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                             SMP Counselor
                              Training Kit
                       Trainer’s Guide
    Table of Contents
    SMP Counselor Training Overview ............................................ 1
        Training Objectives ............................................................... 1

        Timing .................................................................................. 1
    Course Materials ....................................................................... 2

    Preparing for the Training Session ............................................. 3
        Materials Checklist ............................................................... 5


SMP Counselor Training Overview
  As described in the SMP Volunteer Training Implementation Guide*, SMP Counselor
  Training provides SMPs with the necessary skills and resources to handle one-on-one
  counseling sessions and simple inquiries consistently across the country. Chapter 1
  and the Appendices of the SMP Counselor Manual are also used with volunteers who
  staff exhibits and make group presentations, to help prepare them to answer simple
  inquiries. Prior to taking this training, volunteers must successfully complete SMP
  Foundations Training or an approved equivalent. See the SMP Volunteer Training
  Implementation Guide for important information about implementing this training.

                                                   SMP Group 
                            Foundations                                   SMP Complex 
       Orientation                                    SMP 
                              Training                                     Issues and 
                                                   Counselor                Referrals 
                                                    Training                 Training

           * The SMP Volunteer Training Implementation Guide is available on
               the SMP Resource Center website: >
                   Resources for SMPs > Training > Volunteer Training

 Training Objectives
  Upon completion of SMP Counselor Training, participants will be able to:
        Identify the various types of questions received by the SMP;
        Determine the appropriate response for each type of SMP question;
        Use effective counseling skills and SMP resources when handling SMP

  Since this classroom training was rolled out in April, 2012, no timing estimates are
  available as of the development of this trainer’s guide. When determining how much
  time to allow for this training course, please review all course materials (see Page 2)
  and consider the number of participants in the class, how many activities you will
  use, any additional state-specific content, etc.

                               SMP Counselor Training Kit                       July 2012
                                Trainer’s Guide – Page 1

Course Materials
  This SMP Counselor Training Kit includes all materials for the course:
   1) Trainer’s guide (this document)
   2) Manual
   3) PowerPoint (PPT) presentation with trainer’s notes
           Trainer’s notes are included in the “notes” section of the PowerPoint file.
   4) Handouts for classroom training activities
           Handouts are numbered and referenced in the PowerPoint slides.
           Handouts are provided which include both classroom activities and training
            highlights for individual review and reflection.
            Tip: Provide the handouts in a packet of materials to each participant at the
            beginning of class, to avoid constant handling of materials during class.
   5) Answer keys for the handouts
           Answer keys are labeled with the name and number of the corresponding
           Since several of the handouts are for information and/or reflection, there is
            not an answer key for every handout.
            Tip: Do not include the answer keys in the participant packet. Distribute
            them as participants complete the activities, to allow them to check their

   6) Assessment, answer form, answer key*            * For more information about
                                                       assessments, evaluations,
   7) Evaluation forms*
                                                         and certificates, see the
   8) Certificates*                                      SMP Volunteer Training
                                                         Implementation Guide.

   The resources provided in this Training Kit are also available on the SMP Resource
   Center website: > Resources for SMPs > Training >
   Volunteer Training > SMP Counselor Training.

                              SMP Counselor Training Kit                       July 2012
                               Trainer’s Guide – Page 2

Preparing for the Training Session
  The following tasks should be completed before the training session:
        Arrange for a place to hold the training session and ensure that it has
         sufficient space and moveable chairs for break-out activities. Consider the
         room arrangement that will best facilitate your activities.
        Arrange for refreshments and lunch, as appropriate.
        Order all equipment (LCD projector, laptop computer, screen, flip charts).
         Check the equipment to ensure that it is working properly. Also check the
         size of the screen and the clarity of print from the back of the room.
        Send out flyers announcing the training and the dates.
        Prepare nametags or name tents for participants.
        Prepare a participant sign-in sheet to verify attendance. Include spaces
         for participants’ names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses,
         and other information which will be useful to your SMP.
        Prepare sufficient copies of the SMP Counselor Training Manual for
         each participant. If possible, provide a manual to each participant prior to
         training so that they can review it in advance.
        Read the Trainer’s Notes for the session, included in the PPT.
         o Note: All content found in the PPT is also in the manual.
        Update the training materials as needed to reflect any state and/or local
         differences. For example, for PPT Slide 56 you may wish to customize the
         FAQ (SMP Counselor Training Manual, Appendix C) by adding an additional
         column for “State Specific Response”.

