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February 9th – 24th 2013 - Nottingham Festival of Words


									February 9th – 24th 2013
23 – 27 April
£10 (£7.50 concession)
Suitable for 14+

The Nottingham New Theatre and Lakeside present

Directed by Martin Berry
Translated from Aristophanes by Alan Sommerstein

                                                                                                                          The ancient world is gripped by a seemingly endless war.
                                                                                                                                          The women of the city can take no more.
                                                                                                                        Meeting with women from the enemy side, they form a pact.

                                                                                                                                    No sex for the men – unless the women get peace.

                                                                                                                     Collaborating with experienced theatre professionals in all aspects
                                                                                                                   of the production, the University’s talented student-run company The
                                                                                                                      Nottingham New Theatre bring this hysterical classic comedy and
                                                                                                                                   the original battle of the sexes to the Lakeside stage.

                                                                                                                                                             Lakeside Arts Centre
                                                                                                                                                        Box Office: 0115 846 7777

                                                                                                                                                                 This project has been funded by
                                                                                                                                                         Cascade: a grants programme supported
                                                                                                                                                              by donations from The University of
                                                                                                                                                                Nottingham’s alumni and friends.

                         Image courtesy of the Department of Theatre, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University, Alabama. Graphic Design Linda Bell.
                     Welcome to the Festival of Words!
                     I’m delighted that Nottingham, with its rich literary tradition and vibrant writing scene, is
                      to have its own Festival of Words, accommodating a variety of art forms, different
                       ways of appreciating words, celebrating and showcasing local talent, and reaching
                       out to new writers and new audiences. The inaugural fortnight-long festival has an
                        impressively diverse programme of events and workshops taking place in a wide
                         range of venues across and outside the city, reflecting the festival’s themes of Love
                          and Lace and demonstrating the myriad ways in which Nottingham loves words.

                    I can think of many times when involvement in an initiative for writers has encouraged
      and invigorated me. More than thirty years ago, I was published in the anthology of a local writing
competition and gave what was no doubt my first public reading. Nerves aside, I remember how proud I felt
to have been included. It was my first sense of a writing community and gave me a taste for it.

In the last couple of years, I’ve attended some excellent literature festivals which have left
me feeling boosted both as a reader and as a writer. Through festivals and readings, I’ve
developed connections with various writing communities, including Nottingham Writers’
Studio. Being in touch with other writers or being involved in a successful event can be
hugely strengthening and inspiring, as well as entertaining.

Alison Moore
Author of Man Booker Prize-shortlisted The Lighthouse

                          Useful Information
                          With its central location and excellent transport links, getting to and
                          around Nottingham, and the festival venues, couldn’t be easier.

    By Road                                         By Public Transport
    Nottingham is just a few miles off the M1       If coming by train, Nottingham           Tickets for most Nottingham Festival of
    (Junctions 24, 25, 26) and the A1 (turn         has a tram station directly outside      Words events are available from the
    off for the A52 towards Nottingham). As         to take you into the city centre –       Nottingham Tourism Centre, just off the Old
    well as car parking in the city centre,         ask for a ticket to the Newton           Market Square on Smithy Row (NG1 2BY).
    Park and Ride bus and tram sites are            Building or to Market Square for
    clearly signposted, with frequent bus           other city venues.                       For booking enquiries, email
    routes in and out of the city, and a tram       If you’re travelling to Nottingham       tourist.information@
    stop at Nottingham Trent University’s           by bus, Broadmarsh Bus Station 
    Newton Building.                                is a fifteen minute walk from the

    By Air
                                                    Newton Building, and Victoria            The Tourism Centre can also provide details
                                                    Centre Bus Station is a five             of local accommodation if you’re staying in
    The closest airport to Nottingham is            minute walk (see map).                   Nottingham during the Festival of Words.
    East Midlands. Located just outside the
    city, there are regular buses going to                                                   Where tickets are not available through the
    and from the city centre.                                                                Tourism Centre, booking information is
                                                    For questions about access               given in the event listing.
     All information in this programme is           requirements, please contact the
                                                    venue, or the Festival of Words          Book in person, by telephone
     correct at time of printing. Nottingham                                                 (0844 477 5678) or online through the
     Festival of Words is not responsible for       team on 0115 959 7947.
                                                                                             Festival website:
     the content of events listed in this

                             Festival Partners and Supporters
Nottingham Festival of Words is a collaborative effort, organised by
Nottingham Writers’ Studio, Writing East Midlands, and Nottingham
City Council in partnership with Nottingham Trent University and
the University of Nottingham. The Festival is made possible by the
goodwill and support of organisations and individuals throughout
the region’s writing and creative community.

                                                            Nottingham Writers’ Studio (
                                                                      Writing East Midlands (
                                                                       Nottingham City Council (
                                                                 Nottingham Trent University (
                                                              The University of Nottingham (

                                                                                      BBMC Goodword (
                                                                                                Experience Nottinghamshire
                                                                                     Left Lion (
designed and                                                                      Pyramid Press (
typeset by                                                                             Studio View (
Emily Cooper                                                                          Waterstones (
    Getting around the Festival of Words
    Nottingham is compact and easy to get around, with many events taking in or near the city centre).

Nottingham Trent                            Newstead Abbey                             Thrumpton Hall
University’s Newton Building                (satnav NG15                               (satnav NG11 0AX) is seven miles
(satnav NG1 4BU) is located on              9HJ) is 12 miles                           south-west of Nottingham along the
Goldsmith Street in Nottingham City         north of                                   A453. Enquiries to
Centre. It is a 15 minute walk from         Nottingham on                    , or visit
Nottingham Rail Station. If travelling      the A60 towards                  
by tram, alight at Royal Centre or on       Mansfield. You can get there on the

                                                                                       Wollaton Hall
Goldsmith Street.                           Pronto bus route from the Victoria
                                            Centre Bus Station. Parking is £6 per
                                            car before 4pm, free thereafter.
                                                                                       (satnav NG8 2AE) is three miles west
                                                                                       of Nottingham on the A52 towards

                                            Lakeside Arts Centre
  Key                                                                                  Derby, and can be reached on the
                                                                                       Number 30 bus (bus stop U2
    Children’s event                        (East Drive, Nottingham) is 2.5            departing from Upper Parliament
                                            miles west of Nottingham just off          Street).
               Workshop                     the A6005 – University Boulevard.          Parking is
                                            Buses 13 and 14 from the Market            available at £2
                                            Square stop at the University’s            for 3 hours or
           Free!                            South Entrance, close to the Arts          £4 per day.
                                            Centre. Free visitor parking is
                     Music                  available.

           Adults’ event
             The Curated The Do or Die                                                        Jane Austen’    s
               Bookshop Poets                                                                   Pride and Tales
                                              Fri 8 Feb, 6pm
                       The Bookcase
                                                                                      Fri 8 Feb, 7pm–9pm
October–April, 11am–5pm
                                                                   Atlas Deli         Nottingham Central Library
                     Debbie Bryan
                                                                                      £3.50, £2.50 concessions
                    Studio & Shop
                                                                                      Tickets: 0115 915 2825
In collaboration with The Bookcase,                                                   A dramatic storytelling by JAC'S Intimate
Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop presents a                                                 Productions to celebrate the 200th
specially selected collection of books that                                           anniversary of the publication of Jane
have been written in, are based in or are                                             Austen's Pride and Prejudice – a one-
inspired by Nottingham.                                                               woman adaptation of the tale, performed
Every month a new book theme will be                                                  by actress and storyteller Julie Ann
introduced to the Studio & Shop with a                                                Cooper.
celebratory post festival finale between      Double Impact presents the Do Or        Pride and Prejudice is one of Jane
5pm and 7pm on Thu 28 Feb.                    Die Poets, a group of writers in        Austen's finest, vibrant and most vocal
                       The themes will be:    addiction recovery. Come and hear       novels, touching sensitive and realistic
                      October – Transport     inspiring verse, comic and              issues of love, marriage, and society;
                        November – Sport      courageous tales hosted by Miggy        highlighting human nature and the status
                      December – Writers      Angel. There is also an open mic,       quo between men and women.
                    January – Architecture    so arrive at 5.30pm if you would like
                          February – Food     to book a slot.                         Suitable for adults and older children
                                                                                      Enquiries to Jane Brierley,

Penelope Ruth                           Narrative 2013                                 Harris not Haggis
Manon de Moor                           Leicester Print Workshop                       Sat 9 Feb, 11am–12 noon

