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									Abbey School
                                                                 Year 6 Spellings and Subject words

Year 6 Spellings
abandoned       bongos          creation       emus              grammar         knowledge       necessary       potential           separate      tarantulas
abominable      boundary        criteria       energy            guard           lettuce         nervous         predict             sequence      tattoos
accommodation   buffaloes       cuckoos        engagement        gurus           library         offering        prepare             shoulder      technique
actually        buried          dahlias        enquire           haikus          listening       oratorios       preparation         siestas       technology
alcohol         business        daughter       environment       haloes          literacy        original        primary             signature     television
alcohol         cameras         deafening      evaluation        happened        literate        outrageous      prioritise          similar       telephone
although        cargoes         decide         evidence          health          literature      paellas         process             sincerely     texture
anacondas       carpet          decision       explanation       heavens         locomotive      pagodas         proportion          skeleton      tomatoes
analyse         casinos         definite       explanatory       height          lonely          paparazzi       proposition         skilful       tombolas
analysis        category        definitely     extra             heroes          lottery         parallel        prosperous          skis          tomorrow
animal          Catholic        describe       factory           jewellery       lovely          parliament      pumas               smuggler      torpedoes
antennae        caught          description    familiar          history         macaroni        participation   questionnaire       sofas         umbrellas
antennae        cellos          design         family            holiday         magnolias       pastas          queue               soldier       unfortunately
areas           centre          desperate      fattening         hospital        mangoes         patios          radios              solos         vegetable
argument        chapat(t)is     development    February          igloos          margarine       pattern         ravioli             sombreros     vetoes
armadillos      chocolate       diamond        fierce            illiterate      marriage        peaceful        reaction            sonatas       violas
assessment      climb           diary          fiestas           imaginary       marvellous      people          receive             spaghetti     visas
astronomy       column          dictionary     flattery          improvise       material        performance     reference           separate      volcanoes
atmosphere      company         difference     formal            industrial      mathematics     permanent       relief              stationery    voluntary
audible         compromise      different      forty             interest        matzos          persuade        remember            stationary    Wednesday
audience        concentration   dingoes        freedom           interested      meanwhile       persuasion      research            stomach       weight
autumn          concertos       disappear      frightening       interesting     medicine        phenomena       resources           straight      weird
bacteria        conclusion      disappoint     fulfil            interrupt       memorable       physical        risottos            strata        widening
bananas         conference      discos         fungi             issue           messenger       pianos          rotas               strata        women
banjos          conscience      disinterest    furthermore       January         miniature       piazzas         safety              strategy      yoyos
beautiful       conscious       doctor         galas             jealous         miscellaneous   piccolos        sambas              strength      zoos
beginning       consequence     dominoes       geckos            journalist      mischief        pizzas          samosas             success       Zulus
believe         consonant       easily         general           jumbos          miserable       poisonous       Saturday            surely
beneath         continuous      echoes         generous          kangaroos       modern          possession      saunas              surprise
benefit         corgis          ECUs           geography         kimonos         moreover        potatoes        secondary           survey
bhajis          corporal        embarrass      gnus              kiwis           murmur          potatoes        secretary           tagliatelli
al              ary             ic             ist               ive             er              est             Irregular plurals
additional      anniversary     acidic         artist            alliterative    baker           cleverest       antenna             antennae
exceptional     dictionary      allergic       balloonist        alternative     driver          driest          child               children
medical         library         analytic       dramatist         apprehensive    farmer          fiercest        deer                deer
occasional      missionry       comic          extremist         comprehensive   islander        funniest        foot                feet
personal        necessary       dramatic       instrumentalist   corrective      manager         handsomest      formula             formulae
seasonal        revolutionary   energetic      journalist        derivative      poorer          nastiest        goose               geese
sensational     stationary      horrific       machinist         discursive      reader          neatest         larva               larvae
sensational                     manic          novelist          exhaustive      richer          poorest         louse               lice
                                photographic   specialist        explosive       teenager        richest         man                 men
                                scientific     stockist          investigative   villager        strongest       mouse               mice
                                terrific       violinist         retrospective   voyager         tallest         sheep               sheep
                                                                                                                 tooth               teeth
                                                                                                                 woman               women

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Abbey School
                                                                       Year 6 Spellings and Subject words

Art              History           History             English         English           ICT           ICT                    PSHE            PSHE             PE
abstract         agriculture       emigration          advertise       narrative         binary        justify                able            gender           active
acrylic          agricultural      government          advertisement   narrator          byte          keyboard               ability         generous         activity
charcoal         bias              immigrant           alliteration    onomatopoeia      cable         megabyte               achieve         generosity       agile
collage          castle            imperial            apostrophe      pamphlet          cartridge     memory                 achievement     involve          agility
collection       cathedral         imperialism         atmosphere      paragraph         CD-ROM        modem                  addict          involvement      athletic
colour           Catholic          independence        chorus          personification   computer      module                 addiction       prefer           athlete
crosshatch       chronology        invasion            clause          playwright        connect       monitor                approve         preference       bicep
dimension        chronological     motive              cliché          plural            connection    multimedia             approval        pressure         exercise
display          citizen           parliament          comma           prefix            cursor        network                communication   racism           field
easel            civilisation      politics            comparison      preposition       data          output                 control         racist           gym
exhibition       colony            political           conjunction     resolution        database      password               dependant       reality          gymnastic
foreground       colonisation      priest              consonant       rhyme             delete        preview                dependency      relationship     hamstring
frieze           conflict          propaganda          dialogue        scene             disk          processor              discipline      represent        injury
gallery          constitution      Protestant          exclamation     simile            document      program                discussion      representative   league
highlight        constitutional    rebel               expression      soliloquy         electronic    scanner                effort          reward           medicine
illusion         contradict        rebellion           figurative      subordinate       graphic       sensor                 emotion         sanction         mobile
impasto          contradiction     reign               genre           suffix            hardware      server                 emotional       sexism/sexist    mobility
kiln             current           religious           grammar         synonym           icon          software               encourage       stereotype       muscle
landscape        defence           republic            imagery         tabloid           input         spreadsheet            encouragement                    personal
palette          disease           revolt/revolution   metaphor        vocabulary        interactive   virus                                                   pitch
pastel           document          siege               myth            vowel             interface                                                             quadriceps
perspective      dynasty           source                                                Internet                                                              qualify
portrait         economy           trade                                                                                                                       relay
sketch           economical        traitor                                                                                                                     squad
spectrum                                                                                                                                                       tactic
Geography        Geography         D and T             D and T         Library           Library       Homophones                                              triceps
abroad           latitude          aesthetic           machine         alphabet          index         affect/effect
amenity          location          brief               manufacture     alphabetical      irrelevant    advise/advice
atlas            longitude         carbohydrate        mineral         anthology         irrelevance   allowed/aloud
authority        nation            component           natural         article           librarian     bought/brought
climate          national          design              nutrition       author            magazine      braking/breaking
contour          physical          diet                polyester       catalogue         non-fiction   choose/chose
country          pollution         disassemble         portfolio       classification    novel         cloth/clothe
county           poverty           evaluation          presentation    content           photocopy     conscience/conscious
desert           provision         fabric              production      copyright         publisher     course/coarse
employment       region/regional   fibre               protein         dictionary        relevant      our/are
erosion          rural             flour               recipe          editor            relevance     practise/practice
estuary          settlement        flowchart           sew             encyclopaedia     romance       quiet/quite
function         situation         hygiene             specification   extract           section       sites/sights
globe            tourist/tourism   ingredient          technology      fantasy           series        source/sauce
habitat          transport         innovation          tension         genre             system        thank you
infrastructure   transportation    knife/knives        textile         glossary          thesaurus     threw/through
international    urban             linen               vitamin                                         to/too/two
landscape        wealth

