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What it is                  List of Wisconsin mines and processing plants for frac

Current as of                                                               10/24/2012

Sources                     News articles, interviews with county officials, permit

Caveats and limitations     (1) This list should considered an "at least" list, not an

                            (2) Some addresses may be approximate.

                            (3) Interviews were conducted throughout June, and the

                            (4) Facilities listed as "In Development" have received

                            (5) Employment numbers weren't available for all

Credits                     Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism reporter

Questions, updates, additions? Kate Prengaman,
MAP_ID_    County     Community        Facility Name                Facility Type
       1   Barron     Arland           Sandy Bruder                 Mine
       2   Barron     Clinton          Superior Silica Sands PP     Processing
                                                                    Mine and plant
       3   Barron     Prairie Farm     Sandy Bruder                 processing plant
       4   Barron     New Auburn       Superior Silica Sands PP     Processing plant
                                                                    Mine and
      86   Barron     Arland           Midwest Frac                 processing plant
      87   Barron     Arland           Robert Nelson and
                                       Canadian Sand                Mine and
      88   Barron     Sumner           Proppants                    Mine and plant
      89   Barron     Dovre            Chieftain Sand and Mine
                                       Great Northern Sand          processing
                                                                    Mine and plant
      90   Barron     Dovre            Proppants                    processing plant
      91   Barron     Arland           10K International            Mine
                                                                    Mine and
      92   Barron     Arland           EOG Resources                processing plant
                                                                    Mine and
      93   Barron     Sioux Creek      Sioux Creek Silica           processing plant
                                                                    Mine and
      94   Barron     Arland           Barron Sand Plant            processing plant
      95   Barron     Clinton          Superior Silica Sands        Mine and
      96   Buffalo    Gilmanton        R & J Rolling Acres, LLP     processing plant
      97   Buffalo    Mondovi          Larson/Stanton/Johnson       Mine
                                                                    Mine and
      98   Buffalo    Montana          Seven Sands, LLC             processing plant
      99   Buffalo    Buffalo          Ryan Barth- Platts Valley    Mine
     100   Buffalo    Gilmanton        Kendell Klevgard             Mine
     101   Buffalo    Modena           Steve Stamm                  Mine
     102   Buffalo    Mondovi          Steve & Beth Segerstrom      Mine
     103   Buffalo    Dover            Gregory Dry Plant and Rail
                                       Starkey Weber                Mine
     104   Buffalo    Cochrane         Loading                      Processing plant
                                                                    Mine and
     105   Buffalo    Mondovi          Buffalo White Sands          processing
                                                                    Mine and plant
     106   Burnett    Grantsburg, WI   Interstate Energy Partners
                                       Chippewa Sands               processing plant
      16   Chippewa   New Auburn       Company PP                   Processing plant
      17   Chippewa   Bloomer          Preferred Sands PP           Processing plant
                                                                    Mine and
      18   Chippewa   Auburn           Mikl Mine                    processing plant
      19   Chippewa   Auburn           Hwy 64 Mine                  Mine
      20   Chippewa   Auburn           Glaser Mine                  Mine and
      21   Chippewa   Auburn           Boese Mine                   processing plant
      22   Chippewa   Auburn           Emberts Mine                 Mine
      23   Chippewa   Cooks Valley     Rogge Mine                   Mine
      24   Chippewa   Cooks Valley     LeGesse Mine                 Mine
                                                                    Mine and
      25   Chippewa   Cooks Valley     Buchner/Robinson Mine        processing plant
      26   Chippewa   Cooks Valley     EOG DS Mine                  Mine
      27   Chippewa   Howard           EOG S&S                      Mine
      83   Chippewa   Chippewa Falls   EOG                          Processing plant
                                                                    Mine and
     205   Chippewa   Cooks Valley     Swinney                      Processing
      28   Clark      Weston           Quality Excavating
                                       Marawood Sand and            Mine
      29   Clark      York             Gravel                       Mine and
      84   Clark      Neillsville      Panther Creek                processing
                                                                    Mine and plant
      85   Columbia   Portage          Unimin                       processing plant