Debbie Bryan                                                     Sat 9 Feb–            £4
Studio & Shop                                                   Sun 6 Apr,             Tickets: 0115 9473134
Sat 9 Feb–Sun 7 Apr,
                                        Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop
                                                                                       In recent years, the predominantly male
11am–5pm                                                                               Scottish literary scene has been
                                                                                       revitalised by female voices such as
Nottingham illustrator and maker                                                       Jane Harris, with The Observations and
Emma Bamford from Penelope Ruth                                                        Gillespie and I, and Janice Galloway,
will be creating a limited edition                                                                    who caused a stir with her
collection of her character figures                                                                   fiction and life-writings. We
inspired by the theme of Transport,     A showcase of prints created by artists                       will look at the work of these
with accompanying narrative created     Sally Hill, Peter Clayton & Sat Kalsi                         and other authors in a
in collaboration with artist and poet   inspired by the Festival of Words, in                         discussion led by Sheelagh
Manon de Moor.                          collaboration with Leicester Print                            Gallagher, Reading
                                        Workshop which has a national                                 Development Officer for
Enquiries to Debbie Bryan,              reputation, promoting fine art                                Nottinghamshire Libraries,,                 printmaking in all its vibrancy and variety.   and Deirdre O'Byrne who teaches
0115 950 7776                                                                          literature at Loughborough University.                   Enquiries to Debbie Bryan,
                              ,                        Enquiries to Bromley House Library,
                                        0115 950 7776                        ,

                  Poetry and Storytelling at Newstead Abbey
                  The Festival at Newstead Abbey, home of Lord Byron, on Saturday February 9th, bringing poetry to the Abbey
                  in the afternoon and spooky storytelling to the Great Hall in the evening. Entrance to the beautiful estate and
                  the ground floor of the Abbey will be free from 11am to 4.30pm (car parking £6 per car), when various poets will
                  roam around the cloisters to entertain you. The cafe will be open throughout the day and evening. Further

Six Leaves                                  Words from the                                    Dori K
Two Poets                                   Abbey                                             Sat 9 Feb,
Sat 9 Feb, 1pm                              Sat 9 Feb, 2pm–3pm                                3pm–3.30pm

                                                                                              A spoken word
Prize-winning poets CJ                      Maria Taylor and Jonathan Taylor                  performance
Allen and Adrian Buckner                    will be launching and reading from their          including short
read and talk about some of                 recent books, including Maria's poetry            story, poetry and
their recent work – published               collection Melanchrini, Jonathan's poetry         images exploring
respectively by Leafe Press                      collection Musicolepsy and his novel         the themes of
and Five Leaves Publications                      Entertaining Strangers. Jonathan and        Love and Lace.
– and reflect on the interestingly                 Maria both lecture in Creative Writing
unsuccessful commercial enterprise                at De Montfort University, and    
                   that is contemporary           are co-directors of arts
                   poetry.                           organisation and small
                                                       publisher Crystal Clear


                            Poetry, Landscape and Radicals
                            Three events that are particularly appropriate to this picturesque and historic setting, to keep you
                            entertained between the afternoon poetry and the evening storytelling.
                            £7 (£5 concessions) for entry to all three events

Love of                                   Byron, The First                               Radically
Landscape                                 Rock Star?                                     Good Poetry
Sat 9 Feb, 5pm–5.40pm                     Sat 9 Feb, 5.40pm–6. 20pm                      Sat 9 Feb, 6. 20pm–7pm

LeftLion Poetry Editor Aly Stoneman       200 years after Byron made his maiden          Unfashionable, satirical, left-field and
introduces a celebration of               speech in Parliament (in support of the        left-wing poetry from Smokestack
contemporary landscape poetry in the      Luddites) and the publication of his           Books, including readings by Mike
East Midlands and elsewhere with          Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Christy            Wilson, NigelThompson and
readings from Longbarrow Press writers    Fearn suggests he was the first rock           Smokestack editor Andy Croft. They
Matthew Clegg, Chris Jones                star, with a lifestyle to match - and an       will also read from Donny Johnny, their
and East Midlands Book                    inspiration for modern rock stars. A self-     forthcoming epic tribute
Award winner Mark                         confessed ‘Byron Nut’,                         to Byron’s Don Juan.
Goodwin. The event will                   Christy has a tattoo                           Enquiries to Andy Croft,
include audio/visual                      portrait of her hero on her                    info@smokestack-
material and a                            shoulder, including a line           ,
discussion about                          of his poetry.                                 01642 813997
traditional and
experimental landscape
writing in which the audience will be
invited to participate.
           Something in Hidden Nature                                                                  Love Laces
           the Shadows Poetry en plein air                                                                                       Mon 11–
                                                       Sun 10 Feb,                                                              Fri 15 Feb
                               Sat 9 Feb,
                             8pm–10pm                                                                                   Across the City
                      Newstead Abbey                   Attenborough Nature Reserve
                                                                                                       Performances to take place all over

                               £10 (£8 for             £15/£12 concessions                             the city. See the Festival website for

                                                       Tickets: 0115 959 7947
                               concessions)                                                            Love Laces is a sequence of very
                                                                                                       short plays about love, in its many
                                                       Wildlife journalist and poet Matt Merritt
                       There is something                                                              forms and intricacies, written by
                                                       leads a poetry workshop en plein air at
                       in the shadows,                                                                 scriptwriters
                                                       Attenborough Nature Reserve, outside and
                       waiting to emerge                                                               from NTU's
                                                       in the hides. We will translate birdsong into
                       as the evenings                                                                 MA in Creative
                                                       poetry, track down long-distance travellers,
                       grow darker. Join                                                               Writing.
                                                       watch the birdwatchers, and map out our
us for thrilling and spine-chilling stories                                                            Look out for a
of ghosts, the macabre and the evil that                                                               monologue or
                                                       No wildlife watching experience needed.
lurks just out of sight.                                                                               dialogue in
                                                       Bring warm waterproof clothing and shoes,                             Photo: Belén Cerezo
A performance storytelling show for an                                                                 cafés across the
                                                       pens, paper, and binoculars if you have
adult audience. The show will last                                                                     city and in corridors and classrooms
                                                       them, to create a poetic snapshot of an
approximately two hours, including an                                                                  of NTU's Clifton Campus.
                                                       ever-changing scene.Full details from
interval.                                                                                              The plays will be performed at a
                                                                                                       single event on Sunday 17 Feb. See
                                                                                                       entry on page 40 for more details.
Please note: the Great Hall is on the first floor of   Enquiries to
Newstead Abbey. This event is not accessible for
wheelchair users or people who can’t manage
                                                                                                       Enquiries to
Book Swap                              True Tales, Imaginary
Tue 12 Feb,                            Piranhas and
Atlas Deli
                                       Half-created Worlds
                                        Wed 13 Feb, 6.30pm–8pm
Bring books you'd like to give away     Antenna, Beck Street
and take away some you'd like to
read. Enjoy a coffee and treat
yourself to some fantastic cake as
you browse at the Festival's special
Book Swap.                             Join David Almond as he takes us on a journey through true tales, imaginary
                                       piranhas and half-created worlds. Described by John Burnside as ‘a master
                                       storyteller’, David Almond is the author of Skellig, Clay, and many other novels for
                                       both older and younger children. He has won the Carnegie medal, the Michael
                                       Prinz award, the Smarties Book Prize and, twice, the Whitbread Children’s Award.
                                       His first novel for adults, The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean, was published in
                                                            2011 to huge critical acclaim.

                                                          Enquiries to Sarah Jackson,,
Enquiries to Sharon Scaniglia,                            0115 984 4313
sharon.scaniglia@                               ,
0115 876 5583

                       Stories              Valentine’
                                                     s                                 Be With You
                       for the              Evening Cave                               Shortly Short Stories
                          City              Tour                                       Fri 15 Feb,
Wed 13 Feb, 7.30pm                          Thu 14 Feb, 7pm–9pm                        2pm– 3.30pm
Lee Rosy's Tea Shop                                                                    Nottingham
                                            Nottingham Castle
£5                                                                                     Central Library
Sizzling stories from professional          Tickets: 0115 915 3700                     An exploration of why the
storyteller Pete Davis. If you think that                                              short story form is so
stories are just for children, come along   A Valentine's evening with a difference.   popular in Ireland, and
and be surprised. In an evening that                       Dracula and his bride       some contemporary
includes everything from traditional                       will be in attendance.      writers to watch out for on
tales to how he                                            Fancy dress is optional,    a path well trodden by
lost his virginity,                                        there will be a prize for   James Joyce, Mary Lavin
Pete will show you                                         the best. Ticket price      and John McGahern.
just how alive                                             includes nibbles, soft      Deirdre O'Byrne will lead a discussion
storytelling is still.                                     drink or glass of wine.     on this intriguing form, linking it to the
                                                                                       politics, history and oral tradition of