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Abbey School
                                                       Year 6 Spellings and Subject words

RE             RE           RE          Music          Music         Science            Science               Mathematics     Mathematics      Mathematics
baptism        Hindu        pray        choir          octave        absorb             growth                addition        estimate         positive
Bible          Hinduism     prayer      chord          orchestra     acid               hazard                adjacent        equation         quadrilateral
biblical       hymn         prejudice   chromatic      orchestral    alkaline           insect                alternate       fraction         questionnaire
Buddhist       immoral      prophet     composition    ostinato      amphibian          laboratory            angle           graph            radius
Buddhism       immorality   religious   conductor      percussion    apparatus          liquid                amount          guess            ratio
burial         Islam        religion    crotchet       pitch         chemical           mammal                approximately   horizontal       recurring
celebrate      Israel       shrine      dynamics       quaver        circulate          method                average         isosceles        reflect/reflection
celebration    Judaism      sign        harmony        rhythm        circulation        nutrient              axis/axes       kilogram         regular/irregular
ceremony       Jewish       Sikh        instrument     scale         combustion         organism              calculate       kilometre        rhombus
Christian      marriage     Sikhism     instrumental   score         condensation       oxygen                centimetre      litre            rotate/rotation
commandment    miracle      special     interval       semibreve     cycle              particles             circumference   measure          square
commitment     moral        spirit      lyric          synchronise   digest/digestion   predator              corresponding   metre            subtraction
creation       morality     spiritual   major          syncopation   element            pressure              co-ordinate     minus            symmetry
disciple       Muslim       symbol      minim          tempo         evaporation        reproduce             decimal         multiply         symmetrical
faith          parable      synagogue   minor          ternary       exchange           respire/respiration   degree          multiplication   triangle
festival       pilgrim      temple      musician       timbre        freeze             solution              denominator     parallel         triangular
funeral        pilgrimage   wedding                    triad         frequency          temperature           diameter        parallelogram    tonne
                            worship                    vocal         friction           thermometer           digit           negative         vertex/vertices
                                                                     function           vertebrate            divide          numerator        vertical
                                                                                        vessel                division        percentage       volume
                                                                                                              equilateral     perimeter        weight

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                                                                        Year 5 Spellings

Year 5
Consolidate all spelling from previous years
Learn words from different subject areas
1. ch            2. ex              3. dge            4. ph                       5. gh                       6. c                   7. or
Chaos            exams              badge             alphabet                    bought                      celebrate              author
character        examine            badger            autograph                   brought                     cemetery               calculator
chemist          example            edge              autobiography               caught                      centigrade             collector
choir            exchange           hedge             biography                   daughter                    centimetres            conductor
Christmas        exclaim            ledge             cellophane                  fought                      certificate            dictator
chemistry        exercise           sledge            elephant                    naughty                     cigarette              director
chemical         exhale             bridge            geography                   slaughter                   coincidence            doctor
chord            exhume             ridge             graph                       plough                      concert                horror
chorus           exile              lodger            nephew                      through                     cylinder               inspector
chemotherapy     exit               budget            orphan                      though                      cynical                inventor
chrysalis        expel              fudge             paragraph                   although                    absence                mirror
chronic          expire             judge             phantom                     thought                     advance                navigator
ache             explain            nudge             phase                       thoughtless                 apprentice             operator
anchor           explode            trudge            pheasant                    through                     capacity               professor
architect        exploit            sludge            phrase                      laugh                       deceased               radiator
echo             explore            smudge            photocopy                   cough                       difference             razor
mechanic         export                               photograph                  enough                      electricity            reflector
orchestra        extend                               physical                    rough                       innocent               sailor
scheme           exterior                             sphere                      tough                       magnificent            solicitor
stomach          external                             telephone                   trough                      specimen               tractor
technology                                                                                                    vacancy                visitor

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                                                                           Year 5 Spellings

Abbey School
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Year 5
8. our         9. ure            10. tion                11. tion                    12. sion                    13. ssion              14. ie
armour         adventure         action                  affection                   collision                   admission              achieve
colour         capture           addition                caution                     confusion                   aggression             belief
endeavour      creature          addiction               celebration                 conclusion                  depression             believe
favour         figure            ambition                circulation                 corrosion                   discussion             brief
favourite      furniture         attention               composition                 decision                    expression             chief
flavour        future            competition             conversation                division                    impression             field
glamour        manufacture       condition               conservation                erosion                     mission                fiend
harbour        mixture           devotion                description                 exclusion                   oppression             fiery
honour         nature            education               direction                   explosion                   passion                friend
humour         picture           fiction                 examination                 extension                   percussion             grief
journal        premature         fraction                exhibition                  inclusion                   permission             lie
journey        puncture          information             indigestion                 intrusion                   possession             mischief
labour         signature         investigation           precaution                  invasion                    procession             niece
neighbour      temperature       multiplication          prescription                occasion                    profession             piece
odour          vulture           prediction              promotion                   persuasion                  progression            pier
rumour                           question                protection                  repulsion                   session                relief
vapour                           reaction                quotation                   revision                    succession             review
behaviour                        reflection              sensation                   supervision                 suppression            shield
saviour                          relation                separation                  television                                         shriek
                                 station                 subtraction                 transfusion                                        siege
                                                         ventilation                                                                    sieve
                                                         vibration                                                                      thief