                                                               Mine and
208   Crawford     Bridgeport     Pattison Sand Co. Sand
                                  Wisconsin Industrial         Processing
                                                               Mine and
 30   Dunn         Menomonie      Company                      processing plant
 31   Dunn         Menomenie      Vista Sand                   Rail Load-Out
 32   Eau Claire   Augusta        Five Star Properties         Mine
 33   Eau Claire   Otter Creek    High County Sand             Mine and
 81   Eau Claire   Augusta        Hi Crush Augusta             processing plant
 82   Eau Claire   Eau Claire     Red Flint                    Processing plant
206   Eau Claire   Eau Claire     Muskie Proppant              Mine and Rail
                                                               Plant and
 79   Green Lake   Markesan       A.F. Gelhar                  Mine and plant
 80   Green Lake   Fairwater      Badger Fairwater             processing plant
  5   Jackson      BEAR BLUFF     Allen Cranberry              Mine
  6   Jackson      Bear Bluff     Callaway                     Mine and
  7   Jackson      Bear Bluff     Legacy Bogs 1                processing plant
                                                               Mine and
  8   Jackson      Taylor         Jackson Sand                 processing plant
  9   Jackson      Cleveland      Bethke                       Mine
 10   Jackson      Bear Bluff     Nemitz                       Mine
                                                               Mine and
 11   Jackson      Bear Bluff     Legacy Bogs 3                processing plant
 12   Jackson      Bear Bluff     Legacy Bogs 2                Mine
 13   Jackson      Knapp          Claude Rigelman              Mine
                                                               Mine and
 14   Jackson      Alma           South Alma Sand 2            processing plant
                                                               Mine and
 15   Jackson      Alma           South Alma Sand 1            processing plant
                                                               Mine and
 53   Jackson      Taylor         Taylor Frac                  processing
                                                               Mine and plant
 54   Jackson      Taylor         Badger Mining                processing plant
                                                               Resin coating
 78   Jackson      Taylor         Atlas Resin                  facility and
209   Jackson      Franklin       Coulee Frac                  Mine
210   Jackson      Albion/Adams   Curran-Houser                Mine and
211   Jackson      Alma           Goose Landing Sand           Processing
                                                               Mine and
212   Jackson      Hixton         Smart Sand                   Processing
213   Jackson      Springfield    Chalsma Mine                 Mine and
 42   La Crosse    Bangor         Southern Precision Sands     processing plant
 34   Monroe       Warrens        Hungry Run Cranberry         Mine and
 35   Monroe       Tunnel City    Unimin                       processing plant
 36   Monroe       Byron          Copper Creek                 Mine
                                                               Mine and
 37   Monroe       Wyeville       Hi Crush Proppants           processing plant
                                                               Mine and
 38   Monroe       Oakdale        Fairview/Smart Sand          processing
                                                               Mine and plant
 39   Monroe       Oakdale        Hi Crush Proppants           processing plant
 40   Monroe       Tomah          Proppant Specialists         Processing plant
                                                               Mine and
 41   Monroe       Sparta         U.S. Silica Sparta           Mine and plant
 43   Monroe       Oakdale        Bear Creek Cranberry         processing plant
                                                               Mine and
214   Monroe       Grant          U.S. Silica (Grant?)         Processing
 44   Pepin        Frankfort      Bechel                       Mine
 45   Pierce       Union          Highway 10 plant             Processing plant
 46   Pierce       Maiden Rock    Wisconsin Industrial
                                  Wisconsin Industrial Sands   (underground)
 47   Pierce       Hager City     Sands (Bay City Mine)        Processing plant
                                      Wisconsin Industrial         Mine
 48   Pierce       Bay City           Sands (Bay City Mine)
                                      Wisconsin Industrial         (underground)
107   Pierce       Diamond Bluff      Sands (Diamond Bluff)        (underground)
215   Pierce       Trenton            Wisconsin Industrial Sands   Plant
 49   St. Croix    Springfield        Mathy/Milestone              Mine
 50   St. Croix
      Trempealea   Glennwood          Vista Sand                   Mine and
 51   u
      Trempealea   Blair              Preferred Sands              processing plant
 52   u
      Trempealea   Blair              Swanson                      Mine and
 55   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Alpine Materials Soppa Pit   processing plant
 56   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Soppa Sand Pit 2             Mine
 57   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Patzner Sand Pit             Mine
 58   u
      Trempealea   Preston            Taylor Frac                  Rail load-out