                                                                                       This event is a collaboration between
Enquiries to                                                                           Nottingham City Libraries and
Pete Davis,                                                                            Nottingham Irish Studies Group.
0115 955 8054                                                                          Enquiries to Deirdre O’Byrne,
Pop-up                                   Say Sum Thin                                   Alice Oswald:
                                         Fri 15 Feb, 6.30pm-9.30pm
Tea Room                                 Sat 16 Feb, 12 noon (free)
with Lucy Renshaw                        Sat 16 Feb, 6.30pm-9.30pm                      Sat 15 Feb,
Fri 15 Feb,                              £7, £3 concessions
5pm–9pm                                  Tickets: 0115 941 9419                         Djanogly Theatre,
                                         Nottingham Playhouse                           Lakeside Arts
                                                                                        £10, £7
                                         Poetry will collide with performance, music,
                                         dance. The young people of Mouthy will not
                                         only perform their own writing but are         concessions
Pop into our one-off tearoom to
                                                                                        Tickets: 0115 846 7777
                                         producing the whole two days of events.
enjoy our beautiful surroundings,        They will be joined by Tshaka Campbell,
lace tablecloths, china tea cups and     whose poetry asks the world to ‘listen         In her book-length poem, Memorial,
of course our delicious brownies and     different’. A lover of language, education     Alice Oswald translates Homer’s Iliad
sweet treats courtesy of our resident    and people, his performance poetry has         into an astonishing, beautiful and
Tea Lady Jo, all made using local        won a number of slams.                         shocking twenty-first century elegy.
ingredients.                             From 12–6pm on Saturday 16th, there will       Her performance of it is dramatic and
The Studio & Shop is open from           be free events and workshops throughout        intensely moving, and absolutely unlike
11am and the Tea Room is open                                The Playhouse              any other poetry reading you will see.
between 5pm and 9pm.                                         celebrating the work
                                                             Mouthy does with young
Eco-designer and creator of the                              writers in Nottingham.
essential guide to textile up-cycling,
Lucy Renshaw, will be our special
guest from 5–7pm introducing a new
lace collection and sharing how she
makes her signature lamp shades.
                 DIY                  Hearty Food,    Riddle Me This...
           Presents...                Heartfelt Words Sat 16–Sun 24 Feb,
                                      Gannets Bistro,
                                                                                  Wollaton Hall
Fri 15 Feb, 8pm–late                  35 Castlegate, Newark
                                      NG24 1AZ                                    £1 per trail sheet
The City Gallery,
14a Long Row                          Fri 15 Feb, 7.30pm                          Can you help our resident Caped
                                                                                  Crusader solve the puzzles left by
(just off Market Square)              £22                                         The Riddler around Wollaton Hall?
                                                                                  Pick up a trail at the Hall, solve the
           A free evening of          Come and                                    riddles and win a prize!
             spoken word with         enjoy an
                local bards DIY       evening of                                  Take part in this
                 Poets and comedy-    delicious                                   family event at
                 inspired acoustic    food, in the informal but elegant setting   any time while
                 music from singer-   of Gannets Bistro. Each tasty course        Wollaton Hall is
                 songwriter Joey      will be complemented by poetry              open during half term week.
                 Chickenskin.         readings on the theme of Love and           Normal car parking charges apply.
                                      Lace read by Nottinghamshire poets.
                                      Gannets Bistro is situated opposite         Enquiries to Mick Smurthwaite,
                                      Newark Castle, in the most picturesque      mick.smurthwaite@
                                      part of this historic market town. Leave
                                      the city for the evening and discover       0115 915 3900
                                      what Newark has to offer! Ticket price
                                      includes two-course supper and glass
                                      of wine.

Poet Trees                                   Nottingham Festival of Words
Sat 16–Sun 24 Feb,                           goes to University! Sat 16 & Sun 17 Feb,

Wollaton Hall
                                                                      On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February the Festival will
                                                                      take over Nottingham Trent University’s Newton Building.
                                                                      Passes can be purchased for entry to talks, panels,
                                                                      readings, performances, workshops and more.
Why not try our Poet Tree activity and let
                                                                      The Newton Building is wheelchair accessible throughout.
Mother Nature inspire you to create a
Poem on the Park? Gaze at our                    Newton                       in advance                      on the door
magnificent ancient trees and let your
                                                                      Adult                     Child
creativity blossom! Prizes for the best                                        Concessions                    Adult        Child
poems.                                                                (18+)                    (12–17)
Take part in this
special                                          Weekend pass          £25         £18.75       £12.50        £30           £15
competition for                                  Day pass              £15         £11.25        £7.50       £17.50        £8.75
children at any                                  Half-day pass         £10          £7.50         £5         £12.50        £6.25
time while
Wollaton Hall is Photo: Garth Newton             Children under 12: Free
open during half                             Concessions = full-time students, OAPs and unwaged.
term week.                                   Half-day passes give access to the keynote speech, and events before that for a
Normal car parking charges apply.                 morning pass, after that for an afternoon pass.
                                             Book in advance by calling 0844 477 5678 or through
Enquiries to Mick Smurthwaite,               If you wish to attend a workshop, once you have booked your pass,            email to book your place.
0115 915 3900                                Entrance to the foyer will be free, to visit the book market and ‘have-a-go’ activities.
                                             Unsold passes will be available to buy on the door.

           Cherished The Grumblegroar! Assemblage
               Words of
                        Sat 16 & Sun 17 Feb,
Sat 16 & Sun 17                                                                       Sat 16 & Sun 17
                                       NTU Newton Building                            Feb, 10am–5pm
Feb, 10am–5pm
                                       Entry with day/weekend pass
NTU Newton                                                                            NTU Newton Building
Building                                                   Rob Hann and Howard
                                                                                      Louise Garland is a Nottingham-based
                                                           Barton transport you to
                                                                                      artist. She will display her own work in
                                                           a world where
An exhibition of original artwork by                                                  which she has incorporated and
                                                           imagination and fact
Festival Artist in Residence, Sue                                                     juxtaposed text on the theme of
                                                           are mixed in equal
Bulmer, inspired by Words of Love.                                                    ‘Relationships’ with found objects and
                                                           measure. Meet “the
                                                                                      visual imagery.
                                                           Grumblegroar” – a
                                                                                      The works contain extracts of text from
                                                           terrifying yet fantastic
                                                                                      Victorian and contemporary poetry;
                                                           fire-breathing monster
                                                                                      and other personal sources.
                                                           who will spark your
                                                           imagination as to what
                                                                                      Enquiries to Louise Garland,
                                                           really does lurk at the
                                                           centre of the earth.
                                                                                      07790 936 383
                                                           For children (and their
                                                           parents – if they dare).

                                       Enquiries to Hann Barton Publishing,
                                       07966 704807

WeaveAPoem                             Behind the                                 The Speaking
Sat 16 Feb,                            Words                                      Space
                                       Sat 16 Feb,                                Sat 16 & Sun 17 Feb,
NTU Newton                             10am–5pm                                   10am–5pm
Building                               NTU Newton Building                        NTU Newton Building

                                       You’ve read the stories. Now, here’s       Entry with day/
Can you help to weave a poem?
Drop in, add a line, make lace, make   your chance to pursue the ideas with the   weekend pass
art, make words happen.                authors. Drop in for wide-ranging
                                       discussions using stories                  Pop into our Speaking Space for a
Enquiries to Rosie Garner,             as the starting point.                     break from the Festival bustle.             Authors include Vivien                     Listen to classic
                                       Jones, Heather Shaw,                       and contemporary
                                       Roberta Dewa, Terri                        recordings of
                                       Armstrong,                                 poets, writers, and
                                       Jo Cannon, Fiona                           spoken word
                                       Thackeray. All stories                     performers, some
                                       available as free epub or                  of whom you’ll
                                       pdf before the event.                      have heard of,
                                                                                  some of whom you’ll have seen, and
                                       Enquiries to Anne McDonnell,               many of whom, we hope, you’ll want
                             ,                to hear again.
                                       0115 923 2069
                                               There’ll also be books to browse and
                                                                                  take away as part of a book swap.