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                                                                          Year 5 Spellings

Abbey School
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Year 5
15. cei, sc    16. ous           17. trans, bi          18. foreign                 19. prefixes                20. ic                 21. ly
ceiling        adventurous       transaction            aerobatics                  telegraph                   angelic                accurately
conceit        carnivorous       transatlantic          aerobics                    telepathy                   athletic               conceitedly
deceive        dangerous         transfer               aerodrome                   telephoto                   atomic                 consequently
perceive       enormous          translate              aerodynamic                 teleport                    electric               correctly
receive        fabulous          transmit               aeronaut                    television                  energetic              dangerously
receipt        generous          transparent            aeroplane                   autograph                   epidemic               friendly
conceited      herbivorous       transport              aerosol                     autobiography               gigantic               incorrectly
scenario       humorous          bicentenary            aerospace                   automatic                   heroic                 negatively
scene          jealous           biceps                 octagon                     autopilot                   historic               positively
scenery        luminous          bicycle                octahedron                  autopsy                     horrific               prematurely
science        marvellous        bifocal                October                                                 metallic               quickly
scientist      miraculous        bigamist               octogenarian                                            organic                quietly
scissors       mischievous       bilingual              octopus                                                 poetic                 sincerely
conscience     nervous           bimonthly              aquaplane                                               specific               strangely
               ominous           binoculars             aquarium                                                supersonic             comfortably
               omnivorous        biopsy                 aquatic                                                 volcanic               probably
               perilous          biplane                aqueduct                                                                       suitably
               poisonous         bisect                                                                                                terribly
               ridiculous                                                                                                              hungrily
               scrupulous                                                                                                              necessarily
               tempestuous                                                                                                             guiltily
               vigorous                                                                                                                noisily

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                                                                           Year 5 Spellings

Abbey School
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Year 5
22. suffixes   23. suffixes      24. plurals             25. ing                     26. d/ed
biology        beautiful         calculators             directing                   applauded
geology        delightful        characters              explaining                  calculated
physiology     doubtful          competitions            knowing                     coloured
zoology        fanciful          directions              laughing                    conceited
genocide       pitiful           exhibitions             photocopying                digested
insecticide    plentiful         ghosts                  achieving                   endeavoured
suicide        resentful         investigations          believing                   exclaimed
brotherhood    respectful        mechanics               celebrating                 exhibited
childhood      sorrowful         musicians               cycling,                    flavoured
fatherhood     successful        professors              deceiving                   knocked
knighthood     thoughtful        reflections             decomposing                 laboure
motherhood     truthful          adventures              describing                  numbed
neighbourhood wonderful          earthquakes             deserving                   pictured
partnership    colourless        pictures                exercising                  received
membership     thoughtless       knives                  exploding                   researched
ownership      emptiness         celebrities             investigating               signed
friendship     happiness         emergencies             pausing                     telephoned
fellowship     heaviness         photocopies             practising                  whistled
dictatorship   hungriness        vacancies               receiving                   wrapped
craftsmanship  laziness          echoes
championship   loneliness        predictions
apprenticeship tidiness          neighbours

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                                                     Year 4 Spellings

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Year 4             Week        1. ch
                   Monday         Tuesday        Wednesday                Thursday                  Friday   w/e   w/e
1. ph

                                      C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx 8
                                                          Year 4 Spellings

1. ph            2. ci        3. cc, xc, cqu        4. ious                5. mixed, ti           6. unstressed
agoraphobia      ancient      accelerate            anxious                foreign                alcohol
arachnophobia    artificial   accent                conscientious          champagne              assistance
cacophony        commercial   accept                conscious              sovereign              business
claustrophobia   conscious    access                delicious              spaghetti              camera
hydrophobia      delicious    accident              furious                describe               chocolate
paragraph        efficient    eccentric             glorious               description            consonant
pharaoh          especially   success               gracious               remembered             definite
pharmacist       financial    exceed                infections             antique                diamond
pharynx          musician     excel                 luscious               cheque                 different
phenomenon       official     excellent             luxurious              grotesque              interesting
phlegm           optician     except                mysterious             stationary             jewellery
phobia           politician   exceptional           obvious                confidential           journalist
photosensitive   precious     excite                previous               essential              listening
photosynthesis   racial       exclaim               rebellious             influential            margarine
physical         social       exclude               scrumptious            initial                mathematics
physicist        special      excursion             serious                partial                miniature
physiotherapy    sufficient   acquaintance          surreptitious          patient                mystery
symphony         suspicious   acquire               suspicious             torrential             parliament
xenophobia                    acquisition           tedious                                       prisoner
                              acquit                victorious                                    secretary

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                                                          Year 4 Spellings

7. dis          8. im           9. in               10. mixed prefixes     11. un                 12. foreign prefix
disadvantage    imbalance       inaccessible        illegal                unaccompanied          circumference
disallow        immature        inaccurate          illegible              unachievable           circumnavigate
disappear       immeasurable    inactive            illiterate             unannounced            circumspect
disappoint      immobile        inadequate          illogical              unappealing            circumstances
disapprove      immoral         inarticulate        irrational             unarmed                circumstantial
disassemble     immortal        inattentive         irregular              unashamedly            hypocaust
disbelief       immovable       inaudible           irresistible           unattached             hypochondriac
disbelieve      impartial       incapable           irresponsive           unattainable           hypocrite
discharge       impassable      incomplete          irreversible           unattractive           hypodermic
discolour       impatient       inconsiderate       antibiotic             unaware                hypothermia
discomfort      imperceptible   inconvenient        antiseptic             unbeaten               hypothesis
disconnect      imperfect       incorrect           anticlockwise          unbelievable           hydraulic
disease         impermanent     incredible          misadventure           unbreakable            hydroelectric
disembark       impermeable     indecent            miscalculate           uncertain              hydrofoil
disembowel      imperturbable   indefinite          misfortune             uncomfortable          hydrogen
disfigure       impervious      independent         misinform              unconscious            hydroplane
dishearten      implausible     indigestion         misinterpret           undisturbed            dehydrated
dishonest       impolite        inedible            misjudge               ungrateful             audible
disinfect       important       inefficient         mismanage              uninterested           audience
disinterested   impossible      inexcusable         misunderstand          unmistakable           audition
disjointed      impractical     inexpensive         co-education           unofficial             auditorium
disobedient     imprecise       insignificant       coincidence            unpleasant             auditory
disqualify      improbable      insincere           co-operate             unpopular
dissatisfy      improper        insoluble           co-ordinator           unqualified
                                invisible           co-starring            unsociable
                                involuntary         co-writer              unusual