 59   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Guza Pit                     Mine
 60   u
      Trempealea   Galesville         Weltzien Sand Mine           Mine
 61   u
      Trempealea   Burnside           10K International            Mine
 62   u
      Trempealea   Preston            Twesme Quarry                Mine
 63   u
      Trempealea   Etterick           Bue Sand Mine                Mine
 64   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Rossa Sand Mine              Mine
 65   u
      Trempealea   Trempealeau        Konkel Lilla Sand Mine       Mine and
 66   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Proppant Specialists         processing plant
 67   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Suchla Pit                   Mine
 68   u
      Trempealea   Dodge              Whistle Pass Quarry          Mine
 69   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Slaby Pit                    Mine
 70   u
      Trempealea   Dodge              Hoesley Sand Mine            Mine and
 71   u
      Trempealea   Strum              Sagerstrom                   processing plant
                                                                   Mine and
201   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Arcadia Sands                processing plant
202   u
      Trempealea   Arcadia            Schneider                    Mine
203   u
      Trempealea   Chimney Rock       Sand Tech (Barth land)       Mine
204   u            Blair              Q-Rail Spur                  Rail Load-Out
 73   Waupaca      Readfield          Proppant Specialists         Processing plant
                                                                   Mine and
207   Waupaca      Union              AF Gelhar- Union             Processing
 74   Wood         Wisconsin Rapids   Northern Frac Sand
                                      Completion Industrial        Processing plant
 75   Wood         Marshfield         Minerals                     Processing plant
 76   Wood         Marshfield         Panther Creek                Processing plant
 77   Wood         Marshfield         Carbo Ceramics               Processing plant
Corporate Owner           Headquaters      Operation Status   Facility Address
Sandy Bruder              WI               In Development     T33N,R13W,S21of section 23 and part of
                                                              Part of the SE ¼
Superior Silica Sands     Kosse, TX        In Development     the NE ¼ of
Sandy Bruder              WI               In Development     SE 1/4 of the S17
                                                              T32N, R13W,SE 1/4, Section 35, T32N,
Superior Silica Sands     Kosse, TX        In Development     R10W, DOVRE, WI 54757
Midwest Frac LLC          WI               In Development     819 7th Street, ARLAND, 54889
Robert Nelson and
Canadian Sand             Arland, WI
                          Chippewa         Operational        728 7th Ave, Prairie Farm, WI 54762
Proppants                 Falls, WI        In Development     2679 US Highway 8, Sumner, WI 54822
Great Northern Sand       Houston, TX
                          Garland City,    In Development     266 County 53 and County Highway SS,
                                                              US HighwayRoad SS, DOVRE, WI 54757
Chieftan Sand             Arkansas         Proposed           Dovre Tn, WI 54757 by county Highway P
                                                              The site is bordered
10K International         WI               In Development     on the west, 6 1/2 Avenue on the south,
EOG Resources             Houston, TX      In Development     Arland Township Section 6 and 7
Sioux Creek Silica LLC
Carmeuse Industrial       WI               Proposed           Sioux Creek T, section 24, 25, 26, 35
Sands                     Pittsburgh, PA   Proposed           8th Avenue, Arland, WI 54004
Superior Silica Sands     Kosse, TX
                          Menomonie,       Proposed           Clinton Township, section 26
Glacier Sands             WI
                          Menomonie,       In Development     S983 Hwy 88, Mondovi, WI 54755
Glacier Sands             WI
                          Menomonie,       In Development
                                           Rejected by        S1678 CTH U, 37 Hagness Road 54747-
                                                              S405 Highway Independence, WI
Glacier Sands             WI               county             8123 Plattes Valley Rd, Fountain City, WI
Ryan Barth                WI               In Development     54629
Kendell Klevgard          WI               In Development     S788 ST. RD. 88, Mondovi, WI
Steve Stamm               WI               In Development     S39 Deer Run Road, Mondovi, WI 54755
Steve & Beth Segerstrom   WI               In Development     S561 State Rd 37, SS, Independance,
                                                              S929 County RoadMondovi, WI 54755 WI
Gregory Weber             WI
                          Menomonie,       In Development
                                           Rejected by        54747
Glacier Sands             WI               county             Along Hwy 35/ railway
Buffalo White Sands
Interstate Energy         WI               In Development     S561 State Highway 37, Mondovi, WI 54755
Partners Sands
Chippewa                  Plymouth, MN
                          New Auburn,      Operational        24297 Tennessee Road
Company                   WI               Operational        105 CTH Q, NEW AUBURN, WI 54724