               Debbie Assemblage                  Writing
                Bryan Workshop                    Comics
             Studio & Sat 16 Feb, 10am–12 noon Sat 16 Feb,noon
                      NTU Newton Building
          Shop Taster Entry with day/weekend pass NTU Newton Building
Sat 16 Feb, 10am–11am                                                                  Entry with day/
NTU Newton Building
                                          This practical workshop will give you the
                                          opportunity to create your own small         weekend pass
Entry with day/weekend pass               collage/assemblage,
                                          using mixed media and a                      Passionate
Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop bring a        variety of text. Basic                       about comics?
taster of what they’ve got in store for   materials and tools will                     Not sure how to
the Festival at their Lace Market shop.   be provided, but you may                     begin writing
From altered books and                    wish to bring along your                     your own?
textiles to print and                     own text to give your                        Come along to
paper, they’ll be                         work a personal edge – a                     this talk and
exploring the crossover                   favourite poem, song,                        workshop for
between art and words.                    diary entry, quote from literature etc.      creative writers.
The session includes a                    The session will be inspirational and fun.
presentation about the artists’           If you wish, you can exhibit your work       Artistic talent not
inspiration, with award-winning           during the festival.                         essential.
environmental paper artist Hannah
Lobley, acclaimed printmaker Peter        Enquiries to Louise Garland,                 Enquiries to Emily Cooper,
Clayton, and an introduction from,          ,
Debbie Bryan. A showcase of work will     07790 936 383                                07548 785 348
be on display in the Newton foyer.   

Writing Pictures                                Altered Books
with Graham Lester George                       & Poetry
Sat 16th Feb, 10am 12 noon                      Sat 16 Feb,
                                                10am–1pm & 2pm–5pm
NTU Newton Building
                                                Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop
Entry with day/weekend pass
                                                £30, including all materials
Writing for the screen is about telling
stories with pictures and words (but not        A special
necessarily dialogue). If you don’t have a      way to
grasp of the language of cinema, and the        celebrate
tricks and conventions that film-makers         the
use to to tell a story, then you’ve probably    Festival
been living in a cave without electricity for   of Words
the whole of your life!                         with artist
This workshop will give you a taste of how      and poet Manon de Moor; make a very
it looks from the other side of the screen,     personal journal, travel-book or diary
when you write your own                         created from an aged hardback book,
short screenplay. It                            together with an introduction on how to
doesn't matter if you                           create a poem or narrative of your
come with or without                            own. All materials provided but feel
ideas - just be prepared                        free to bring your own personal
to amaze yourself.                              pictures etc.
Organised by First Story.
                                                Enquiries to Debbie Bryan
Enquiries to Mónica Parle                               0115 950 7776
FOR     ‘inspired, inspiring, invaluable’
        Sarah Waters
                                                             Introduction to
WOMEN   ‘entertaining, insightful and                        Writing TV
WHO     Sophie Hannah
                                                             Sat 16 Feb,
        ‘my favourite women’s magazine’
        Wendy Cope

        MSLEXIA MAGAZINE                                     £45
        Read by top authors and absolute beginners,
        Mslexia is a quarterly masterclass in the business   This practical workshop led by Jim Hill
        and psychology of writing.                           offers an insight into writing for television
                                                             drama. Illustrated with clips, exercises
                                                             and handouts, the
        No other magazine provides Mslexia’s unique mix

                                                             session will assist
        of advice and inspiration; news, reviews and
        interviews; competitions, events and grants. All
        served up with a challenging selection of new        writers in clarifying their
        poetry and prose.                                    projects while
                                                             demonstrating practical
                                                             steps towards an
                                                             original first draft script.
        Subscriptions start at just £20.75 – saving 25%
                                                             Jim tutors the MA Television Scriptwriting
        on the cover price. For more information, visit
                                                             at Leicester’s De Montfort University and, email postbag@mslexia.
                                                             also teaches at City University (London). or call us on 0191 233 3860
                                                             He has worked as a freelance writer and
                                                             director on many popular television
                                                             dramas (Boon, Casualty, Lovejoy).

Nottingham                             Once Upon a                                       Arsenic and
History                                Storywalk                                         Nottingham
                                       Sat 16 Feb, 11am,
Roadshow                               12.15pm, 1.30pm                                   Lace
Sat 16 Feb,                            Start & finish at Festival box                    Sat 16 Feb,
11am–12 noon                           office in Newton Building                         11am–12 noon

NTU Newton Building                    £6 adults, £4 children                            NTU Newton
Entry with day/                        Stories are everywhere! You can see and
weekend pass
                                       hear them. But some are                           Entry with day/weekend
                                       secret and hidden
                                       amongst the nooks,
Ian Douglas,                           crannies and crossing
author of A                            paths of Old                                      A panel of writers – Nicola
Children's History                     Nottingham...                                     Monaghan, David Belbin, Stephen
of Nottinghamshire,                    Find the clues, answer                            Booth and Danuta Reah – will
takes a family-                        the riddles, discover the stories! Rhymes,        explore and discuss crime, noir and
friendly tour                          songs, tales and lots of fun on the storytrail.   dark writing from the East Midlands
through the the centuries of           Suitable for families with children 4–10 years.                  region. There will be
Nottingham history.                    Please bring suitable outdoor clothing.                          discussions and also
Find out more about our ancestors                                                                       readings from the
through photos, quizzes, stories,      Enquiries to Amanda Smith,                                       writers’ work.
cartoons and a few gruesome  ,
secrets! From Vikings to Victorians,   07949 541 147
Ian will share some fun facts and
maybe the odd surprise.

          Variations Cook&Book                                                            Trent Poets
         on Reading The Revolutionary Menu                                                Sat 16 Feb, 11am–12 noon
                     Sat 16 Feb,                                                          NTU Newton Building
            a Poem 11am–
                                        12:15pm                                           Entry with
 Sat 16 Feb,                                                                              day/weekend pass
 11am–12 noon                           Nottingham
 NTU Newton                             Central Library
                                                               Photo: Newark Advertiser

 Building                               £3, £2 concessions/children
 Entry with                             over 11, free for children
 day/weekend                            under 11                                          An opportunity to hear five acclaimed
                                                                                          poets from Nottingham Trent University
 pass                                   Bored with eating the same old food?              read from and discuss recently
                                        School dinners getting you down? Chips            published work. Gregory Woods, Rory
                                        and pizza just not cutting it? Time for a         Waterman, Andrew Taylor, David Miller
 Skysill Press and Leafe Press
                                        change!                                           and Sarah Jackson will be introduced
 present a poetry reading by C.J.
                                        Cook&Book offer you their Revolutionary           by publisher and poet, John Lucas.
 Allen and Alan Baker, which
                                        Menu: finger food (sharks love it!), sticky,
 includes a collaborative reading of
                                        hot sausages (not for wimps!), cake-pops          Enquiries to Sarah Jackson,
 Alan Baker's multi-voiced prose
                                        (these are explosive!). All cooked before,
 poem "The Book of Random
                                        your very eyes and served with slices of          0115 984 4313
 Access", and a reading by C.J. Allen
                                        sky pie, bowls of stone soup and assorted
 from his Leafe Press collection and
                                        poems and stories.
 other work.
                                        Watch, listen and taste! (tasting £1 per
                                        person, payable on the day) We dare you!
                                        Children must be accompanied by adults.

                                                       How to Find
                                                       Your Own Voice
                                                       and Let It Out!                                                     Sat 16 Feb,
                                                       Sat 16 Feb,                                                   12pm–1.45pm
                                                       12 noon–1:45pm                               NTU Newton Building
                                                       NTU Newton Building                          Entry with day/weekend pass
                                                       Entry with day/weekend pass                  Jay Eales and Selina Lock, publishers
                                                                                                    of Violent! and The Girly Comic, are
                                                       Do you struggle to find                      veterans of the UK comic publishing
                                                       your unique voice and let                    scene. In under two hours, they will
                                                       it out? Whether you are                      pour some of their hard-won
This cartoon was drawn for me by David Brookes of      searching for self-                          experience into your heads.
       cost considerationsForest Fields. B/W. Shame!   expression on the page,                      - Why your best friend is a long-arm
                                                       on the stage or just in                        stapler!
                          here force it to be in

If only learning to drive was such a jolly
 experience! With me, Geoff Caldwell, I                conversation, this session                   - How to approach comic artists, editors
can guarantee to try and make it so. Been              will give you an insight                       and publishers small and large without
  putting it off? It needs to be done, you             into how to find it. Tina Bettison, writer     fear of biting!
                know it does.                          and broadcaster, will share her guide        - How to put together a pitch!
                                                       to being visible and heard.                  - How to go it alone and publish that
  Instructors are graded by the Driving                                                               comic in paper or pixel form!
Standards Agency, I'm graded 6 (which is               Enquiries to Tina Bettison,                  Followed by a Q&A session.
 the top grade) and I've been teaching in    ,                       An Alt.Fiction event.
    Nottingham for over thirty years.                  01636 526840                       
For everything you need to know, go to my
                The It’the Words,                                                     Five Degrees
         Nottingham Stupid!                                                           The Asian Writer Short