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                                                          Year 4 Spellings

13. ary         14. able       15. ible             16. ly                 17. al                 18. ally
anniversary     adorable       accessible           accurately             accidental             accidentally
centenary       advisable      audible              anxiously              comical                actually
dictionary      agreeable      credible             arguably               critical               annually
estuary         avoidable      destructible         conscientiously        electrical             automatically
February        capable        edible               definitely             eventual               brutally
January         breakable      flexible             entirely               exceptional            coincidentally
library         changeable     horrible             immediately            fatal                  critically
military        comfortable    impossible           inaccurately           final                  equally
missionary      disposable     indestructible       inconsiderately        individual             eventually
necessary       employable     invincible           indecently             logical                exceptionally
ordinary        enjoyable      legible              insensitively          magical                fatally
primary         fashionable    possible             insignificant          medical                finally
revolutionary   identifiable   responsible          insincerely            musical                logically
salary          inexcusable    reversible           necessarily            national               magically
secondary       manageable     sensible             patiently              natural                mechanically
secretary       miserable      susceptible          secretively            normal                 medically
stationary      noticeable     terrible             separately             occasional             mentally
summary         portable       visible              strangely              original               musically
voluntary       probable                            sufficiently           ornamental             naturally
                reliable                            surreptitiously        personal               normally
                remarkable                          suspiciously           practical              occasionally
                replaceable                                                regional               originally
                respectable                                                sensational            personally
                sociable                                                   several                physically
                valuable                                                   traditional            practically
                vegetable                                                                         traditionally

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                                                         Year 4 Spellings

19. fully      20. ment        21. plurals         22. ing                23. d/ed               24. lling/led
beautifully    achievement     accidents           accelerating           accepted               appalling
carefully      advertisement   amusements          arranging              acquired               cancelling
cheerfully     amusement       anniversaries       concentrating          acquitted              controlling
forgetfully    arrangement     antibiotics         damaging               answered               excelling
gratefully     document        apprenticeships     disembarking           calculated             labelling
hopefully      employment      businesses          dissolving             disadvantaged          levelling
painfully      encouragement   championships       escaping               disappeared            patrolling
powerfully     enjoyment       consequences        evaporating            disappointed           quarrelling
respectfully   environment     exclusions          excelling              discontinued           rebelling
skilfully      excitement      excursions          exciting               disqualified           shovelling
spitefully     government      government          exclaiming             dissatisfied           signalling
successfully   management      management          exercising             dissolved              totalling
thankfully     movement        movement            including              escaped                travelling
thoughtfully   ornament        ornament            manufacturing          excelled               tunnelling
truthfully     replacement     replacement         noticing               exclaimed              cancelled
usefully       statement       statement           orienteering           exploded               labelled
wonderfully                                        persuading             inquired               marvelled
                                                   rehearsing             invaded                patrolled
                                                   requiring              invented               quarrelled
                                                   separating             manufactured           rebelled
                                                   surprising             misinformed            signalled
                                                   unearthing             misinterpreted         totalled
                                                   volunteering           mismanaged             travelled

