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									Integrating Sales and Marketing with
   Accounting and Financial data

            Presenter: Chris Dauth
       Maximizer Consultant, Rapid.CRM
                  Business Challenges
•    Financial and Accounting systems contain critical

1.   Marketing
        •    Information about purchasing profiles that identify opportunities
             for up-selling and complimentary selling.
        •    Demographic and Physiographic information that can help
             analyse the effectiveness of Marketing campaigns.
2.   Sales
        •    Sales item history to assist in on-going sales
        •    Cumulative Sales figures to help identify the importance of
             customers and compare sales history between periods.
            Business Dilemma
–   Financial systems usually don’t have very effective
    searching functionality.
–   Financial systems usually don’t have very effective
    communication tools.
–   Management don’t trust sales staff with access to
    accounting data.
–   Licences for Financial software can be expensive
–   Sales staff need access to sales data even when
    they are not connected to the corporate network.
–   If prospects in the CRM become customers, data
    entry is duplicated.
                   Business Solution
   Searching and Communication
    –   Automatically Import specific sales data directly into the CRM
   Protect the data
    –   Provide read only access directly to live sales data from the
        CRM system.
   Software investment
    –   Financial system licences are not required
   Everywhere access.
    –   The data exists on the local Notebook or Pocket PC and can be
        viewed all the time.
   Data entry duplication
    –   Records can be added into the Financial system from the CRM
        system with the click of a button.
                   Business Solution

• MaxToMYOB has been developed specifically to link your
  Maximizer CRM Address Book with your MYOB Financial Data
• The functionality (except adding customers) can be duplicated
  for any Financial System that provides ODBC access.
• Lets have a look!
Importing MYOB data into Maximizer
              Automatically create new Maximizer records
Import MYOB Items sold, Balances and Year To Date Sales from MYOB into
Search Maximizer for products sold in MYOB
View MYOB data from Maximizer without MYOB
Drill down into item history
Look at Invoice history
Drill down into the Invoice
*Add MYOB cards from Maximizer
      *Depends on network setup and performance

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