         Groundswell Sat 16 Feb, 12.15–1:15pm
                                                                                      Story Prize 2012

                                            NTU Newton Building                       Sat 16 Feb,
Sat 16 Feb,                                                                           12.15pm–1.15pm
12.15pm–                                    Entry with day/weekend pass
                                                                                      NTU Newton Building
                                                                                      Entry with day/
NTU Newton
                                                                                      weekend pass
Entry with day/weekend pass                                                           The Asian Writer
                                            How do authors use words to convey        Short Story Prize
With more than its share of high-profile    chaos or comedy, oppression or            2012 recognises the
writers – e.g. William Ivory, Michael       inhibition or pathos and sadness? Nicky   very best new writing
Eaton, Gregory Woods, Amanda                Harlow, Brindley Hallam Dennis and        emerging from Asian
Whittington – what makes this city so       Frances Thimann discuss how they          writers. In this
conducive to producing excellent            choose words to evoke particular          exclusive event,
literature? Is it because of its great      responses. Using examples from their      selected writers will
literary tradition, or is it down to more   own writings and others, they will        read from their work
practical factors, such as encouraging      challenge the way we think about          published in the anthology, Five Degrees,
promoters, a lively cultural scene, and     words. Be prepared to challenge them!     and discuss the state of British Asian
writer support groups?                                                                literature today. The session will be
Featuring Nottingham authors and            Enquiries to Anne McDonnell,              chaired by Founding Editor of The Asian
chaired by playwright Stephen Lowe,,               Writer, Farhana Shaikh.
the Writers Guild of Great Britain          0115 923 2069                   
presents a lively debate and discussion.

Your Epic                             Cook&Book                                     Slums, Hardship
Starts Here!                          The Aphrodisiac Menu
                                      Sat 16 Feb, 1pm
                                                                                    & Hosiery
Sat 16 Feb,
12.15pm–1.15pm                        Nottingham Central Library                    Sat 16 Feb, 1pm
                                      £4, £3 concessions                            & Sun 17 Feb, 1pm
NTU Newton
                                                                                    Wollaton Hall
                                                                                    £5 (advance only)
Entry with day/
weekend pass                                                                        A talk in Wollaton Hall relating to the textile
                                      Love food? Love                               industry in Nottingham and the people who
A creative story workshop for         our ‘Food for Love’.         Photo: Newark    worked in the
children aged 7–12. We’ll be          Cook&Book present                             industry, looking
working together to help you create   you with their potent Aphrodisiac Menu.       at the social
the start of your                     Irresistible oysters, wickedly tempting       conditions and
very own epic                         cocktails followed by a sensuous finale       deprivation it
story – ready to                      of sexy, dark chocolate shots.                created.
take away and                         All prepared before your very eyes and
tell to your                          served with seductive side dishes of          Bookings and enquiries:
friends, your                         romantic writings.                            Mick Smurthwaite,
family, or even                                                           
the rest of the                       Watch, listen and… when you can bear          0115 915 3900
world! Presented by the Young         it no longer..… taste! (optional, £1 per
Adult and Children’s Writers Group    person, payable on the day)
from Nottingham Writers’ Studio.      Succumb to the pleasure…
Enquiries to

                  Eat Your               Keynote – AL Kennedy
                                         Sat 16 Feb, 1.45–2.45pm
 Sat 16 Feb, 1pm–4pm                     NTU Newton Building

 NTU Newton Building                     Entry with day/weekend pass

 £1 per item
                                         AL Kennedy is an award-winning author of six novels, five collections of short
                                         stories and two books of non-fiction. Her most recent novel, The Blue Book, was
 Create your own delicious               described by The Times as ‘masterful’ and by The Financial Times as ‘exquisite’.
 words and eat them! Using a             In this event AL Kennedy will be discussing her work and introducing her new
 variety of sugar pastes and icing,      book, On Writing, which develops out of her long-standing Guardian blog and
 come and decorate a cupcake or          addresses all aspects of the writing life. Join us for this festival highlight!
 cookie. Arrange icing letters or pipe
 a favourite word or phrase on top       Enquiries to Sarah Jackson,
 then add a touch of sugar sparkle.,
 Sit back and enjoy ‘eating your own     0115 984 4313
 words’ or maybe pass your message
 onto a friend or loved one.

Love, Sex,
Desire and
Sat 16 Feb,
                                       Sat 16 Feb, 2.45pm–3.45pm
NTU Newton Building
                                       NTU Newton Building
Entry with day/weekend
                                       Entry with day/weekend pass
                                       Stories of derring-do and adventure for all
Using both                             the family! Join Emma and Gary on
traditional and                        Scallywag Island as they hide out from the
modern tales,                          notorious pirate Blackbeard and the Navy.
the Royal                              Hear about gruesome and gory pirates,
Company                                heroes and heroines and help create a
Storytellers,                          fantastic adventure story and find the
the storytelling troupe from the       treasure. A show about friendship,
Theatre Royal Nottingham, present      equality and the plucky underdog.
a passionate and arousing collection   An interactive and educational performance
of stories all on the theme of love,   storytelling show for a family audience.
sex and desire.                        Lifetime membership to Scallywag Island
Loosen your corsets!                   included!
This one could get steamy.   

              Writing                     Weaving Words                              Writing the City
          your Ghosts                     With Others                                Sat 16 Feb,
                                          Sat 16 Feb,
                                          2.45pm–4.45pm                              NTU Newton

     Atmosphere and Suspense
Sat 16 Feb,                               NTU Newton
2.45pm–4.45pm                             Building                                   Entry with
NTU Newton                                                                           day/weekend
                                          Entry with day/
Building                                                                             pass
                                          weekend pass
Entry with day/                                                                      Readings and discussion from
                                          Join us for creative fun with others and
weekend pass
                                                                                     Shoestring Press poets about how they
                                          learn about collaborative writing from                   use Nottingham (both
                                          two authors who have written a novel                     past and present) in
Join Nottingham authors Niki Valentine
                                          together. You will come away from                        their work. This event
(The Haunted and Possessed) and
                                          these games and exercises with some                      will feature four
Megan Taylor (The Lives of Ghosts) for
                                          techniques for creating great                            Shoestring writers:
a fun and practical fiction workshop
                                          characters, some ideas for driving plot                  Derrick Buttress, Sue
open to writers of any genre/experience
                                          and, maybe, the inclination to do all of                 Dymoke, John Lucas
                 interested in playing
                                          this with other writers.                                 and Julie Lumsden.
                 with setting,
                 atmosphere and
                                          Enquiries to Heide Goody,                  Enquiries to Sue Dymoke,
                                ,          ,
                 Enquiries to Megan
                                          01827 715 512                              07952 727 712

Rainbow                                   NottFest for                               Why LGBT
Writing                                   Reading Groups                             Writing?
Sat 16 Feb,                                                                          Sat 16 Feb, 4pm–5pm
                                                                                     NTU Newton Building
                                          with AL Kennedy
2.45pm–                                   Sat 16 Feb, 3pm–5pm
                                          NTU Newton Building                        Entry with day/
NTU Newton                                                                           weekend pass
                                          Tickets: 0115 9663219                      What is lesbian, gay,
Entry with day/weekend                                                               bisexual and transgender
                                                                                     (LGBT) writing? Why do
                                          Lowdham Festivals Ltd is
                                                                                     we still need a separate
                                          pleased to host a special
                                                                                     category in these days of ‘no
                                          event for Reading
The best of Nottingham’s thriving                                                    discrimination’? How does writing for
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender                                               an LGBT audience differ from writing
                                          AL Kennedy will read
(LGBT) writing scene, featuring fiction                                              for a general audience? This panel
                                          from and discuss her
and life writing from the Rainbow                                                    discussion will be chaired by Russell
                                          novels and her writing life
Writers and the Sapphist Writers. Our                                                Christie. On the panel will be: Greg
                                          – the afternoon will include a Q and A
special guest, Jonathan Kemp, will                                                   Woods, award-winning poet and
                                          session and some “round table time” in
                read from his books                                                  Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies
                                          smaller groups. The ticket price
                London Triptych (which                                               at NTU; Victoria Oldham, writer and
                                                        includes a copy of either
                was shortlisted for the                                              editor for Bold Strokes Books, an
                                                        Day or The Blue Book –
                inaugural Green                                                      LGBT press; Nicki Hastie, writer and
                                                        these novels will form the
                Carnation Prize and won                                              researcher on lesbian literature; and
                                                        main focus for the
                the Authors' Club Best                                               Jonathan Kemp, award-winning
                First Novel Award) and                                               novelist and lecturer.