Preferred Sands           MN               Operational        4617 186th Ave, Bloomer, WI 54724
A & M Mikl Sands          Auburn, WI       Proposed           Hwy M, Auburn
Preferred Sands           MN               In Development     SW Corner of Hwy DD and CTH 64,
Superior Silica Sands
Western Wisconsin         Kosse, TX        Operational        AUBURN, WI 54729
Sand Company              WI               Operational
Taylor Creek Transit      Eau Clair, WI    Proposed
Preferred Sands           MN               In Development     NW Corner of Cnty Hwy SS and 200th
Chippewa Sands
Preferred Sands           MN
                          New Auburn,      Operational        Avenue, Bloomer, WI 54724
Company                   WI               Operational        Hwy A, Cooks Valley
EOG resources             Huston, TX       Operational        Hwy DD, Cooks Valley
EOG Resources             Huston, TX       Operational        Hwy County Highway S, Chippewa Falls,
                                                              1425B, Howard
EOG Resources             Huston, TX       Operational        WI 54729
                                                              Directly south of EOG D&S mine along Hw
T. Swinney                Dallas, TX       Proposed           DD
Quality Excavating
Marawood Sand and         WI               Operational
Gravel Creek Sand,
Panther                   WI               Operational        Hwy H, York Creek Avenue, NEILLSVILLE,
                                                              6418 Curley Township
LLC, operated by Manly    Marshfield, WI
                          New Canaan,      Operational        WI 54456
                                                              W8375 US HIGHWAY 51, PORTAGE, WI
Unimin                    CT               Operational        53901
Pattison Sand Co.        Clayton, IA   Proposed           Bridgeport - along Hwy 60 in scenic riverway
Fairmount Minerals       Chardon, OH   Operational        N5628 580TH ST, MENOMONIE, WI 54751
                                                          north of U.S. 12, between 330th Street, or
Vista Sand               Granbury, TX  Proposed           Ford Road, and Highway K. That's between
                                                          N of Augusta, near Hwy 27 and Eau Claire
Five Star Properties     La Crosse, WI Proposed           river
High County Sand LLC     Winona, MN    Proposed           Otter Creek, W of Augusta
Hi Crush Proppants LLC   Tomah, WI
                         Eau Claire,   In Development     S11055 County Road M, Augusta, WI 54722
                         WI Claire,
                         Eau           Operational        717 SHORT ST, EAU Claire, specifically on
                                                          northeast side of Eau CLAIRE, WI 54701
Muskie Proppant LLC      WI            Rejected           the 4400 block of Anderson Drive.
                                                          N2402 COUNTY Hwy A, MARKESAN, WI
A.F. Gelhar Mining Co.   WI            Operational        53946
                                                          W300 UTLEY QUARRY, FAIRWATER, WI
Badger Mining Corp.      Berlin, WI    Operational        53931
Allen Cranberry          Bear Bluff, WIOperational        T20 R1E S25+26, BEAR BLUFF
Callaway                 WI            In Development     T20N R1N S33, Warrens
Legacy Bogs              WI            Operational        S13, T20N, R1E, Bear Bluff
Jackson Sand             WI            Permitted
                                       Rejected by
Bethke                   WI            county zoning
                         WI            In Development
Legacy Bogs              WI            In Development
Legacy Bogs              WI            Operational
Rigleman                 WI            Operational
South Alma Sand, LLC     WI            In Development
South Alma Sand, LLC     WI            In Development     W16388 State Highway 95, Taylor, WI
Taylor Frac              Berlin, WI    In Development     54659 COUNTY ROAD P, TAYLOR, WI
Badger Mining Corp       Berlin, WI    Operational                                      ‐
                                                          54659 ‐COUNTY ROAD P, TAYLOR, WI
                                                                 ‐         ‐
Atlas Resin              WI            Operational        546598100
                                                          SW1/4 SW1/4 and the SE1/4 SW1/4, Sectio
Coulee Frac LLC          WI            Rejected by town   n 14, the NE1/4 NW1/4, and the
                                                          NE1/4 NE1/4 and
Curran-Houser LLC
Goose Landing Sand       WI            Proposed           NW1/4 NE1/4, Section 1, T21N, R5W, Town
LLC                      WI            In development            ‐
                                                          N10532 County Road F
                         Fairless Hills,                  Along rail line btwn Curran and Hixton
Robert and Inc
Smart SandGretchen       PA            Proposed           Townships
                                                          NE1/4 SE1/4, Section 19, the SW1/4 of Sect
Chalsma Precision
Southern                 WI
                         Birmingham,   Proposed           ion 20 except
Sands                    AL            In Development     West 1038 Highway U, BANGOR, WI 54614
Hungry Run Cranberry     Warrens, WI
                         New Canaan,   Operational        Hwy 12 and Clay Ave
                                                          South Of Hwy 21 Between Cty M And The
Unimin Road Minerals
Copper                   CT            Operational