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       Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check                                  DATE:
Year 3                Week 5. wr
                   Monday         Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday      w/e   w/e
Year 3
Consolidate all spelling from Key stage 1 – Learn all high and medium frequency words.
Learn words from different subject areas
1. tch              2. wh              3. wa                4. silent        5. silent
catch               whale              wad                  knee             wrap
hatch               what               wallet               kneel            wrapper
latch               wheat              wand                 knew             wreck
match               when               wand                 knickers         wrestle
patch               where              wander               knight           wriggle
thatch              whether            want                 knit             wrinkle
watch               which              was                  knives           wrist
sketch              while              wash                 knob             write
fetch               whine              wasp                 knock            wrong
stretch             whisker            watch                knot             answer
itch                whisper            swab                 know             sword
bitch               whistle            swallow              knuckle          whole
pitch               white              swamp                bomb             gnarled
stitch              who                swan                 dumb             gnash
switch              whole              swap                 lamb             gnat
witch               whose              swat                 numb             gnaw
kitchen             why                                     thumb            gnomes
clutch              anywhere                                debt             sign
hutch               everywhere                              doubt            calf
                    somewhere                               rhubarb          half
                                                            rhyme            calm
                                                            castle           salmon
6. qu      7. c        8. c      9. g          10. oi, oy
quality    cinema      face      giant         choice
quantity   circle      palace    ginger        voice
quarter    circuit     place     giraffe       rejoice
queen      circular    race      general       avoid
queer      circus      space     genius        spoil
quench     citizen     surface   gentle        spoilt
query      city        trace     geometry      toilet
question   cease       dice      gym           ointment
quick      cell        ice       damage        joint
quiet      cellar      nice      danger        point
quirk      cement      price     angel         appointment
quit       cent        rice      digest        disappoint
quiver     centipede   slice     emergency     anoint
quiz       centre      spice     energy        noise
quote      centurion   twice     engineer      poison
squabble   century     chance    energy        annoy
square     certain     dance     engineer      convoy
squash     cycle       pencil    imagine       destroy
squeak     cyclist     decide    intelligent   employ
squeal     cyclone     recite    legend        enjoy
squeeze    cygnet                magic         voyage
           cymbals               register
11. au     12. ea      13. ea     14. ear      15. ai
sauce      eager       bread      early        affair
saucer     appear      dead       earn         afraid
fault      disappear   head       earth        against
haul       disease     instead    earthquake   bargain
autumn     decrease    read       earthworm    Britain
trauma     increase    ready      heard        certain
haunt      reason      spread     learn        complain
launch     season      thread     pearl        curtain
laundry    treason     meadow     rehearse     complain
taunt      breathe     deaf       research     curtain
applause   creature    health     search       despair
august     feature     weapon     unheard      entertain
because    defeat      measure    yearn        fountain
cause      repeat      pleasure                mountain
clause     retreat     treasure                obtain
pause      treatment   breath                  praise
author                 death                   raise
                       feather                 refrain
                       weather                 remain
                       leather                 repair
                       threaten                straight
                       heaven                  traipse
16. plural   17. plural   18. plural   19. plural     20. ly
bluffs       cuckoos      abbeys       armies         comfortably
cliffs       igloos       birthdays    berried        cuddly
cuffs        kangaroos    boys         babies         gently
puffs        tattoos      chimneys     centuries      grumbly
sniffs       zoos         cowboys      cities         horribly
stuffs       banjos       days         countries      miserably
calves       duos         donkeys      diaries        possibly
elves        pianos       jerseys      dictionaries   probably
halves       piccolos     jockeys      enemies        simply
knives       solos        journeys     fairies        sparkly
leaves       studios      keys         factories      suitably
lives        trios        monkeys      families       terribly
loaves       buffaloes    plays        hobbies        visibly
ourselves    cargoes      quays        injuries       wriggly
scarves      dominoes     toys         jellies        wrinkly
selves       echoes       trays        ladies
sheaves      eskimoes     trolleys     libraries
shelves      heroes       turkeys      lollies
thieves      mangoes      valleys      lorries
wives        potatoes                  memories
wolves       tomatoes                  parties
             volcanoes                 photocopies
21. ily    22. er     23. ier     24. iest     25. ing
angrily    fatter     angrier     angriest     bouncing
clumsily   planner    busier      busiest      calculating
easily     shredder   clumsier    clumsiest    celebrating
happily    winner     chillier    chilliest    competing
heavily    spinner    cosier      cosiest      composing
hungrily   skipper    crazier     craziest     damaging
lazily     swimmer    dirtier     dirtiest     dancing
luckily    beginner   dustier     dustiest     deciding
merrily    thinner    funnier     funniest     decreasing
noisily    fitter     happier     happiest     exploring
prettily   robber     healthier   healthiest   imagining
readily    shopper    heavier     heaviest     including
speedily   chopper    hungrier    hungriest    increasing
steadily   hopper     lazier      laziest      measuring
wearily    runner     lonelier    loneliest    pausing
           drummer    lovelier    loveliest    preserving
           rubber     luckier     luckiest     puncturing
           cutter     merrier     merriest     traipsing
           bigger     nastier     nastiest     whistling
           hotter     noisier     noisiest     wrestling
           biggest    prettier    prettiest    wriggling
           thinnest   rustier     rustiest     writing
           fattest    sillier     silliest
           fittest    tidier      tidiest
26. in      27. ies     28. ied     29. d         30. ed
beginning   applies     applied     exploited     chatted
clapping    bullies     bullied     obtained      chopped
cutting     cries       cried       remained      clapped
digging     denies      denied      repaired      dragged
dragging    fries       fried       bounced       dripped
dropping    lies        lied        cemented      dropped
flapping    relies      relied      complained    fitted
getting     replies     replied     damaged       grabbed
grabbing    qualities   qualitied   danced        hopped
hopping     satisfies   satisfied   decided       hugged
hugging     spies       spied       decreased     patted
humming     supplies    supplied    entertained   permitted
letting     tries       tried       imagined      pinned
planning    carries     carried     increased     planned
running     hurries     hurried     measured      popped
shopping    marries     married     practised     rubbed
skipping    scurries    scurried    refused       skipped
spinning    tidies      tidied      treasured     slapped
stepping    varies      varied      whistled      slipped
wetting     worries     worried     wriggled      stepped
winning                             wrinkled      stopped
slipping                                          trapped
stopping                                          wrapped
                                           Year 2 Spellings

Abbey School
  Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check NAME:                                                     DATE:
Year 2          Week
               Monday   Tuesday           Wednesday             Thursday               Friday        w/e   w/e

                         20 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year2
                                                         Year 2 Spellings

Spelling List –Year 2 : Phase 5

1. P-s             26. P-es       3. s/ es          4. ing               5. d                 6. ed
boats              benches        boasts            beating              amazed               enjoyed
books              lunches        cooks             boiling              closed               joined
chairs             beaches        thinks            coaching             lined                moaned
coins              peaches        sweets            fishing              named                nailed
goals              gases          screams           floating             saved                opened
rooms              buses          speaks            joining              smiled               played
seeds              brushes        waves             looking              tuned                sailed
shops              bushes         hopes             painting             used                 looked
teams              crashes        hates             preaching            waved                cooked
bikes              fishes         slides            reading              baked                soaked
games              wishes         likes             sailing              hoped                booted
homes              classes        coaches           shooting             joked                floated
shapes             dresses        teaches           sleeping             liked                heated
tubes              glasses        preaches          teaching             shaped               invented
cages              kisses         reaches           thinking             smoked               noted
noises             boxes          fishes                                 fated                painted
pages              foxes          rushes                                 hated                pointed
prizes             sixes          wishes                                 mated                shifted
roses              taxes          crushes                                stated               waited
sizes              buzzes         hisses

                                       21 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year2
                                              Year 2 Spellings

7. ck, ke   14. ur     9. y              10. ed               11. compounds        12. al, de
back        disturb    apply             asked                bedroom              almighty
lock        church     deny              blocked              blackbird            almost
chick       murder     rely              called               bonfire              alone
click       murmur     reply             camped               cloakroom            along
crack       burn       supply            crossed              clockwise            already
flick       burnt      carry             killed               cupboard             also
lick        return     hurry             packed               database             altogether
pick        Saturn     marry             passed               football             always
shock       turn       scurry            pecked               goalkeeper           demist
smack       surprise   tidy              picked               goodnight            deflate
stuck       purpose    vary              pressed              grandfather          de-ice
track       curse                        puffed               handbag              defrost
trick       nurse                        rocked               household            decode
take        purse                        sacked               joystick             debug
bake        burst                        sniffed              outside
brake       Thursday                     tricked              paintbrush
flake       Saturday                     walked               playground
coke        hurt                                              popcorn
choke       further                                           sandwich
broke       urgent                                            tablecloth
smoke                                                         upstairs
spoke                                                         waterproof
like                                                          weekend
pike                                                          windmill