            We Used Climbing                                            Trails,        Storywalks Shadows
                                                                                                    of Love
                                                                    Trials and
             to Live Through                                      Tribulations         from the
Sat 16 Feb,
               Here Life                                                               City of Lace
                                          Sat 16 Feb,                                  Sat 16 Feb,
                                          4pm–5pm                                      6pm, 7.15pm
NTU Newton Building                       NTU Newton                                   Starting outside entrance to
Entry with day/                           Building                                     Nottingham Contemporary
weekend pass
                                          Entry with day/weekend pass                  £6
This event brings together three                                                       Dark tales await those brave enough to
                                          Psychologist and award-winning poet, Dr
outstanding poets who have lived in                                                    walk through the dark heart of
                                          Andy Miller, will read selections from his
Nottinghamshire at different stages of                                                 Nottingham City. Hear about star-
                                          anthology, While Giants Sleep, about
their writing lives.                                                                   crossed lovers, heroes and broken
                                          walking the 630-mile SW Coast Path of
A reading from each poet will open up a                                                promises. Great love is
                                          England, the circuit of the Himalayan
discussion about what kind of influence                                                lost and won and lost
                                          Annapurna massif, and rock climbing in
a place has on writing,                                                                again. The moon rises
                                          the Peak District, Cornwall and North
even – or especially –                                                                 over the Old Castle and
after moving on.                                                                       shadows stir as legends
                                          What is the role of challenges in
The poets are: Jamie                                                                   come alive and myths are woven.
                                          promoting wellbeing and overcoming
McKendrick; Éireann                                                                    Please bring suitable outdoor clothing.
Lorsung; and Faber
New Poet Tom Warner.                                                                   Enquiries to Amanda Smith,
                                          Enquiries to Andy Miller,
                                ,         ,
                                          01629 820 231                                07949 541 147

Love, Lace and Weather in the                                                          Walk With Me
Bedtime Poems Heart                                                                     Interlaced Artists Walk

Wed 16 Feb,                                                                            Sun 17 Feb, 10am–12 noon
7.30pm                                                                                 We will start and finish
                                                       Becoming Music

Flying Goose Café,                   Sat 16 Feb, 7.30pm                                from NTU Newton Building
Beeston                              Chilwell Road Methodist                           £2.50
                                     Church, Beeston
                                     £8 (£6 advance),                                  Four groups of walkers, each led by an
                                                                                       artist, will collect and consider words left
To celebrate our                     £3 students/children,                             in the city centre landscape. The routes
                                     £15 family (2+2)
forthcoming                                                                            will overlap and intersect, creating fresh
pamphlet, Ten
                                     Tickets: 0115 943 1164
                                                                                       patterns as they step out in the urban
Bedtime Poems for                                                                      environment. We will start and finish at
Grownups, Candlestick Press hosts    Carmina have toured all over the world with       the Festival
an event featuring readings and a    their lyrical fusion of jazz and Celtic themes.   Hub, outside
workshop.                            In their new show the band perform original       the main doors.
                                     songs and read extracts from the wide-            Be prepared for
Mug of cocoa and home-made           ranging literature which has inspired them.       walking in all
buscuits included in ticket price.   The line-up features Rob King; Pippa              conditions (we
                                     Marland; Geoff Castle; Gina Griffin and           will continue
Enquiries to Rosemary Pearce,        Paul Bradley.                                     even if it rains). Bring a snack and drink,                                                           to keep refreshed, notebook and pen,
07500 180 871                        Enquiries to Pippa Marland,                       and a camera if you have one. ,
                                     07779 122395.

                      Balls to The Theatre                                    Asian Writers’
                      Poetry! Royal’55+                                       Book Launch
                                                                              Sun 17 Feb, 10am–11am
Sun 17 Feb,
                               Writing Group                                  NTU Newton Building
10am–12 noon                                                                  Entry with
NTU Newton Building                                                           day/weekend pass
Entry with                                                                    Many Asian writers have published work
day/weekend pass                                                              in their mother tongue, but most has
                                                                              remained out of reach for the English-
Could you throw a ball gently to                                              speaking world. We have brought
someone? Could you catch it if                                                together some of these authors to display
someone else throws it? Could you       Sun 17 Feb, 10am–11am                 their books and translate them into
write just one line of a poem? Could                                          English. For the first time, everyone in the
you fold a piece of paper? Well then,   NTU Newton Building                   UK has the opportunity to read stories
                                                                              written by talented local Asian writers.
                                        Entry with
combine your skills and help make
brand new random airborne poetry.                                             Enquiries to:
                                        day/weekend pass
Poems that make                                                     
sense whichever way                                                           Event organised by Kayva Rang
they roll.                                                          
                                        Your first opportunity to hear new
                                        work, prose, poetry and monologues,
Enquiries to Rosie                      from the 55+ Creative Writing Group
Garner,                                 based at the Theatre Royal
thewritingshed@                         Nottingham.

Poetry Relay                               Making Lace                             David Belbin
Sun 17 Feb, 11am–                          The Writer’Process
                                                     s                             talks to
12 noon                                    Sun 17 Feb,
NTU Newton Building                        11am–12 noon                            Michael Eaton
Entry with                                 NTU Newton Building                     Sun 17 Feb,
day/weekend pass                                                                   11am–12 noon
                                           Entry with
                                           day/weekend pass                        NTU Newton
Nottingham Poetry Society began in
1941. Poetry has been written for a lot

                                                                                   Entry with
longer than that! In this Poetry Relay,
                                           Are you interested in finding out how
NPS members will read favourite and
                                           writers craft their
not-so-well-known poems from the
                                           work? We will
best that poets have had to offer over
                                           explore what
the last four centuries, taking you from
                                           writers say
1600 right up to the present day. Find
                                           about their own
out how much, and how little, poetry
                                           process, from                                               Novelist David
has changed.
                                           initial idea to                                             Belbin talks to
                                           finished product, and discuss                               playwright Michael
Enquiries to Jeremy Duffield,
                                           selected extracts from their diaries,                       Eaton about the,
                                           autobiographies and letters.                                Nottingham crime
01773 712 282                                                                      novel and the
                                           Karen Buckley has published poetry                          difference between
                                           and short fiction and has a PhD in      writing for adults and for young adults.
                                           Creative and Critical Writing.

                           Asian Steven Dunne                                        Streets of
                          Poetry Sun 17 Feb,
                                  11am–12 noon
                                                                                     Sun 17 Feb, 3pm,
                          Recital NTU Newton Building                                Wed 20 Feb, 6pm
Sun 17 Feb, 11am-12 noon ,                    Entry with
                                                                                     Starting at Langtry’s
1.30pm-2.30pm                                 day/weekend pass
                                                                                     Donations taken on the day
NTU Newton Building                           The author of The
                                                                                     Join James
Entry with day/weekend pass
                                              Reaper and The
                                                                                     Walker and
                                              Disciple will take
                                              readers behind the
Asian poetry is alive and well received in                                           Eaton on a
                                              crime scenes of his
the East Midlands. Several local poetry                                              journey
                                              latest psychological
groups hold mushaira evenings and                                                    through
                                              thriller Deity.
recitations from well-known historical                                               Nottingham’s streets of stories. We will
                                              Combining intricate forensics with
poets and current writers. Kavya Rang, a                                             encounter great novelists such as J.M.
                                              meticulous detection and
gathering of poets writing in the languages                                          Barrie, Graham Greene and our own
                                              psychological insight, Dunne’s
of the Indian subcontinent, presents the                                             D.H. Lawrence and Alan Sillitoe. We
                                              novels are heavily researched and
best of local Asian poets, reading in their                                          will hear poetry as diverse as ancient
                                              rival the best of Mark Billingham,
own languages and in English.                                                        Robin Hood ballads, the romantic
                                              Peter James and Peter Robinson.
                                                                                     poems of Henry Kirke-White, the
                                              A former freelance journalist,
Enquiries to                                                 uplifting verse of Mary Howitt and the
                                              Steven is now a part-time teacher in
Event organised by Kayva Rang                                                        splendour of Lord Byron. Literature, in
                                                                                     the widest possible sense, has been
                                              For more information follow Steven
                                                                                     hewn from our rough sandstone heart.
                                              on Twitter – @ReaperSteven
                                                                                     Enquiries to James Walker,
                                                                                     0115 959 7947
Keynote – Bali Rai                                                             DIY Poets
Sun 17 Feb, 12.30pm–1.30pm                                                     Performance Poetry
NTU Newton Building                                                            Workshop
                                                                               Sun 17 Feb,
Entry with day/weekend pass                                                    1.30pm–3.30pm
                                                                               NTU Newton Building
                                                                               Entry with day/
                                                                               weekend pass
Bali Rai is a Leicester-based author of young adult and children’s books who   Do you want the chance to improve
came to prominence in 2001 with (Un)arranged marriage, published by Random     your confidence and delivery in
House. This set the scene for a series of books addressing                     reading/performing your poetry live?
issues around identity, multiculturism, and the inner city,                    Get the chance to perform your poems
including The Crew and Rani & Sukh.                                            in a safe space and get constructive
An established voice in the young adult and teenage market,                    feedback on your delivery. Even if you
Bali tries to write the sort of books he and his mates would have              write mainly for the page bring along
                       loved at school. His latest novel, Fire City,           your work for supportive,
                       is a post-apocalyptic tale of a small band of           constructive feedback.
                       humans fighting for freedom in a lawless
                       and horrifying new world.                               Enquiries to Frank
                                                                               07889 765 917

