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					The Future of Web3D
Neil Trevett
Senior VP Market Development, 3Dlabs President, Web3D Consortium Chairman, Khronos Group

The Future?

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Alan Kay What is the commercial context for our Web3D efforts? What is the VITAL ROLE that Web3D can play in that industry? How should we organize and work to best fulfill that role?

The Rich Media Dream
• The ability to merge traditional 2D media interactively with 3D media -> “Rich Media” • To be able to deliver it – securely anytime, anywhere • To build this kind of dream takes technology innovation and industry cooperation • What are the pieces of the puzzle?

Making 3D a Part of Rich Media

DELIVER Rich Media Including 3D graphics CREATE Rich Media Including 3D graphics COMMUNICATE Rich Media Including 3D graphics

Standards are needed to make this vision come true…

The Micro Universe of 3D Standards
Enabling advanced 3D graphics to be accelerated on embedded devices – including cell phones

Khronos Group

Evolving the capabilities of graphics hardware to enable real-time, interactive cinematic realism


Note: not ignoring Java! Java has a community standardization process These technologies are used by Java applications

Enabling the communication of realtime 3D content across applications, networks and the web

Web3D Consortium

OpenGL 2.0 Shading Language
• 3D Graphics programmable hardware enables cinematic realism
• OpenGL Shading Language – cross platform C-like language • Can create almost unlimited “shader programs”

• A single VPU contains hundreds of floating point processors
• It‟s like a free supercomputer with every graphics board

• Blurring the boundaries between CG and interactive content
• “Real-time Toy Story” within the next 3-5 years

Fixed function hardware Programmable hardware to accelerate complex shading algorithms IN REAL TIME

Evolving Delivery Systems
• Cell phones - evolving into ubiquitous, personal, media-capable computing devices before our eyes
VisionGane Report: Wireless Gaming 2002-2007 Currently there are around 5M wireless games users in Europe but by 2005 this number is set to grow to an astonishing 130M

Jul‟02: IDC 150M imaging phones by „06 Nov‟02: Nokia projects 50M imaging phones in „03 Dec‟02: ALL NTT DoCoMo 3G phones have imaging

Rich Media in your hand


ARC Group Report: Worldwide Market Analysis 2003-2008 To date, over 40 cellular operators worldwide have launched mobile video services



3D Games


OpenGL ES – Embedded Graphics
• Khronos has created a small-footprint subset of OpenGL
• Created with the blessing and cooperation of the OpenGL ARB

• Full functionality for 3D games
• On a wide variety of platforms – including handhelds

Feedback and Ratification

ARB Embedded Focus
Small footprint e.g. 50KB software engines

Workstation Focus

Eliminate Redundancy

Eliminate Workstation Functionality

OpenGL ES Roadmap
• Being updated every year by default
• To keep pace with rapidly developing handheld platforms capabilities

Full high-level shading language capability to harness the power of programmable hardware

OpenGL 2.0

Shader programmability for embedded devices

Widely available cross-platform 3D graphics API

OpenGL 1.5
OpenGL ES 1.1

OpenGL ES 2.0
Increasing emphasis on enabling emerging hardware with video support and enhanced 3D pipeline

OpenGL 1.3

OpenGL ES 1.0

Enabling software AND hardware implementations – including small-footprint, low-end fixed point platforms



OpenGL ES – Central to Mobile 3D
JSR 239 Defining official Java Bindings to OpenGL ES COMMUNICATING 3D Content

Java Applications

C/C++ Applications

Usable directly by applications Usable by higher abstraction libraries “Close to the metal” API provides portability AND flexibility

Browsers Hardware OpenGL ES Engines

Games Engines

Middleware Libraries

Software OpenGL ES Engines

Brings advanced 2D/3D graphics to a wide range of platforms


The Micro Universe of 3D Standards
ARB “Creation” Khronos “Delivery”


Defines how to program shaders using GLSL
Works out how to send shaders across a network Figures out how your cell phone will play them




Web3D “Communication”

