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									              Big Agnes Tents Product Range Review
Big Agnes are a world leader among tent manufacturers who are
featured in the National Geographic and Backpackers magazines to
name a few.

With their products being known for their
quality, robustness, and functionality, every
day campers and experienced enthusiasts are
trusting their equipment more and more.

Specifically, Big Agnes have developed a wide
range of tents including Ultralight,
Superlight, Backpacking, Mountaineering and
for Base or Car Camping.


Obviously the name says it all. These are some of the lightest
tents available on the camping market. They feature super light
materials and are very easy and quick to deploy. These are perfect
for the adventurer that needs to travel with minimum equipment

The range of Ultralight tents include several different styles:
Copper Spur ($349.99 up to $599.95), the Slater ($339.95 -
389.95), the Scout at $279.95, and the Fly creek models ($319.95 -
$499.95). The Fly Creek models are especially functional beign
that they can be used for 3 seasons (exluding winter), and are
fully waterproof.

                    The Big Agnes Tents Superlight range are a step
                    up from the previous models, featuring a more
                    solid construction, but still very light in
                    comparison to others.

                    The Superlight model range includes: Seedhouse
                    ($269.95 - 399.95), Wyoming Trail at $499.95,
                    Jack Rabbit ($279.95 - $499.95), and Soda
                    Mountain at $499.95 also.

                   Soda Mountain is great for backpackers with
it's solid construction, aluminuim poles, and durable

The Seedhouse range not only look great, but feature an impressive
ventilation system which employs the tents mesh body. The
Seedhouse models are also excellent value for their quality and

While the last 2 model ranges are perfect for backpacking, the
Backpacking range has definately been developed specifically with
backpackers in mind. These also come in a more affordable range
with the Lone Spring models priced between $189.95 and $249.95,
and the Burn Ridge range which are priced similarly at $189.95 to

The Lone Spring models will house from 1 to 3 persons depending on
the model, and Burn Ridge will fit 2 to 4 people. These are
perfect for 3 season backpacking and are of a very sturdy design.

Mountaineering and winter backpacking:

Big Agnes Tents have also developed more
professional and very much more durable class
for tent especially for the mountain and
winter enviroments. With the String Ridge
model at $599.95 and the Royal Flush model at
a slightly more expensive $799.95.

The only main difference with these is the
size. You can fit 2 to 3 people in these and
they will stand up to all four seasons without
a problem.

They have also developed a bivy bag type called the Three Wire
Bivy priced at $339.95. These are a lightwieght shelter made for
just the solo adventurer and this will also stand up to all four

So there we have it. Big Agnes Tents have covered the every day
adventurers needs with their professional range.

Whether you enjoy the occasional night under the stars or if you
want to get more adventurous with backpacking and mountain
climbing, Big Agnes Tents are some of the best out there on the
market and you really couldn't find much better for the quality
and price.

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agnes tents then Click Here..

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