                                       Proposal tabled    Rail Line, Greenfield, WI 54460
                                                          9006 Copper Road, Warrens, Wisconsin,
LLC                      WI            while company      USA State
                                                          8850 54666Highway 173, TOMAH, WI
Hi Crush Proppants       Houston, TX   Operational
                         Fairless Hills,                  54660
Smart Sand               PA            In Development     29462 CO HWY CA
                                                          14379 Funnel Road, Camp Douglas, WI
Hi Crush Proppants       Houston, TX   Operational        54618
FTSI                     Brady, TX     Operational        12451 Franklin Road, TOMAH, WI 54660
U.S. Silica              Frederick, MD In Development     2500 Iband Avenue, Sparta, WI 54656
                                                          BEAR CREEK CRANBERRY CO., LLC ,
Tim Shaw                               In Development     30093 GROSBEAK AVE , TOMAH, WI
                                                          Hwy 12 and I-94, and Aspen Ave, in Grant
U.S. Silica & Gravel,
Bechel Sand              Frederick, MD Proposed           Township
Bechel Sand & Gravel,    WI            Operational        Along Cnty Rd D, south of SS
LLC                      WI            In Development     Highway 10, Union, WI 54761 35, MAIDEN
                                                          W3302 STH 35 STATE ROAD
Fairmount Minerals       Chardon, OH Operational          ROCK, WI 54750
                                                          N1464 770th Street, HAGER CITY, WI
Fairmount Minerals       Chardon, OH Operational          54014
Fairmount Minerals       Chardon, OH      Operational      N1497 590th Street, Bay City
Fairmount Minerals       Chardon, OH      In Development   Diamond Bluff Diamond Bluff mine on Hwy
                                                           8 miles east of
Fairmount Minerals       Chardon, OH      In development   35 in Trenton Industrial district
                                                           T29 R15W Sec 35 & Sec 36, SE NW & SW
Mathy/Milestone          WI               Operational      NE
                                                           Glenwood, near the Highways G and 128. It
Vista Sand               Granbury, TX     Proposed         would be located on the east side of
Preferred Sands          MN               Operational      N33005 Helmers Road, BLAIR, WI 54616
K Frac LLC               WI               In Development   W12508 Tappen Coulee Road
                                                           SW corner of WI Hwy 95 and Soppa Road,
Alpine Materials         WI               Operational      Arcadia, WI 54612
Reglin and Hesch         WI               Operational      W24813 STH 95
Sierra Frac Sand LLC     Tatum, TX        Operational      W23748 of S River95, ARCADIA, Road,
                                                           W of int. State Rd Rd. and Blair WI 54612
Taylor Frac LLC          WI               In Development   Preston
                                                           N32706 River Valley Road N1/2, NE1/4,
Brannt Valley Excavating Winona, MN       Operational      S11, T21N, R9W
Brannt Valley Excavating Winona, MN       In Development   W23918 Holcomb Coulee Rd, Galesville, WI
10K International        WI               In Development   Section County Road D
                                                           N28067 18, Town 22 North, Range 9, SW
(Nelson Company
KraemerDiesel and        WI               In Development   Arcadia, WI 54627
(Dennis and Darlene      WI               In Development   NW1/4 of SE1/4 S22 T20N R07W
Rossa)                   WI               In Development   Joe Rossa Lane, Arcadia
                                                           Section 9, Town 19 North, Range 9 West
                         WI               In Development   (SW) and Sec 9, 16 21 North, Range 9
                                                           E of Section 35 Town
FTSI                     Brady, TX        In Development   West
(Reglin and Hesch)       WI               Operational      SE1/4, NW1/4, Sec 7, T20N, R9W
Kraemer Company          Plain, WI        Operational      Section 20, Dodge
                                                           northeast quarter of
North Creek Sands LLC WI                  Operational      T 19 N R 10Township and 3, (NW) NRange
                                                           Section 30, W Sec 2 21 North, and of hwy
B&B Sands                WI               In Development   J
                                                           W22924 Erickson Rd. Township of Hale,
Paramount Sand
Arcadia Sands (formerly WI                In Development   near Strum 1 /4 and the SE 1/4 of Section
                                                           S 1/2 of NE
Ottowa Sands LLC)        Canada           Operational      4, Town 20 North, Range 9 West, all in the
Schneider                WI
                         Watertown,       Proposed         Prudlick Lane, 95, Arcadia
                                                           State Highway Chimney Rock (Tremp Co
Sand Tech LLC (rail
Q-Rail Spur LLC          MN               Rejected         South River Road, NW ¼ ofT23 R9S22
                                                           parcel search- Judith Barth) the NE ¼ and
facility for Taylor Frac WI               Proposed?        the NE ¼ of the NW ¼ and
FTS International        Brady, TX        Operational      location Mill Road, Readfield, WI 54969
