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					                Best Fly fishing reels
Want to know more about different fly fishing
reels? If you do not have an idea of what this
is, a fly fishing reel is simply fishing
equipment with a mechanism that helps it to
deploy and retrieve a fishing line. This is
done using an axle where spool is mounted.

Some of them can be directly mounted on
transoms or gunwales, but if you are fishing
for fun sake, you most likely need to use a
fishing rod with a fly fishing reel on it.

History of fly fishing reels dates back in 1195 AD and with its
popularity increasing in England around 1650 AD, everyone was
using it whenever they felt like fishing.

Different sorts of fly fishing reels: The single action reels:

These are the most common types of fly reels and the most basic
also. They are made in a simple way. The spool is visible from
outside and can be easily removed and returned. Pushing the
release lever allows you to free the spool. Most people like the
single action reel because of its user-friendliness.

A single action is all that is required to turn the handle of the
reel and have it spooling. Single action reel is also used to
store extra fly line.

Low maintenance, reliability and durability make it an obvious
choice for serious anglers. The reel has minimum parts that can be
broken down. They last long and hence you do not have to worry
every now and then.

Multiplying fly reel:

                  The reel can be reeled much quicker here.
                  However, even though the reel allows faster
                  retrieve, the complicated springs and bearings
                  breaks down easily compared to that of single
                  action type.

                  Generally, the reels are not used when one is
                  fishing for trout. In fact, multiplying fly reel
                  is banned from using in most fishing

Nevertheless, if in need of some huge fish, where you need to get
excess fly line up to the reel within no time, then you should not
leave home without this reel.
Automatic fly fishing reel:

As the name suggests, this reel does the retrieving automatically.
Simply, it does not have a handle, as it uses a device with
strings controlled using a lever at the front of the reel.

This reel is very heavy, one of the major drawbacks, other than
the fact that it's not durable enough due to the different
complicated and temperamental parts.

You may also find it difficult to change spools.
All these shortcomings hinder the popularity of
this fishing reel in the fly fishing world.


For beginners, you should ideally use a single
action fly fishing reel, since it is easier to
handle. In addition, once you hang of it, you
can be guaranteed not think of replacing it with another reel.

Remember, the breadth of the fly fishing reel you use carries the
same weight as the quality of it.

Fishing is so fun but without the right type of fishing tackles,
you may never enjoy it. Make sure you get a fly fishing reel from
a trusted brand. Happy fishing!

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