                            22 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year2
                                                       Year 2 Spellings

Year 2 : Phase 5
13. re, non        14. dis     15. un             16. mis, anti        17. y                18. ly
refill             disable     unable             misbehave            Bony                 blindly
reform             disagree    unbeaten           misdeal              flaky                bravely
refresh            disarm      unblock            misfire              greasy               correctly
refuse             disclose    uncover            mishear              lazy                 fairly
repay              discover    uncut              mislead              nosy                 hardly
replace            disease     undo               misplace             prickly              kindly
replay             disgrace    unfair             misread              rosy                 lively
return             dislike      unfit             misspell             scary                lonely
reuse              disobey     unfold             mistake              shiny                loudly
revisit            disorder    unhappy            misunderstand        slimy                proudly
non-drip           disown      unkind             misuse               smily                sadly
non-smoker         displease   unload             antifreeze           smoky                shyly
non-starter        disrepair   unlucky            antibody             sparkly              slightly
non-stick          distrust    unpack             anticlockwise        spiky                slowly
non-stop           disuse      unselfish          anti-virus           stony                suddenly
nonsense                       unwell                                  tasty                sweetly
                               unwilling                               wavy                 weekly
                               unwind                                                       wisely

                                     23 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year2
                                                 Year 2 Spellings

19. ful     20. less     21. ness           22. er               23. er               24. est
boastful    ageless      braveness          brighter             baker                brightest
careful     careless     childishness       farmer               braver               fastest
faithful    endless      darkness           faster               closer               kindest
forgetful   fearless     fairness           fighter              dancer               neatest
handful     helpless     foolishness        lighter              driver               slowest
grateful    homeless     kindness           neater               larger               strongest
harmful     hopeless     lateness           prouder              later                weakest
hateful     lifeless     suddenness         reader               liner                wildest
helpful     painless     wickedness         slower               maker                bravest
hopeful     powerless    willingness        starter              nicer                closest
mouthful    seedless                        stronger             rider                largest
painful     shameless                       teacher              riper                latest
playful     smokeless                       tighter              ruder                nicest
powerful    speechless                      weaker               shaver               ripest
spiteful    thankless                       worker               smiler               rudest
thankful    timeless                                             timer
useful      useless                                              wider

                               24 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year2
                                                         Year 2 Spellings

Year 2 : Phase 5
25. plural         26. ing       27. ing            28. ing              29. d                30. ed               irregular   irregular
addresses          burning       crying             closing              disused              assorted             before      suddenly
angles             counting      drying             driving              grumbled             battled              four        sure
bubbles            discovering   frying             hoping               surprised            crowded              head        swimming
churches           disturbing    prying             joking               included             disobeyed            once        tries
diseases           drawing       trying             liking               juggled              displeased           only        world
farmers            filtering     applying           lining               displeased           disturbed            their       young
flowers            frightening   carrying           making               replaced             flawed               two
horses             gleaming      denying            naming               disabled             frightened           were        TRICKY WORDS
houses             hurting       hurrying           poking               misbehaved           marked               above       Oh
markets            murmuring     marrying           saving               refused              murdered             animals     their
murderers          parking       replying           scraping             decoded              powered              brought     people
nights             renewing      relying            shaking              stroked              sorted               change      Mr
nurses             returning     scurrying          sliding              dawdled              turned               different   MRs
parks              starting      supplying          smiling              served               surrounded           during      looked
puppets            streaming     tidying            smoking                                   discovered           earth       called
shirts             throwing      varying            stroking                                  started              eyes        asked
streams            watering                         taking                                    revisited            friends     could
surprises          working                          timing                                                         great
                                                    tuning                                                         heard
                                                    using                                                          important
                                                    waving                                                         laugh

                                       25 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year2
                                                    YEAR 1 SPELLINGS

Abbey School
  Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check   NAME:                                         DATE:
Year 1            Week 1. –a –e
Words        Monday      Tuesday   Wednesday         Thursday               Friday                w/e              w/e   w/e

                                      26 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year 1
                                                     YEAR 1 SPELLINGS

Spelling List: Year 1 - Phase 4
1. –a –e 2. –a –e        3. –i -e   4. –i –e        5. – o –e           6. – o e             mixed              7. –u –e   8. a/ a-e
made      Shade          tide       Smile           coke                broke                boats              cube       mad, made
cage      brake          wide       stile           joke                broken               books              tube       can, cane
page      flake          bike       while           poke                choke                chairs             rude       man, mane
cake      shake          hike       chime           woke                smoke                coins              duke       pan, pane
lake      flame          like       crime           hole                spoke                goals              tune       cap, cape
make      shame          time       slime           dome                spoken               rooms              cute       scrap,
take      plane          fine       shine           home                woken                seeds              chute      scrape
                                                                                                                           tap, tape
care      grape          line       spine           cope                stone                shops              use        at, ate
came      shape          mine       fire            hope                throne               teams              abuse      fat, fate
game      plate          pine       hire            pope                close                bikes              fuse       hat, hate
name      grave          wine       shire           rope                those                games                         mat, mate
same      shave          pipe       spire           hose                chose                homes
date      slave          wise       tire            nose                chosen               shapes
gate      care           bite       wire            roe                 froze                tubes
late      fare           kite       alive           vote                frozen               cages
mate      share          size       drive                                                    noises
gave      square         wise       live                                                     pages
save      stare          inside     prize                                                    prizes
wave                                                                                         roses

                                       27 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year 1
                                                          YEAR 1 SPELLINGS

Spelling List: Year 1 - Phase 4

9. i/ i-e     10. o/o-e u/u-   11. or    12. igh         13. ck              14. ke               15. old,           16. ay    17. air
rid, ride     e robe
              rob,             for       High            back                take                 ild, ind, nt
                                                                                                  bold               Always    air
slid, slide   cod, code        cord      sigh            crack               cake                 cold               away      chair
slim,         rod, rode        fork      might           lack                flake                fold               clay      fair
tin, tine     cop, cope        form      night           mack                lake                 gold               day       hair
spin,         hop, hope        worn      right           rack                make                 golden             display   lair
pin, pine     pop, pope        fort      sight           stack               rake                 hold               gay       pair
win, wine     not, note        deform    slight          track               stake                old                hay       stair
pip, pipe     cub, cube        storm     tight           flick               bike                 sold               holiday   cairn
rip, ripe     tub, tube        born      bright          kick                like                 scold              may
bit, bite     us, use          corn      brighten        lick                pike                 told               pay
spit, spite   cut, cute        morning   flight          pick                spike                mild               play
                               torn      fright          sick                strike               wild               say
                               horse     frighten        block               joke                 behind             stay
                               north     lighten         clock               bloke                blind              today
                               port      tonight         cock                broke                find               tray
                               short                     rock                choke                kind               way
                               snort                     shock               smoke                mind
                               sort                      smock               spoke                wind
                               sport                     duck                coke                 pint
                               cornet                    stuck               smoke
                                                         truck               duke

