Critical Analysis on Microsoft Inc by CraigKostkaa


									Craig Kostka & Raman Gill
Analytical Case Study
Summary of the Facts
Microsoft was                              “At Microsoft, [their] mission is to
founded in “1975 by                        help people and businesses
Bill Gates and Paul                        throughout the world realize their
Allen”.                                    full potential.”

("Fast Facts About Microsoft.” 1)          (“About Microsoft: Your Potential. Our Passion.” 1)

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in
                                                                        Microsoft’s services
software, services, and solutions.                                      include Skype, Bing,
(“About Microsoft: Your Potential. Our Passion.” 1)
                                                                        and Xbox Live.

                                                                        ("Fast Facts About Microsoft.” 1)
Statement of the Case

Microsoft is a globally successful organization in the technology market
due to its product and service innovation.
   Swot Analysis

Strengths                                                  Weaknesses
- Active in several markets                                - Google dominates Microsoft’s Bing for #1
- Windows dominates over 90% of OS market                      search engine ("Microsoft's SWOT Analysis: What We
  ("Microsoft's SWOT Analysis: What We Discovered.“   1)       Discovered.“ 1)

- “Xbox holds #1 spot in the gaming console market”        - No recognition in the mobile market (phones,
  ("Microsoft's SWOT Analysis: What We Discovered.“ 1)         tablets)
- Rapid product development                                - Microsoft is dependent on computer
                                                               manufacturers to pre-load Windows OS.

Opportunities                                              Threats
- Dominate in the mobile market                            -     Google vs. Bing
- Source code and source programs                          -     Apple operating systems
- Enter new markets                                        -     Hardware manufacturers introduce their own
                                                           -     Windows phone reputation
Competitive Advantage

    Wide market of
                        Strong relationships with customers and
    products and

    Microsoft dominates the OS
                                 Investing in innovation.
Total Quality Management

                                          Microsoft focuses                         Microsoft
                                          on continuous                             continuously
   Microsoft is very                      improvement,                              attempts to hire
   comfortable losing                     customer                                  people whom are
   money year after                       satisfaction, and                         top in their
   year to keep going                     product quality.                          respective field.
   after strategic
   ("The 12 Simple Secrets of Microsoft
   Management." 1)
                                          “The employee’s goal is to win 100% of
                                          what market share Microsoft is going
                                          after. “
                                          ("The 12 Simple Secrets of Microsoft Management." 1)
Supply Chain Management

    Microsoft supplies thousands of         Most of Microsoft’s
    businesses with networking and IT       products are sold
    solutions.                              at retailers.

    Hardware manufacturers preload Microsoft's Windows OS.
    (Dell, HP, Acer)
Stage of development in E-commerce

   Users can easily
   products via their
   homepage.             1) Choose product on the homepage.
                         2) Redirect you to one of Microsoft’s third-
                         party websites. (
                         3) With provided instructions you can
                         download or order products from the site.
   Microsoft is at
   stage 5 in the
   development of e-
Corporate Social Responsibility

         TEALS - Technology
                                  Empowering youth    “It takes
         Education and
                                  through education   more than a
         Literacy in Schools
                                  and technology.     great product
                                                      to make a

                                                      Bill Gates, Chairman
         As Microsoft
         expands so does          Donating software   ("2012 Microsoft
                                                      Citizenship Report." 1)
         their social             to non-profits.
                         General Ideas &
McClelland's Acquired Needs Theory

        Need for Power
        Gain advantage in
        OS market

                               Need for Achievement
                               Create better foundation in
                               the gaming market
        Need for Affiliation
        within the
        Corporate world
                       General Ideas &
Problem Solving Styles

       The Backup
       Create a crisis decision plan

       Programmed Decision Making        Evolution

       Reflect on past situations when   React to external
       solving                           changes
                           General Ideas &
5 Contingencies of Organizational Design

       Mature Life Cycle
       Going back to the Midlife Stage – Room to grow

       Adaptive Design          Small Batch Production
       More flexibility         Provides customization to suit specific
       and innovation           customer requests
                            General Ideas &
Leadership Enhancements

        Satisfier Factor Conditions
                                                            Long-term Oriented
        Creates a sense of
                                                            Effective leaders focus on long-
        achievement and
                                                            term goals
        recognition in job content

        Selling (Explaining task directions)
                                               Democratic Leadership
        High Relationship
                                               Commits to task and people –
        Behavior & High
                                               encourages participation
        Task Behavior
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