly influences the units production – Its connection to the World’s economy dictates the labor force in Taiwan – Cell phones allow people to live in certain areas, and where people go they affect geography

First off: What is it?
• The Apple iPhone is/has a:
– multimedia/Internet-Enabled Phone – Multi-touch (Revolutionary New UI)

Take a one knows? Really, no guess… – camera Fine I’ll stop asking questions.
• Allows for multiple points of contact on the touch screen How doesanyone know? Does iPhone do all of this? – mobile telephone

– – – – –

multimedia player e-mail text messaging web browsing and wireless connectivity


Your life in
The ultimate

your pocket
digital device

What makes it so revolutionary?
• Multi-touch (one of 200+ patents made specifically for this device)


Phone + E-mail + Internet Qwerty Keyboard



hard to use

Moto Q


easy to use

Cell Phones

not so smart

What is wrong with these change Buttons & controls can’t phones?


Moto Q


Nokia E62

Devices Sold In 2006
Units (Millions)
800 600 400 200 0 26 94 135 209 957 Units (Millions)

What Makes iPhone Economically Important?
• 10,000,000 phones by June 2008…
– Apple estimates that the popularity of their product will generate this kind of revenue

• 1% of the cell phone market • Huge profits- $5,500,000,000 • Apple controls 63% of mp3 market

1. Watch the Keynote for Macworld 2007, if you are interested. 2. Check out what I have to say at iPhonenotify.com. 3. Go to Today in iPhone to hear how my interview (yes I was interviewed) went. Today in iPhone 4. Talk to me more about it!!

• There’s a lot I didn’t talk about, allow me to fill you in. Just ask me your question.
– Price – Rumors – Speculation – Why iPhone? – Anything

Bring on the questions.

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