                                            28 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year 1
                                              YEAR 1 SPELLINGS

Year 1 : Phase 4
18. ea     19. ow   20. aw    21. ew         22. er              23. ar               24. ir
beach      bow      claw      blew           her                 car                  fir
each       allow    draw      chew           after               far                  stir
peach      brow     flaw      crew           paper               star                 bird
reach      cow      in-law    dew            water               hard                 third
teach      how      jaw       drew           herb                card                 girl
lead       now      law       few            verb                barge                swirl
read       brown    outlaw    flew           term                large                twirl
speak      clown    paw       grew           stern               dark                 firm
weak       crown    raw       Jew            verse               mark                 chirrup
deal       down     saw       new            under               market               first
real       drown    straw     renew          over                park                 thirsty
clean      town     lawn      screw          never               shark                birth
cheap      crowd    yawn      stew           silver              spark                birthday
beat       powder   awkward   threw          river               arm                  dirt
eat        towel    awful                    nerve               farm                 dirty
cheat      owl                               serve               harm                 shirt
heat       growl                             sister              part                 skirt
meat       flower                            another             start                thirteen
neat       power                             brother             target               thirty
seat       shower                            mother
treat      tower                             father

                                29 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year 1
                                               YEAR 1 SPELLINGS

Year 1 : Phase 4
25. ea     26. oa   27. oa     28. ow         29. oi/ oy          30.. er/est          31. ed             32. s-r/   33. double
ease       Load     approach   below          coil                colder               Dented             thr
                                                                                                          scrap      address
speak      road     poach      blow           coil                longer               dusted             scrape     better
steal      toad     coach      flow           coin                older                ended              shrimp     butter
steam      loaf     goal       follow         foil                richer               funded             shrink     button
cream      cloak    groan      glow           join                smaller              grunted            shrug      collect
dream      oak      loan       grow           join                smoother             handed             shred      common
scream     soak     moan       low            oil                 sweeter              hunted             splash     daddy
team       soap     boast      own            point               taller               landed             splice     dinner
mean       boat     coast      show           soil                braver               lifted             spring     hammer
please     coat     roast      slow           toil                closer               listed             straight   happy
east       float    toast      snow           boy                 riper                melted             stream     ladder
beast      gloat               throw          coy                 safer                mended             string     letter
feast      goat                yellow         joy                 wider                planted            strip      lolly
dear       oat                                toy                 wiser                rusted             stripe     lorry
ear        throat                                                 coldest              tested             stroke     mummy
fear                                                              longest                                 thrash     puppet
hear                                                              oldest                                  three      puppy
near                                                              richest                                 throat     rabbit
spear                                                             smallest                                throne     rubber
year                                                              sweetest                                throttle   sudden
easy                                                              bravest                                 thrush     summer
                                                                  safest                                             supper
                                                                  safest                                             tennis

                                 30 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year 1
                                                YEAR 1 SPELLINGS

Year 1 : Phase 4
34.        35. le    36.ou         37. Irregular                       38. LH Irregular                          39. Tricky words
bubble     bible     cloud      after                              balloon                                 said
scribble bundle      proud      because                            can't                                   have
cuddle     candle    around     blue                               coming                                  like
daddy      dawdle    found      could                              didn't                                  so
middle     handle    ground     don't                              door                                    do
muddle     needle    pound      give                               knew                                    come
puddle     noodle    round      going                              lady                                    were
paddle     poodle    sound      how                                lived                                   there
riddle     chuckle   surround   know                               love                                    little
saddle     prickle   wound      live                               money                                   one
juggle     tickle    count      more                               often                                   when
smuggle uncle        flour      now                                place                                   out
apple      angle     hour       only                               school                                  what
battle     ankle     our        right                              sometimes
bottle     grumble   sour       should                             something
kettle     able      house      these                              stopped
little     cable     mouse      their                              until
dazzle     fable     out        they                               whole
drizzle    sable     outside    want                               write
puzzle     table     about      when                               Mr
           sample    shout      which                              Mrs
           simple    mouth      who
                     south      would

                                  31 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Year 1
                                     Reception Class Spellings

 Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check NAME:                                                        DATE:
Year R        Week 1. ad
Words      Monday     Tuesday         Wednesday              Thursday                  Friday           w/e   w/e

                        32 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                         Reception Class Spellings

Spelling List – Reception (phase 2)

1. ad     2. ag     3. am                4. an               5. ap                   6. at                  7. ut   8. c
bad       bag       am                    an                 cap                     at                     but     can
dad       gag       dam                   can                lap                     bat                    cut     cap
had       nag       ham                   fan                map                     cat                    gut     cat
lad       rag       jam                   man                nap                     fat                    hut     cod
mad       sag       ram                   pan                rap                     hat                    nut     cot
pad       tag       yam                   ran                tap                     mat                    rut     cup
sad       wag       Sam                   van                zap                     pat                            cut
                    Pam                   Dan                sap                     rat                            car
                                                             yap                     sat

                            33 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                            Reception Class Spellings

9. as, ax   10. ed, eg   11. en, es         12. et              13. id, i               14. ig, im             15. k   16. plural
as          Bed          den                 bet                bid                     big                    kid     cats
gas         fed          hen                 get                did                     dig                    kit     hats
has         led          men                 jet                hid                     fig                    Kim     nets
            red          pen                 let                kid                     pig                            nuts
fax         wed          ten                 met                lid                     rig                            pets
tax                      Ben                 net                rid                                                    pots
wax         beg          Ken                 pet                                        dim                            rats
Max         leg          Len                 set                if                      him                            cups
            peg                              vet                in                      rim                            mops
                         Yes                 wet                it                                                     pips
                         Les                 yet                is

