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  Marc John Randazza – Randazza Legal Group
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  It has come to my attention that Marc Randazza (
  the-crystal-cox-story/) has been obsessed with a blogger fight with Crystal Cox. He seems to be getting old posts off of my blog
  that were deleted a long time ago and posting them on his blog. Not sure how this works, but I thought when you delete a post it
  does go away. I am wondering if he is getting this information from Kevin Padrick or David Aman.

  Anyway, I commented on his posts regarding these deleted posts, but he decided to not allow them to show up on his blog. So, I
  will put them here on my blog…

  1. Stephanie DeYoung       says:

  Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  April 4, 2012 at 8:06 am

  Dear Author,

  It is nice that you have used an old post of mine that I have removed. My post was in part true and in part emotionally based. You see, Crystal was fighting for me
  because my family had me hospitalized because I had a manic episode after fleeing for my life from Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance and David Aman of Tonkon Torp.
  They had harrassed me, bullied me, and took all my investments using tactics such as freezing bank accounts, filing court proceedings, making false accusations in the
  newspaper and in the court documents, making me do a deposition before any of the Summit 1031 Accommodators owners had to, making me do a 2004 documentation
  request, ignoring my rights in my ownership in various properties, etc. While trying to fight for my rights, they played their attorney games with my attorney’s making my
  attorney bills huge. I finally ran out of money to fight for my rights, so they got my properties by me filing for bankrupcty so they couldn’t keep coming after me. They
  simply took my children’s investment illegally, but again I have no money now to fight it and even if I did, it wouldn’t be enough because Kevin Padrick has way more
  money and resources, that no justice could ever be found.
            Related Searches: United States Bankruptcy Code | State Bankruptcy | Filing Bankruptcy Online | Trustee In Bankrup
  So Crystal attacked my family because they hospitalized me in a total innappropriate manner and I believe there was some other powers higher up that contributed to the                                                                                                                                         1/9
2/12/13                                                                             Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance
  way things went down. Anyway, I removed the post you have here on this blog because after I was done being angry at everyone including Crystal, I realized it was
  emotionally charged and without merit.

  I wish you would get the story straight on who the true predator is.

  Stephanie Studebaker-DeYoung

  2. Stephanie DeYoung        says:

   Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  April 4, 2012 at 8:54 am

   Since this story is not transparent and there has been no real investigation into the matter, I have let the public see my original blog on this story. I took it down because
  I wanted nothing to do with Kevin Padrick of Obsidian Finance, but somehow he has convinced the media that he is this good guy who has been damaged. He is not
  anything close to good. He is a vulture who waits for his kill to die and he takes all that he can. The blog that originated this story was my blog. You can read it at

   Crystal Cox based much of what she wrote on either what I told her or what was on my blogs. She fought for the victims in this case and that seems to be forgotten. She
  did this for no money at all.

   Kevin Padrick was originally hired on as a consultant (not the highest paying job). He took Summit’s financial information to the creditors (other side and definite
  conflict of interest) without anyone’s direction to do so but himself. He has not proven otherwise. That manuever made him approximately $6.5 Million as Trustee of the
  bankruptcy – a much higher paying job. Like he didn’t know exactly what he was doing when he made false promises to the Summit Accommodator’s shareholders when
  he was selling his consultant services to them in their time of need.

   Maybe Someone Should really get the FACTS straight here.

  Stephanie DeYoung

                                                                       Do They Teach Attorneys to Lie In Law School????

  Marc Randazza put a video on his blog saying these posts were from Crystal Cox and that is why he did not allow them to be published on his blog, but Marc Randazza
  is a LIAR. He emailed me right after I made the above comments….The blue type is my response to his email below…

   You are just like all the media folk. Talk about the nut jobs to divert the publics’ attention to the real corruption happening in our country. I wouldn’t expect anything less. However, this
  crackpot as you call Ms. Cox does write on my story and the stories of many, but that doesn’t make my story a joke. My blog is my story, the truth, and not a joke no matter how anyone else
  reiterates it. If someone reads my blog, they will either get it or hate it. I don’t care. It is my story and not a joke. You see no matter what you media people do to divert peoples’ attention from
  the scamming going on in our bankruptcy system and basically every other governmental based system we Americans have, we the people are not all blindly falling for it. If you are not part of
  the solution, you are part of the problem and that seems to be good with you because you think it is news and you play the media game – right or wrong – you really don’t care about much at                                                                                                                                                                    2/9
2/12/13                                                                            Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance
  all. Don’t worry you have many friends in your business who are the same as you. No heart, just news to divert attention away from the real bad guys.

   Please don’t email me back as I have no more time to waste on typical news reporters. []
  Sent: Wednesday , A pril 04, 2012 7:21 A M
  To: look toy
  Subject: [FWD: [The Legal Saty ricon] Please moderate: “New York Times chimes in on the Cry stal Cox Story ”]

   Ms. De Young,

   I se e your point. I tak e no position on the facts of your particular case . I do not k now Ke vin Padrick . The story, howe ve r, is no longe r about Sum m it, Ke vin,
  or O bsidian.

   The story is about Ms. C ox and how she is, as you de scribe d he r, an “inte rne t pre dator.”

   I re alize how frustrating it m ust be for you that Ms. C ox has change d the narrative of the story from one about Ke vin to one about he r. But, that’s what he r
  be havior has done . None of us writing about this m atte r re ally are inte re ste d in anything that O bsidian m ight have done . It isn’t that we don’t care about
  corruption. W e m ost ce rtainly do. But, C ox is the story — not O bsidian.

    Eve n if what C ox says about Ke vin is true , the way she doe s it is be yond une thical. W he n you want to ge t a m e ssage out, you say your m e ssage and se e how
  the m ark e tplace of ide as re acts to it. As you can se e , the m ark e tplace of ide as has e m brace d the story that C rystal C ox is a nutcase and a sle azy pre dator.
   Nobody had to “google bom b” he r to spre ad that word. Nobody had to re giste r hundre ds of dom ain nam e s with he r nam e in it to do that. If the story about
  Padrick was com pe lling e nough, othe r pe ople would have talk e d about it. The way C ox did it de stroye d all cre dibility of the criticism of him .

   Le ts just pre sum e for a m om e nt that e ve rything you have to say about O bsidian is true . He re ’s the proble m — whe n a com ple te crack pot lik e C ox starts
  scre am ing your m e ssage , e ve ryone think s that your m e ssage is false .

   Finally, e ve n if Ke vin Padrick is a horrible pe rson, C ox is de m onstrably and provably worse . The y say “don’t shoot the m e sse nge r,” and I agre e with that. But,
  whe n the m e sse nge r is a twiste d and insane troll, you don’t shoot the m e sse nge r, you just turn your back on the m e sse nge r.

    The fact is, nobody care s if Ke vin Padrick is corrupt or not. C ox m ade sure of that. Now, all anyone care s about is showing the world what a nut she is.

    I would be ve ry inte re ste d in spe ak ing to you about this m ore . Fe e l fre e to give m e a call.

  Marc John Randazza*
  Randazza Legal Group
  6525 W e st W arm Springs R d. Ste . 100
  Las Ve gas, Ne vada 89118
  Toll Fre e : 888-667-1113
  e m ail: m jr (at) randazza (dot) com
  e Fax : 305.437.7662

  Other Offices: Miami, Phoenix & Toronto                                                                                                                                               3/9
2/12/13                                                Summit 1031 Kevin Padrick Obsidian Finance

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