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									Child Reading Skills to Improve
          Test Scores
The child reading skills is the primary step to
monitor the development of any child’s minds.
Their mental reasoning can be evaluated by the
way they read. While reading, a child’s several
senses are at work.
He or she uses eyes, ears, mouth and even the skin to
feel the book by the hand when the child is blind. But,
the most important thing is that while reading and
writing, the most important skills of reasoning has to
be constantly applied. Adults are used to this mental
work that this comes by reflex for them.
So, it is always easier to develop a child’s mind
than an adult’s. Not to improve test scores only,
but to live a better life also, knowing of reading
and writing properly is required. If the children
can consciously correct the mistakes in their
reading from the very beginning, then it can help
them in a number of ways. The reasoning skills
will definitely increase. With it their visual
memories and logical analysis will improve. In
writing, people have to continuously to deduce
their conclusions. For this reason, the sequence of
sentences seems meaningful when correct. So,
this can be another helpful way in improving child
reading skills and also memory build up. Audile
functioning can be tested with a proper dictation
Language is nothing but a code which people learn at
childhood. The faster they can analyze the code, the
better one can grasp the language and every concept
linked with it. Deficit of understanding these codes is
called Dyslexia. For such students, proper counseling is
required, sometimes with audio and visual help.
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