                                State and Local Considerations

        Throughout the training you will see a small star icon titled “Consideration”.
      This is used to refer participants to Handout 3: State and Local Considerations, 
       which should be used throughout the entire course. Participants are to fill in
         information on this sheet that is specific to their state or local community.
       Participants may not be able to answer this information on their own so you
        may want to be prepared to help them complete these activities when they
            occur so that they can refer back to it when they are counseling. Or,
        alternatively they may refer back to this when they are with their local SMP
                representative after the training to complete these activities.

                              SMP Counselor Training Kit                       July 2012
                               Trainer’s Guide – Page 3

Preparing for the Training Session, continued…

         Make copies (see Materials Checklist on Page 5):
          o Handouts
          o Answer keys
          o Personal Healthcare Journals, SMP brochures, and fact sheets
          o Assessment questions and answer forms (coming 2012/2013)
          o Training evaluations (if used by your SMP)
         Review the handouts and answer keys. Arrange handouts into packets
          to distribute at the beginning of class, and prepare answer keys to
          distribute as each activity is completed.
         Review all training materials referenced in the PPT (see Materials
          Checklist, Page 5, and/or notes on PPT Slide 1).
         Ensure that you have a CD-ROM with the training PPT (see Page 5).
         Pre-label flipchart pages if desired (i.e. for expectations and/or “parking
          lot” questions/issues)
         Prepare certificates of attendance in advance, to present to those who
          attend the training.
          o Note: Certificates of completion are only provided upon successful
            completion of the assessment (coming 2012/2013). See the SMP
            Volunteer Training Implementation Guide for more information.
         Arrive early, at least one-half hour before training is scheduled to begin. 
                                  “Wearing Other Hats”
                          Several of the “state and local” boxes in the
                      SMP Counselor Training Manual give you the
                       opportunity to talk about SMP versus other
                    counseling services that may be handled by your
                     SMP volunteers. If your SMP is co-located with
                   and/or works closely with another counseling service
                   such as the SHIP or ADRC, talk to the SMP director
                    about how to handle joint programs in your state.

                                SMP Counselor Training Kit                       July 2012
                                 Trainer’s Guide – Page 4

Preparing for the Training Session, continued…

    Materials Checklist
     Make sure to bring the following materials with you to the training session:
            Flash drive/CD-ROM with PowerPoint slides and other training materials
             Note: PowerPoint slides and other training materials can be downloaded from
             the SMP Resource Center’s website: > Resources for
             SMPs > Training > Volunteer Training > SMP Counselor Training.
            Laptop computer and LCD projector (for use with flash drive or CD-ROM)
            PowerPoint slides with trainer’s notes included
            Copies of the SMP Counselor Training Manual
            Copies of participant’s handout packet and answer keys for each participant
            Copies of additional resources (see PowerPoint notes, Slide 1)
                   o Federal Trade Commission Brochure: Deter, Detect, Defend
                   o Personal Health Care Journal
                   o SMP Brochure
                   o Medicare Fraud Fact Sheet
                   o MSN Fact Sheet
            Three 3 x 5 cards for each participant: 1 blue (with “simple inquiry” written on
             it), 1 yellow (“one-on-one counseling”), and 1 pink (“complex issue”). See PPT
             notes, Slides 1 and 83.
            Coming in 2012 / 2013: Copies of the assessment and answer forms
            Copies of evaluations and completed certificates of attendance, if desired
            Other items as desired, i.e. note cards and/or flipchart for “parking lot”
             questions, markers, pens, masking tape, Post-It Notes

                        Manual / PowerPoint                     Handouts     Answer Keys
         Introduction                                             1–3

         Chapter 1: Types of SMP Questions                        3–4               4

         Chapter 2: Determine the Appropriate Response            5–6               6

         Chapter 3: Counseling Skills                             3, 7

         Chapter 4: Handling SMP Questions                      3, 8 – 10        8 – 10

                                   SMP Counselor Training Kit                           July 2012
                                    Trainer’s Guide – Page 5

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