                                                           E. 9215 directly adjacent to Tellock’s Hill
A.F. Gelhar Mining Co    Markesan, WI     Proposed         Woods State Natural Wisconsin Rapids,
                                                           6610 Wazeecha Ave,Area (Tellock Hills is
Northern Frac Sand
Completion Industrial    WI               In Development   WI 54494 Mallard Ave, Marshfield, WI
                                                           3015 South
Minerals                 Marshfield, WI   Operational      54449
Panther Creek            WI               Operational      2301 East 4th Street, MARSHFIELD,54449
                                                           2609 East 4th Street, Marshfield, WI WI
Carbo Ceramics           Houston, TX      Operational      54449
                                      Source for                                        Source for facility
Facility Size (acres)   Employees
                        60-100        employee numbers
                                      Projected; Interview   Company Website
                                                             http://www.twinvalleyf     type and location
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                   40   combined, 2   with owner Sandy
                                                          Barron County
                   84   60-100   50   Interview wInterview
                                      Projected,             m/
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                  160   combined, 2   w Sandy Bruder w
                                      Actual, Interview
                                                          Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                   40            26   company rep David      m/
                                                          Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                   80            50                          /contact/                  Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                   11                                        http://www.cspsand.c       Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                  160                 Email, Robbie          om/index.cfm?event=
                                                             http://www.greatnorth      Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                  420              50 Sage, President
                                      Estimated, News
                                                             http://www.chieftainsa     Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                   40   60-70         Story        
                                                             http://10kinternational.   Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                  105                                        com/Pages/contactus
                                                             http://www.eogresour       Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                  336                                      Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                  952                                                                   Barron County
                                                                                        Dave Gifford,
                                      Projected, Interview       Barron County
                    Glacier- 100      w company rep
                                      Projected, Interview   m/
                205 total
                    Glacier- 100      w company owner
                                      Projected, Interview   m/about-glacier-
                998 total
                    Glacier- 100      w company owner
                                      Projected, Interview   m/about-glacier-
            1389.92 total             w company owner        m/about-glacier-           om/FSF/2012-03-
                                                                                        Le Ann Loesel,
                 50                                                                     Le Ann County
                                                                                        Buffalo Loesel,
                                                                                        Buffalo County
                                                                                        Le Ann Loesel,
                 160                                                                    Buffalo County
                                                                                        Le Ann Loesel,
                 570                  Projected, Public                                 Buffalo County
                  40 Glacier- 1008    Hearing Interview
                                      Projected,                                        om/FSF/Greg-
                     total            w company owner m/about-glacier-                  om/FSF/Starkey-
                                                                                        Le Ann Loesel,
                                                        Buffalo County
                                                             oducts/                    erm/interstate-
                                      Estimate, Interviewhttp://preferredsands.
                        about 30      w plant manager    com/company/about.h
                185                                      http://preferredsands.