                                         Michael Rosen          Sell With Words
                                                                Sun 17 Feb,
                       Sun 17 Feb, 1.30pm and 3.30pm            1.30pm–3.30pm
                       Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts Centre   NTU Newton
                       £6.50, Tickets: 0115 846 7777            Building
                                                                Entry with
For a first-time visit to Nottingham and Lakeside, Michael      day/weekend pass
Rosen does his non-stop one-man show of poems, stories,
songs and jokes including old favourites like Chocolate Cake    Here’s your chance to learn how to use
and We're Going on a Bear Hunt along with newer ones from       the right words to sell products, services
Even My Ears Are Smiling and Michael Rosen's Big Book of        and ideas. The workshop is conducted
Bad Things.                                                     by Dr Ben Braber, a
Enquiries to Lakeside Arts Centre,                              copywriter with 20
0115 846 7777                                                   years of experience in                                         writing adverts,
Photo: Nick Coates                                              brochures and
                                                                websites. He also
                                                                trains people in
                                                                business and public life to become
                                                                effective and imaginative writers.

                                                                Enquiries to Ben Braber,
                                                                01636 706 330

LeftLion Presents...
                                         Rainbow                                    The New Science
WriteLion                                Performance                                of the Web:
Sun 17 Feb,                              Sun 17 Feb,
                                                                                    Towards a Global Brain?
                                                                                    Sun 17 Feb,
NTU Newton Building                      NTU Newton Building                        1.30pm–2.30pm
Entry with day/weekend                   Entry with day/                            Entry with
pass                                     weekend pass                               day/weekend pass
                                         Nottingham’s Sapphist Writers and          NTU Newton Building
LeftLion Magazine presents a
                                         Rainbow Writers collaborate on this
celebration of the poetry published in                                              The World Wide Web has been created
                                         performance of drama and poetry
WriteLion over the last 12 months.                                                  from the interactions of over a billion
                                         from the best of Nottingham’s
Projections of illustrations by Steve                                               people: every time we click on a link or
                                         lesbian, gay, bisexual and
Larder will                                                                         send a tweet, we make it just that bit
                                         transgender writers.
accompany live                                                                      bigger. It is the largest artefact ever
                                         Prepare for an hour of outrageous
readings from                                                                       created and the scale of its interactions
                                         entertainment – you’ll laugh as
contributors.                                                                       has prompted comparisons with the
                                         you’ve never laughed before, cry a
LeftLion Poetry                                                                     human brain, but how realistic is this?
                                         little bit (maybe), but above all, we’ll
Editor Aly                                                                          Explore Web Science with Paul
                                         make you think.
Stoneman will introduce the event and                                               Anderson, to find out more.
offer a few submission guidelines for
those who’d like to see their work in                                               Enquiries to Paul Anderson,
print!                                                                    ,
                                                                                    0115 922 4600                                                        

                        Ghazal              Love Laces                                     Love Stories
                       Sun 17 Feb,          Sun 17 Feb, 2.45pm–4pm                         Sun 17 Feb,
                     2.45pm–5pm                                                            2.45pm–4pm
                                            NTU Newton Building
 Entry with day/weekend                     Entry with                                     NTU Newton Building
 pass                                       day/weekend pass                               Entry with
 NTU Newton Building                        A sequence of very short plays about           day/weekend pass
 Ghazal is a short poem of rarely more      love in its many forms and intricacies,
 than a dozen couplets whose theme is       written by
 often love. The pride of Urdu poetry, it   scriptwriters
 originated in Persia in the 10th century   from NTU's
 and attained its height in the 18th and    MA in Creative
 19th centuries. It now pervades every      Writing and
 corner of Indian society, including        performed by
                                            Nottingham-                                    Unique,
                                            based actors.
                                                                     Photo: Belén Cerezo   unsettling
 Enquiries to
                                            Watch the full sequence in NTU's Newton        and
 Event organised by Kayva Rang
                                            Building. The writers are Mridula Arjun,       heartfelt
                                            Clare Cole, Ed Green, Amy Hinds, Trevor        tales from
                                            Huddlestone, Nicholas Jowett, Joel             Niki Valentine, Caroline Smailes,
                                            Sadler and Hilary Spiers.                      Giselle Leeb, D.P. Watt and Alison
                                            Directed by Georgina Lock.                     Moore. Introduced by Megan
                                            Enquiries to Georgina Lock,                    Taylor.

EMBA Author                               Byron Beloved                               Lacing Your
Panel                                     Sun 17 Feb,                                 Words Together
                                          3pm, 6.30pm
Sun 17 Feb, 2.45pm–4pm
                                                                                      Sun 17 Feb, 3pm–5pm
Entry with day/weekend                    Thrumpton Hall                  £6.50
                                                            After the success of
NTU Newton Building                                         Chocolateria Hysteria
                                                            and Acting on Instinct,
                                                            writer and director
To celebrate the East Midlands Book
                                                                                      NTU Newton
                                                            Rachael Pennell turns
Award, now in its third year, previous                      to Nottingham's
winners Mark Goodwin and Anne                               infamous poet, Lord       Building
Zouroudi will be joined by two
                                                                                      Entry with day/weekend
                                                            Byron, lamenting his
shortlisted Nottinghamshire writers,                        predicament as an
Paula Rawsthorne and Gregory             impoverished lord possessed of an            pass
Woods, for readings, Q&A and book        immense talent and an even more
signings. The event will be compered     immense capacity for love and lust.          Learn how to lace different ideas
by EMBA trustee John Lucas.              Through the eyes of the women who            together in your writing. Whether you
                                         loved him, we witness his time at Drury      write novels, short stories, memoirs or
                                         Lane, his love of theatre and literature     poetry, see how you can add layers to
                                         and his heroic death, banished to the        your work by looking at examples and
                                         shores of a foreign kingdom.                 trying a few short writing exercises.

                                              Enquiries to Pippa Hennessy,

                                      Border Crossings 1          Border Crossings 2

                Woody Guthrie                                     The Phil
                Hard Times and                                    Langran Band
Sun 17 Feb, 2pm
                Hard Travelin’
Broadway                                                          Sun 17 Feb, 4pm
£7.50, £5.90 concessions                                          Broadway Café Bar

Will Kaufman's performance is a captivating “live documentary”    Phil Langran’s songs are a powerful combination of
that sets the songs of Woody Guthrie in the context of the        immediacy and slow-burning subtlety. Steeped in
American 1930s – the Dust Bowl, the Depression, the New           the poetic traditions of Robert Frost and Langston
Deal and the state of popular music itself.                       Hughes, Phil has created his own genre where
                             Such hard-hitting Guthrie songs      Harlem nights and New York cityscapes rub
                             as Vigilante Man, Pretty Boy         shoulders with the west coast of Ireland and
                             Floyd and I Ain't Got No Home        scenes from Werner Herzog's films. The band’s
                             are brought into conversation with   latest album features Phil’s own songs alongside
                             other relevant songs – from Joe      musical settings of the poems
                             Hill's The Preacher and the Slave    of Langston Hughes.
                             to Brother, Can You Spare a
                             Dime? Altogether the show
                             highlights the blending of music
                             and radical politics that marks
                             Guthrie's most powerful work.