                               34 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                      Reception Class Spellings

17. in   18. ip   19. is, ix          20. it              21. od, on, ox          22. og                 23. P   24. irreg
bin      Dip      is                   bit                cod                     bog                    beds    a
din      hip      his                  fit                nod                     cog                    lids    be
fin      lip                           hit                pod                     dog                    pads    by
in       nip      fix                  kit                rod                     fog                    rods    come
pin      pip      six                  lit                                        hog                    vans    do
sin      rip                           pit                on                      jog                    bins    go
tin      sip                           sit                won                     log                    hens    no
win      tip                                              son                                            bags    have
         zip                                                                                             legs    he
                                                          box                                            pigs    here

                         35 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                        Reception Class Spellings

25. op   26. ot      27. ub, ud         28. ug              29. um up               30. un,us              31. irregular   32. irregular
cop      Cot         cub                 bug                gum                     bun                    I               so
hop      dot         pub                 dug                hum                     fun                    me              some
mop      got         rub                 hug                mum                     gun                    my              the
pop      hot         tub                 jug                rum                     nun                    no              they
top      jot                             lug                sum                     run                    put             to
bop      lot         bud                 mug                                        sun                    said            was
         not         mud                 rug                cup                                            see             we
         pot                             tug                pup                     bus                                    saw
         rot                                                                        us                                     upon
Tricky    the to I   no go into

                           36 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                          Reception Class Spellings

Reception: Phase 3
1. ck    2. ck       3. all, ell          4. ill              5. ff. ft               6. ss                  7. bl, fl   8. cl, pl
back     lock        ball                  bill               cliff                   hiss                   black       clap
pack     rock        call                  fill               sniff                   kiss                   bless       cliff
rack     sock        fall                  hill               stiff                   miss                   blob        click
sack     duck        hall                  kill               huff                    bless                  block       cling
kick     luck        tall                  mill               puff                    dress                  blot        clip
lick     muck        wall                  pill               stuff                   less                   flag        clock
pick     suck        bell                  sill               off                     mess                   flap        clot
sick     tuck        fell                  till               drift                   press                  flat        club
tick                 hell                  will               gift                    cross                  flick       plan
deck                 sell                                     lift                    across                 flip        plot
neck                 tell                                     swift                   moss                   flock       plum
peck                 well                                     left                    fuss                               plug
                     yell                                     soft                                                       pluck

                             37 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                                Reception Class Spellings

9. gl, sl   10. br, cr, dr 11. fr, gr, pr       12. tr tw, sw 13. st                        14. st                 15. 5 sk   16. c, sc
glad        brick          frill                 track              stack                   list                   Kent       clap
glum        bring          frog                  trap               stall                   mist                   kept       click
slap        crab           from                  trick              stamp                   best                   kill       cling
slim        crack          frost                 trip               stand                   nest                   king       clip
slip        crisp          grab                  trot               stick                   test                   kiss       club
slot        drag           grill                 truck              stiff                   vest                   skid       crak
slum        dress          grin                  twig               still                   west                   skill      crisp
            drill          grip                  twin               sting                   cost                   skin       scab
            drip           pram                  twist              stink                   lost                   skip
            drop           prick                 swam               step                    dust                   sky
            drum           prod                  swim               stop                    just
                                                 swell              stuck                   must
                                                 swop                                       rust

                                   38 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                             Reception Class Spellings

17. mp    18. sm, sn,   19. lp lk,lt         20. ast, ass, 21. nd                        22. nd, pt             23. ng   24. ing
          sp                                 ask
camp      small         help                  blast              and                     second                 bang     bring
damp      smell         yelp                  cast               band                    spend                  fang     fling
lap       snag          pulp                  last               grand                   send                   gang     cling
stamp     snap          talk                  past               hand                    pond                   hang     king
tramp     snip          walk                  mast               handbag                 fund                   rang     ring
limp      snug          stalk                 fast               land                    crept                  sang     sing
dump      span          belt                  brass              sand                    kept                   long     sling
jump      spat          felt                  class              wind                    slept                  song     sting
lump      spill         melt                  glass              windmill                swept                  hung     swing
plump     spin          smelt                 grass              bend                    wept                   lung     wing
trumpet   spit          halt                  pass               end                                            sung
          spell         salt                  ask                lend
          spot                                                   mend

                                39 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                           Reception Class Spellings

Reception – Phase 3
25. nk   26. nt       27. y                28. ch              29. sh                  30. sh                 31. th    32. ee
bank     Ant          by                    chop               shaft                   ash                    than      see
blank    pant         cry                   chat               shed                    cash                   that      deed
plank    plant        dry                   chess              shell                   crash                  the       feed
sank     bent         fly                   chest              shift                   flash                  them      need
stank    dent         fry                   chicken            shin                    slash                  then      seed
tank     lent         my                    chill              ship                    mash                   there     weed
blink    rent         sky                   chin               shop                    rash                   thin      feel
drink    sent         sly                   chip               shock                   smash                  thing     heel
ink      spent        sty                   chuck              shop                    dish                   think     seem
pink     tent         try                   arch               shun                    fish                   this      been
sink     went                               bench              shut                    wish                   bath      seen
stink    blunt                              drench             shy                     brush                  path      deep
wink     grunt                              rich                                       crush                  with      keep
         hunt                                                                          hush                   both      peep
         invent                                                                        rush                   cloth     feet
                                                                                       selfish                clothes   meet

                              40 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception
                                     Reception Class Spellings

33. ee    34. oo   35. oo            36. qu              37. ai                  tricky
free      too      good               quit               wait                    he
three     food     stood              quiz               gail                    she
tree      mood     wood               quins              hail                    we
bleed     root     book               quell              nail                    me
speed     cool     brook              quilt              pail                    be
cheek     fool     cook               quick              sail                    was
steel     pool     hook               quack              again                   you
between   room     look               squat              brain                   they
green     broom    shook              squid              drain                   all
queen     spoon    took               squint             pain                    are
sheep     moon     wool               liquid             grain                   my
sleep     soon     foot               Quentin            paint                   her
sweep     boot     soot                                  plain                   one
sheet     shoot                                          rain                    two
sleet                                                    saint
sweet                                                    train

                        41 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\4d172b37-da05-48a2-9bc4-0521c184b457.xlsx Reception

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