               1224     25-30,       Actual, Interview w com/company/about.h
                135     contractors company rep David m/              
                160                  Charlie Walker,     com/company/about.h
                225               15 CCEDC                            
                234                  Charlie Walker,
                185               15 CCEDCWalker,
                                  70 CCEDC                            
                                                                                Steve Kunze, Clark
                                                                                Steve Kunze, Clark
                                                                                Steve Kunze, Clark
                                                John Bluemke,
                 720                                     m/                     Columbia County
                                                             http://www.pattisonsa      http://host.madison.
               191 proposed 30      Actual, Fairmount
                                                             http://www.fairmount       com/ct/business/biz
                                                                                        Cleo Herricks,
                   90 total for26   Website News
                                                             http://www.vistasand.      DunnHerricks,
                                                                                        Cleo County
               150 both sites       Story                    com/                       Dunn County
>100                                                                                    com/article/2012062
                                                                                        Rod Eslinger, Eau
                                    http://www.minneap                                  Claire County Eau
                                                                                        Rod Eslinger,
                     50-75                              Claire County
                                                                                        Rod Eslinger, Eau
                                                                                        Claire County
                                 Actual, Workforce                                      m/story/19778374/ci
                                                                                        Melissa Sorenson,
                40            15 report Workforce
                                 Actual,                     http://www.badgermini      Green Lake County
                                                                                        Melissa Sorenson,
               884            42 report                    Green Lake County
               174                                           http://www.legacybog
              1703                                           http://www.legacybog
                     80          Projected,                                   
Facility total: 2625          50 Workforce report
                                 Estimate,                   http://www.badgermini
acres, 200 actively 60?          Workforce report  
                                                                                        Terry Schmidt,
               130                                                                      Jackson County
                                                                                        Terry Schmidt,
               272                                           http://www.gooselandi      Jackson County
                                                                                        Terry Schmidt,
                                                             http://www.smartsand       Jackson County
                                                                                        Terry Schmidt,
                                                             .net/contact.html          Jackson County
                                                                                        Terry Schmidt,
               318                                                                      Jackson County La
                                                                                        Nate Sampson,
                                                          Crosse County
                 9               Projected,                  /contact/
              1039            60 Workforce report            m/company-
               783                                           .net/contact.html
               240 about 40    Estimate, FTSI rep
                               Projected, Email,             erations/proppants/Pa
               465          50 Mike Winkler                  om/facility      
about 1000                                                   om/about         
                                                                                        John Elgi, Pepin
                43                                                                      County
                                                                                        Andy Pichotta,
                                 Actual, Fairmount           http://www.fairmount       Pierce County
                                                                                        Andy Pichotta,
                              51 website           
                                                             http://www.fairmount       Pierce County
                                                                                        Andy Pichotta,
                                                           Pierce County
             36 at mine      Actual, Fairmount      http://www.fairmount       Andy Pichotta,
             and PP
             36 at mine      websiteFairmount
                                                    http://www.fairmount       Pierce County
                                                                               Andy Pichotta,
             and PP          website      
                                                    http://www.fairmount       Pierce County
                                                                               Andy Pichotta,
                                                 Pierce County St.
                                                                               Alex Blackburn,
           90 total for      Projected, News        /contact/
                                                    http://www.vistasand.      Alex County
                                                                               CroixBlackburn, St.
       480 both sites
           53 and            Story Interview w
                             Actual,                com/
                                                    http://preferredsands.     Croix County
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
       400 contractors       Todd Murchison         com/company/about.h        Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
         8                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        15                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        20                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        21                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        43                  Projected, permit       http://10kinternational.   Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
       123                8 hearing                 com/Pages/contactus
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
       180                                          kraemer-                   Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        10                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        40                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        63                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
>178                                                                           Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        46                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        10                                                                     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
        42                                          In the comments...         Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
       183                 Projected, News          http://wisair.wordpres     Trempealeau
                                                                               Kevin Lien,
       231              59 Story                                               Trempealeau
             about 20        Estimate, FTSI rep                                FTSI
       160                   Projected, Interview   http://northernfracsan
                                                                               Tracy Arnold, Wood
                        80   w Gene Newman,
                             Estimate, interview                     County
                                                                               Tracy Arnold, Wood
                        50   with Marshfield city
                             Estimate, interview                               County
                                                                               Tracy Arnold, Wood
                        50   with Marshfield city
                             Estimate, interview    http://www.carbocera       County
                                                                               Tracy Arnold, Wood
                        50   with Marshfield city          County
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Spoke with FTSI
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