Nottingham                             Open House                                 Play on Words
                                                                                  Sun 17 Feb, 4pm–5pm
History                                Editions Launch
                                                                                  NTU Newton Building
                                       Sun 17 Feb, 4 pm–5pm
Roadshow                                                                          Entry with day/
Sun 17 Feb, 4pm–5pm                    NTU Newton Building                        weekend pass
                                       Entry with day/
NTU Newton                                                                        Three stories from Hilary Spiers’
                                       weekend pass
                                                                                  collection The Hour Glass are
                                                                                  presented as 10
Entry with
                                                                                  minute plays, to
                                       Open House Editions
                                                                                  include: “Break Break
                                       is a new pamphlet
                                                                                  Break”: What
                                       series from Leafe
pass                                   Press. We'll be
                                                                                  happens when your
                                                                                  house is about to fall
                                       publishing innovative
                                                                                  off the cliff? An
Ian Douglas, author of A Children's    poets from the East
                                                                                  unexpected visitor
History of Nottinghamshire, takes a    Midlands and
                                                                                  might be able to help. “Nighthawks”
family-friendly tour through the the   beyond. The first three poets in the
                                                                                  is based on the painting by Edward
centuries of Nottingham history.       series are Daniel O'Donnell-Smith,
                                                                                  Hopper. Who are the characters?
Find out more about our ancestors      Julia Gaze and Simon Perril, bringing
                                                                                  What is their story?
through photos, quizzes, stories,      you poetry ranging from digital to
cartoons and a few gruesome secrets!   visual to classical. These three will be
                                                                                  Enquiries to Anne McDonnell,
From Vikings to Victorians, Ian will   reading from their exciting new
share some fun facts and maybe the     collections to launch the series.
                                                                                  0115 923 2069
odd surprise.

               Examining Word Jam                                                     Robin Hood and
              the Species Sun 17 Feb, 7pm
                          Jam Café
                                                                                      Maid Marian
Sun 17 Feb, 4pm–5pm                                                                   Tue 19 Feb, 12 noon
NTU Newton Building                         Hear the voices of                        Nottingham Castle Bastion
                                            those who have
Entry with day/weekend pass                 recently settled in this city – the
                                            voices of Nottingham citizens             Tickets: 0115 915 3700
Writers from the MA in Creative Writing     originally from Eastern Europe,
at Nottingham Trent University invite you   Africa and the Middle East. You will      Stories of Nottingham ’s most famous
to join them to celebrate the success of    hear poets and performers, bringing       outlaw have been passed on by
their recently published anthology,         a flavour of their diverse heritages to   minstrels and storytellers.
Species, with readings of poetry and        the Jam Café but firmly celebrating       Why not hear them from Robin himself
fiction.                                    the here and the now.                     at Nottingham Castle, where he will
“This fine book brings
                                                                                      entertain young and old with tales of
together a range of                         Enquiries to Rich Goodson,                his exciting adventures?
writers with impressive           ,
application to the craft of                 07813 090 327
writing, and to the
conjuring of its art.” –
David Almond, author of

Caves Tour with The Chewsday                                                      A Way with
Robin Hood          Writing                                                       Words at
Tue 19 Feb, 2.30pm, Workshop                                                      Wollaton!
Sat 23 Feb, 2.30pm
                                      Tue 19 Feb, 7pm–10pm                        Wed 20 Feb, 11am–2pm
Nottingham Castle
                                      Atlas Deli                                  Wollaton Hall
Tickets: 0115 915 3700                £25 (includes meal and                      £2 per child: on the door
Come along for a special tour of
                                      Tickets: 0115 876 5583
                                                                                  Join us at Wollaton Hall for children's
Nottingham Castle Caves with Robin                                                activities and storytelling. Do you have
Hood – a great opportunity to see                                                 a Way with Words?
parts of Nottingham’s history many    Fiction or poetry, memoir or letter         Drop in to take
people have never seen, and to have   writing... details of taste and smell can   part in this
your photo taken with our hero.       add a new dimension to writing. Atlas       family event at
                                      Deli's food will provide the inspiration,   any time
                                      and the workshop will show you how to       between 11am
                                      use those senses to pull your readers       and 2pm.
                                      into your world. The workshop is run
                                      by local writer, Pippa Hennessy.            Enquiries to Mick Smurthwaite,
                                      Enquires to Sharon Scaniglia,     ,
                                  0115 915 3900
                                      0115 876 5583.

           Robin Hood                  Find Out More!
               and the
Sat 23 Feb, 12 noon
Nottingham Castle Bastion                                            O ur latest exhibition, Realis m in
                                                                     Our latest exhibition , Realism in

£5, Tickets: 0115 915 3700
                                                                     Rawiya , explores inspiring stories
                                                                     Rawiya, explores inspiring stories
                                                                     f ro m a c ro s s t h e M i d d l e E a s t
                                                                     from across the Middle East
                                                                     through photography. Rawiya
                                                                     through photography. Rawiya
Stories of Nottingham ’s most                                        means ‘she who tells a stor y ’ and in
                                                                     means ‘she who tells story’ and in
famous outlaw have been                                              light of this we invite you to submit
                                                                     light of this we invite you to submit
passed on by minstrels and                                              poem about inspiring women .
                                                                     a poem about inspiring women.
                                        Go to our website at:        The winning entr y will be displayed within
                                                                     The winning entry will be displayed within

Why not hear them from Robin  
                                                                     our venue and online during International
                                                                     our venue and online during International

himself at Nottingham Castle, where
                                                                     Women’s Day, the author will also win two
                                                                     Women’s Day, the author will also win two

he will entertain young and old with    For all general enquiries:
                                                                     tickets and dinner for two at Realism in
                                                                     tickets and dinner for two at a Realism in

tales of his exciting adventures?
                                                                     Rawiya event of their choice. Please send
                                                                     Rawiya event of their choice. Please send
                                                                     all entries to with the
                                                                     all entries to with the
                                                                     subject line: Rawiya poetr y competition.
                                                                     subject line: Rawiya poetry competition .

                                        For comments and news:
                                                                     ENTRY free,                  entrant.
                                                                     ENTRY is free, one poem per entrant.
                                                                                      February    2013.
                                                                     Entries close on February 25 2013.

                                        For all media enquiries:
                                                                     Realism in Rawiya runs from
                                                                     Realism in Rawiya runs from
                                                                     26 Jan 13 Apr at New Ar t Exchange
                                                                     26 Jan – 13 Apr at New Art Exchange

                                                                     Go     www.newar
                                                                     Go to
                                                                     for full programme of events.
                                                                     for a full programme of events.

                                                                     We hope you enjoy the inaugural
                                                                     We hope you enjoy the inaugural
                                                                     Nottingham Festival of Words!
                                                                     Nottingham Festival of Words!
        Love Your                           The Nottingham
          World                             Lace Competition
 POSTER COMPETITION                         In memory of Dorothy Bell
                                            Open to anyone aged 18 or under living in Nottinghamshire.
Celebrate our wonderful world…
                                            Categories: 10 and under, 11–14, 15–18
come up with a way we can conserve the
                                            We’re looking for entries on the theme of LACE. Make lace. Wear lace. Love lace.
environment, and display it in a poster.
                                            Lace words together. What does lace mean to you?
Use your imagination – cut-outs, crayon,
                                            Enter a short story or a poem for your chance to win...
paint – any form of decoration will be
accepted. Bring your posters along to the
Grumblegroar Lair in the Newton Building
                                            • Get your writing in print
at Nottingham Trent University
                                            • Win book tokens
on 16 and 17 February 2013, as part of
                                            • Get advice from a published author
the Nottingham Festival of Words
                                            Deadline: 24 February 2013
A winner will be chosen from two age
                                            Looking for inspiration? Join one of our Lace Writing Workshops in the New Year.
groups: 5–7 and 7–11
                                            Find out about workshops, how to enter, and download an entry form from
Entry is FREE
                                            Enquiries to
Posters should be no larger than A3
(420x297mm) in size.
                                            This competition is made possible by the
Entries should clearly be labelled with
                                            generous support of Dr Alan Bell in
artist’s name, age, address
                                            memory of his wife Dorothy.
telephone number, email address
                                            With additional thanks to
A goodie bag of prizes to be won
To discover more, visit
                               MA Creative Writing
                                       This course is one of the longest established postgraduate
                                            programmes of its kind in the UK, with an excellent record
                                               of publication by its graduates.
                                                  Designed for talented and committed writers, the
                                                   course is taught by an award-winning team with
                                                   extensive experience of the publishing industry.
                                                  Students work closely with staff and visiting
                                                 speakers to develop their work to a professional
                                           Alongside core modules there are options in Fiction,
                                         Poetry, Children’s and Young Adult Fiction, Writing for Stage,
                                       Radio and Screen, and Creative Non-Fiction.

Visiting writers have included David Almond, Michael Eaton, Alan Hollinghurst, William Ivory, Kathleen
Jamie, Jackie Kay, David Lodge, Michèle Roberts and Miranda Seymour.

School of Arts and Humanities
To find out more, please email
or visit

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