Free 3D From its Rectangular Prison!
• 3D must be much more than “something special” in a window • 3D needs to be a first-class media type
The Rich Media Universe Integration of 3D into rich media Seamless delivery with Video, Images Audio and 2D The 3D Universe APIs File formats GPUs and VPUs Shader Programs Etc.
Macro View of 3D BEGINNING to happen E.g. Looking Glass and Longhorn 3D UIs X3D in MPEG-4 and XML

This is just the Micro View of 3D

Web3D Consortium – The Macro View
Communicating via the Web X3D defining how 3D graphics is integrated into the 2D via XML Communicating via Broadcast X3D is the 3D component of the MPEG-4 standard – tightly integrated 3D and video

Building the foundation of the Worldwide Web


Experts in video creation and delivery


Creating International Standards
Communicating into the Future A stable and long-lived standards foundation for companies to build their future upon


Web3D has cooperative agreements with other key standards bodies to promote 3D solutions to the wider industry

Communicating 3D is our Vital Role
Between applications

“Open Standards to enable the communication of real-time 3D across networks and XML-based web services”

Between systems

Communicable 3D – Death by 1,000 Apps
• Web3D does not have a killer application
• But many, diverse uses across different market segments
No single market segment has enough demand for 3D communications to create commercial critical mass

Communicatin g 3D in CAD Markets Communicating 3D in VizSim Markets
Communicating 3D in Broadcast Markets

Communicatin g 3D in GIS Markets Communicatin g 3D in AEC Markets

Proprietary Web3D solutions typically fail as they address only one segment– and don‟t find enough customers Need TRANS-SEGMENT STANDARDS to amortize the cost of developing 3D communication solutions across ALL segments Collectively all the segments together form a commercial critical mass Games are not the killer app – although a $30Bn industry – most games are 3D apps that communicate – they don‟t communicate 3D

Communicating 3D in Medical Markets

X3D – a Trans-Segment Standard
Vertical Working Groups use X3D to vertical market SOLUTIONS




VizSim Broadcast

Markets that need to communicate 3D
An extensible, adaptable foundation standard
The X3D Working Group defines a foundation TECHNOLOGY

Cross Segment Synergy
• Vertical focus is key to enable market segments
• But a cross-segment ecosystem will begin to form to the benefit of all
Detailed segment solutions can crossfertilize other segments due to the use of a common foundation technology – X3D

Communicatin g 3D in CAD Markets Communicating 3D in VizSim Markets
Communicating 3D in Broadcast Markets

Communicatin g 3D in GIS Markets Communicatin g 3D in AEC Markets

Communicating 3D in Medical Markets

E.g. CAD, H-anim, GIS, AEC solutions are interoperable for advanced 3D applications

Consortium 3.0 – In Construction
Wide industry participation with clear benefits and low barrier to entry A clear focus and message: what we do and where we fit

Strong Commercial Focus To effectively play our role in the larger industry: Enabling the communication of interactive 3D

Strongly focused on developing foundation technologies - and creating vertical segment solutions

State-of-the-art Participation Framework with solid IP policy to protect members and the standards they produce

Consortium Participation Model
The Board decides on strategy: what Working Groups, how spend the budget, ratification of Final Specifications, sending ratified specifications to ISO Individual rights PLUS vote in Working Groups and vote on bylaws changes Can stand for election to the Board. Participate in Working Groups. Early access to specification drafts Openly and publicly distributed – free of charge Contributor rights PLUS guaranteed seat on the Board

Promoters Contributors Individuals

Any organization or individual can join. All work is done in WORKING GROUPS: WGs Produce Final Specifications and other products. WGs open to ANY member. All work-in-progress is Confidential to the membership Example & sample implementations, Conformance Tests etc. Fee for access – waived for members.

Ratified Specifications
Adopters Implementers

Adopter Packages

Selected standards are entered into the ISO process

Conforming products can use trademark

Anyone can download specification and implement royalty-free products

• Rich Media integration of 3D is a significant commercial opportunity
• For both hardware and software communities

• “Communicating 3D” is Web3D‟s vital role in this vision
• X3D - and its application to vertical market segments - is critical • Web3D is enhancing its commercial focus to ensure it plays its role effectively

• Industry participation is vital
• Web3D Membership is open to all – and beneficial to its members

• Get involved in making the standards we all need!
• (And get the inside track advantage on your competitors)

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